Red October

© 2016 Jim Spence -  It has been a bad October for the Democrats. It is kind of like November of 2016 except.......criminal.
Earlier this month mega-Democratic Party fundraiser Harvey Weinstein was outed. It seems that ole Harvey is a serial sexual predator who belongs in jail. Weinstein, who has been photographed dozens of times with both the Obamas and the Clintons, visited the White House regularly and is a real buddy of the Obamas and Clintons. Almost comically, Hillary Clinton, who bashed all of Bill Clinton's sexual assault accusers has somehow found sympathy for those accusing Weinstein. When confronted with the fact she smeared all of Bill's accusers she said all of that stuff on Bill is "in the past." Sure it is sweetie.
Weinstein may well be a typical Hollywood operator/political activist. When he is not preaching to all of us about how evil GOP candidates are, he is preying on young actresses he finds attractive. Weinstein's shortcomings are not limited to a proclivity for sexual assault. It seems that Weinstein also sells reckless driving scenes and thousands of gunfight scenes on the big screen. He does this while claiming that Republicans are hurting America with their silly mid-western values. You know, work ethic, sexual accountability, oh....and support for the 2nd Amendment.
It turns out that Weinstein had multiple high profile enablers in Hollywood. Actors like Matt Damon, who also claims to possess moral superiority due to his views on the 2nd Amendment, have been captured on camera many times while preening, posturing, and preaching to us about the GOP war on women. Of course Damon likes being surrounded by armed body guards when he is not on the set doing shoot-em up pictures for Weinstein or looking the other way while Harvey bullies a nice young chick into bed. These Hollywood preachers are deeply compassionate progressives who despise misogynists......except when they are being misogynistic and worse.
It got worse last week for Democrats when The Hill, a left leaning newspaper/website broke the astonishing story that the Clintons were collecting millions from various Russian entities for their “foundation” at the same time that Bill was being paid a cool $500,000 for a single one hour “speech” in Moscow. All of this was going on while the Russians were using extortion, bribery, and money laundering operations to gain control of U.S. nuclear material. It seems the Russians needed the then Secretary of State’s (Hillary) blessing to slip the deal past U.S. investigators who were somehow looking the other way while all of this criminal activity was transpiring. Um....folks.....these are the sorts of doings that got the Rosenbergs executed.
This week, low and behold things got even worse for Democrats. It turns out that Obama’s CIA Chief, his FBI Chief, and his Department of Justice opened surveillance/investigations into candidate Donald Trump based on toxic smear innuendo that was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Originally these government investigations into Trump were supposedly launched based on “intelligence” findings. Instead, it turns out that the machinery of the government, paid for with taxpayer funds, was actually being used by Obama, no doubt with winks and nods from the Clintons, to politically smear Donald Trump with outrageous lies made up by Clinton operatives. The Democratic Party as always, has a game plan. In this case it simply exhorted cohorts working at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Yahoo News, etc. to pretend that the so-called Trump “dossier” was legit instead of being a pack of lies ginned up by slimy hacks paid by smear artists on the Clinton payrolls.
I mentioned in my column last week that former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson wrote the most important non-fiction book of the 21st Century. Smear is a must read. These latest scandals, the likes of which America has NEVER seen before, are playing out right before our eyes and they match virtually lock-step with the book’s expose of the smear industry.
Sadly, the list of willing participants in these shams/scams is long. It includes NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Yahoo News, and many local newspapers who carry their propaganda. Accordingly, Democrats are able to get the vast majority of media outlets in America to publish lies and other propaganda against the GOP. This is done by "journalists" with no verification whatsoever.
Not surprisingly the media seems to have lost interest in the Russia narrative now that it has boomeranged around and hit the Clintons and Obama where the sun doesn’t shine.
Still journalists and pundits wonder why they can’t trust polls. It is simple. Everyday people who are paying attention know the business of journalism is scum-plagued.
What is going on here is not a big mystery. When you lie all the time. You get caught.