The party of slavery

© 2016 Jim Spence - Tim Daughtry wrote a great piece on the Townhall website earlier this week on “liberal privilege.” My take was a somewhat different, though I will borrow heavily from his intellectual blueprint.
Significant cultural changes are afoot in America. The NFL’s television ratings, seen as invincible just two years ago, are in free fall. I must admit I am not a participant in the quiet NFL boycott taking place, despite being personally disgusted with the behaviors of a few freshly minted millionaires trying to convince us of the victim con.
An interesting question is: What is happening to the NFL? The answer is pretty simple. Activists in the NFL, with assists from idiots like ESPN’s Jemele Hill, speak of “white privilege” and “white supremacy.” In trying to con us, they engage in relentless attacks on the fairness of America’s fundamental culture. Astonishingly, it does not seem the least bit contradictory for people like Marshawn Lynch and Colin Kaepernick to rake in astronomical salaries, while claiming that they are the poor victims of racism. It is no wonder that ticket buyers and TV viewers are growing tired of the non-stop assault narrative that accuses the same Americans who make people like Kaepernick, Lynch, and Hill rich, of being inherently racist and unfair.
In one of the 21st Century’s greatest ironies, American Democrats, in their blind hatred of Donald Trump, continue to advocate more strongly than ever, policies that promote government-mastered slavery. Favoring public policies that defy basic freedoms by controlling what everyone else does, including what they have, what they say, and what they think is the cornerstone of Democrat thinking. Like the Democratic Party founders, the plantation owners of the south, 21st Century Democrats also do not want to encounter opinions that contradict theirs. And to counteract those who do not want to be enslaved, Democrats try to brand every non-Democrat a racist or sexist. Comically, in Democratic primaries, Democrats resort to calling each other racists too. In the Obama vs. Clinton power struggle of 2008, the Clintons were branded racist. After all they were white, and in the party of slavery power struggle, they had the gall to criticize Obama and question his dubious credentials.
Since these absurdly dishonest Democrat tactics have stopped working in national elections, Democrats are now resorting to violence and destruction of the property of others to squelch free speech that opposes their effort to impose total control on people who want freedom. In a sense, Democrats think they should be your judge, your jury, and your executioner. As such, they will resort to violence, or at least look the other way while others who feel as they do, perpetrate violence. Democrats justify their ignoring of violence by other Democrats by virtue of seeing themselves as morally superior. It is the classic end justifies the means that takes place in all dictatorships.
Democrats feel because they are morally superior (like plantation owners did) that they alone should be charged with establishing the standards by which others must live. Democrats feel they should be free to criticize others……however any criticism of a Democrat is evidence of irredeemable moral flaws (i.e. racism, sexism, etc.). It is a not so cleverly disguised intellectual protection racket they run for their own benefit.
High profile Democrats constantly claim to hold exclusive title to the moral high ground, simply because they condemn the use of fossil fuels and support gun control. These same people (Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio etc.) have gigantic carbon footprints flying here and there in their private jets, while living in huge energy-glutton mansions. They also flank themselves with armed body guards 24 hours a day.
Democrats routinely brand all black Republicans as Uncle Toms. They also find it completely fair to engage in character assassinations of all prominent GOP women. However, they think all Democrat blacks and women should be off limits to any criticism. Any questioning of the hypocrisy of any Democrat who is female or black is proof of the racism and/or sexism of the questioner. This is text book delusion for the party of slavery.
Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Democrats continuing to embrace the false intellectual tenets that formed the foundations for trying to justify slavery, is that they want to be judged by how they feel, not by the results produced by their policies. Democrats find basic outcome analysis to be tedious. They want the stated “intent” of their hopelessly failed social policies to matter, not the fact that their policies actually impoverish and enslave people. Accordingly, no matter how severely Democratic policies have harmed black families, Democrats continue to disavow the results of what they do while pushing for more of the same. The destruction of the black family by Democrats is blamed on “racism” and America’s fundamental unfairness, instead the root cause, which is Democrat's insistence on being the masters of the modern U.S. plantation.
Democrats also demand utter control of an educational system that mass produces students who cannot read nor do basic math with any proficiency. The most essential points of American history are not taught in Democrat run schools, including the fact that Democrats have always been the party of slavery. It is clear that this fact is intentionally hidden, lest the students connect the dots and realize that nothing has changed except the narratives in the Democrat’s manipulative rhetoric. The party of slavery understands that the best way to hide the fact that they are anti-freedom, is to accuse their opponents of precisely what Democrats are actually guilty of. Yes Democrats favor indoctrination masked as public education, to continue to hold people in government-sponsored slavery. Government has simply replaced the plantation owner as the new “master.”
Not everyone gets it. The grossly flawed Donald Trump represents the antithesis to everything the party of slavery stands for, while the GOP Senate kind of likes being masters too, though they would never admit it.