The leader of the take a knee movement

© 2016 Jim Spence - Colin Kaepernick played for the San Francisco 49ers. That is past tense. The stands at the 49ers stadium in San Jose, California were half empty last week even after people made it through the traffic jams. 49ers season tickets priced at $85 a pop could be had on Stub Hub for $14....with no takers.
The downturn in NFL popularity was underway long before Donald Trump weighed into the fray by calling out the league and the players for injecting politics into their games. The Packers play the Bears tonight. We will see how that goes. All weekend the TV networks, who forked over billions of dollars to broadcast the games kept their cameras off the booing fans. It was classic censorship of that which they did not want folks to see. The booing will continue.
If there is one thing all of us should have learned long ago, it is that talking politics at inappropriate venues can be very dangerous. I have in-laws who insist on taking political jabs at me virtually every time we get together. While I have my views, and they know them, I keep my mouth shut, because it is not good for the family go there. Funny thing is, since these folks have continued to insist on injecting their political views into the family dialogue, we don't get together any more.
I remember my own son telling me a few years ago that he did not really want to talk about politics. Ironically, we were off to lunch together to discuss our selections in the football pool we both participate in. I have never brought up the subject of politics with my son again. If you value a relationship, you have to respect the wishes of others, or risk permanently damaging the relationship. Since I value my relationship with my son, I refrain from any mention of politics.....ever. I certainly never engage in discussions with customers about politics either. It is fine if they bring the subject up. If I agree, then we can explore ideas, but if we don't......I keep my mouth shut......period.
There is a certain level of arrogance that comes with those who think that they should be allowed to impose their political views on everyone else in inappropriate settings. Again.......MOST settings are inappropriate for political discussions.
Back to the NFL. Not only was Colin Kaepernick arrogant.....he was stupid. Kaepernick walked away from a generous contract that would have paid him millions, after he pissed off fans and played poorly. He thought he was worth more. He wasn't worth more. The market says he is considered worthless as a player because he is a jackass. 
Colin Kaepernick's socks seems to be where all of this NFL crap started
It is amazing that Kaepernick is the FATHER of the "take a knee" movement. I remember seeing an article on a football website suggesting that my hometown Baltimore Ravens were considering signing Kaepernick because their quarterback, Joe Flacco, was injured. My cousin sent me a text to that effect. I told him if the Ravens signed Kaepernick, I was done with them. They must have been flooded with calls because they didn't sign Kaepernick and neither has any other team.
Amazingly, a bunch of Baltimore Ravens took a knee during the national anthem just before their game in London last Sunday. In effect, it turns out there are a whole bunch of Kaepernicks on the Ravens and all over the NFL, not just one. Guess what? I am done with them. I won't buy the NFL Sunday Ticket package.....ever again.
Some people blame Trump for starting this. Let the record show that Trump did not start this fight, he just put up his dukes and challenged the league's integrity. Amazingly, the league started swinging instead of reflecting on how rude it was. The NFL claims to love first amendment rights. It is a bogus claim. The NFL refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys to put stickers on their helmets last year to honor FIVE fallen police officers who were killed by Black Lives Matter people while defending Black Lives Matter protesters. The Dallas cops were ambushed by people who supported the BLM protests.
This NFL cataclysm must be viewed in the proper context. Make no mistake that cops and members of the military see both the flag and the national anthem as symbols of what they risk their lives and limbs for. Yes, they also risk their lives to protect freedom of speech. However, nobody has the right to run off business customers while hiding behind freedom of speech.
Check out Colin Kaepernick's socks pictured above and tell me who began dividing America, Trump or NFL players like Kaepernick. They want to trot out their senseless grudges against all law enforcement officials during business hours. Nope.
The families of the cops who were killed by cop haters not only find the taking of a knee offensive, they find the socks that started all of this repugnant. Context is everything and the NFL has endorsed the mentality that comes with those who wear those socks.
Some people refuse to connect the dots here. They think people who want to shove their political views in your face should be permitted to do so by employers who will pay the price. Nobody can stop cop haters from being who they are......but in entertainment venues were fans have options.....the market is going to teach these spoiled bastards a real lesson. It is going to be priceless to see the NFL get what it has coming to it. Ever since these socks were worn by Kaepernick, the NFL has been "choosing poorly."