Please read: "The Smear"

© 2016 Jim Spence -  Over the years Michael and I hosted hundreds if not more than a thousand radio shows (Michael hosted many thousands of shows solo). We both have posted hundreds of columns here on this site. We had fun doing radio together and we tried our best to make sure we were well-informed. From time-to-time we made book recommendations and also embedded links to stories we posted in these pages to help people gain a sense of our perspective.
Staying informed used to be easier. We read books about history including biographies of important historical figures. We did so for the proper context and perspective. We also watched the "news" each day to keep adding the newest pieces of the puzzle to the right categories. Each piece of new information must be framed properly. This process no longer works.
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We all knew something was starting to stink really badly after the turn of the century. After decades of recognizing simple media bias, which was somewhat counter-balanced by the emergence of Fox News in 1996, the journalism profession began to slide into the abyss. Journalism is dead.
Accordingly, staying informed has become much more complicated. Recognizing that every television outlet except Fox was tilting every story to the left, while Fox was tilting every story to the right, is simply not enough any more.
Most of us have sensed that news outlets were not only changing from truth seekers to advocates, they were also running bogus stories. It is actually worse than this, because formerly highly respected news outlets are now refusing to run stories that would have actually been considered BIG news in any other era.
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Sharyl Attkisson
Over the last couple of years I have railed ad nausea about the way the media acts as a propaganda ministry for various political factions in one column after another. Still, I was not quite sure about the nuts and bolts of this insidious process. I simply knew that what I was reading and seeing was not just being reported all wrong, it had become a pack of filthy lies.
Along came Emmy Award winner/Edward R. Murrow recipient, and former CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson. Amazingly, it is Attkisson who has written the most significant non-fiction book to be published in the 21st Century. Her incredibly well-researched book, entitled “The Smear,” is absolutely a must read for anyone trying to sort through what is being peddled as “news” these days.
I am planning a sabbatical from writing columns here for at least a few weeks. Those of you who have followed my posts should do yourselves a huge favor and purchase a copy of this book. Read it carefully. It will help you understand exactly what is going on in our country.