The NFL is in a free fall

© 2016 Jim Spence -  Watch a few commercials these days. Inclusion is wonderful. In almost every commercial you will see Asians, whites, Hispanics, blacks, Native Americans etc.using the product the sponsor is selling. Another trend these days is to show inter-racial couples pitching products. I think this is great. This is how things should be. Human beings enjoying each other.
Don't look now but the NFL is in denial and the NFL is in a free fall. Recently minted NFL millionaires, 70% of whom are black, claim they want “social justice” and “equality.” Let's explore these demands.
How does equality and social justice work exactly? The numbers don’t lie. Blacks commit a disproportionate number of crimes and accordingly, they are subject to interdiction by law enforcement officers in disproportionate percentages. Often in the inner cities it is black police officers arresting black criminals. However, talk to a dozen inner-city blacks and you will find that most do several things in grossly disproportionate numbers. First, the vast majority of inner city blacks do not trust police officers white or black. Second, the vast majority of inner city blacks vote for Democrats if they vote at all. And we are not talking voting 60% for Democrats here. We are talking 95% of the time inner city blacks vote for Democrats. No party has ever commanded a stranglehold on an ethnic group of voters like the Democrats have with black voters. There is scarce diversity of thought. In fact, often in America’s major cities, there are no Republicans to vote for. Also, out of wedlock births are still an epidemic in the black communities. Over 70% of all black children in America are born to single parent mothers with little if any participation in parenting by black fathers.
Image result for mlb logConsider the data for young black couples who wait to have children until they are adults, working, and married. It turns out there is no difference between the average income of whites and blacks who make these better life choices.
So what are we to make of these calls by multi-millionaire black athletes in the NFL and their calls for equality and social justice? The answer is pretty simple. Not much. One of the most outspoken blacks in America regarding “social justice and equality” is the NBA's LeBron James. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not recall seeing where LeBron James donated all but $59,000 of his annual income of $71 million per year so he could know what it is like to be “equal” with the median income of Americans. I don’t see him spending his fortune to educate young blacks to make better life choices and stop committing black-on-black crimes in the inner-cities. Maybe LeBron tosses a few crumbs in that direction, but talk is cheap and we should all be spared the guilt lectures on equality and social justice.
On the other hand, there is no doubt there are bad cops out there. But there are bad everythings out there. Implying that the problems of the inner-city blacks are primarily the fault of bad law enforcement officers instead of remorseless law breakers is a colossal con job. Sadly the NFL is enabling the con artists. Black NFL players continue to pretend that blacks can’t get a fair shake in America. To make their case they choose to show no respect for the national anthem. This is going to prove costly.

Image result for nhl logoWhat is a person to do? I for one continue to watch football, but only college football. I cancelled my subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket, got a refund, and have vowed to watch only the NHL, MLB, professional tennis, the LPGA, and the PGA. Apparently, I am not the only one who has freed up his or her Sundays for other activities. Ratings for the NFL are plunging faster than bimbos at the Clinton residence when Hillary is out of town.
The great news for sports fans is the NHL puts on a good show from October until June. I recommend giving this terrific sport a try. MLB also puts on a great show from April to November. These two sport seasons cover the entire year. Just last night the underdog Houston Astros beat the $265 million annual payroll of the Dodgers in the World Series. In fact, the Astros beat the three highest payroll teams in MLB this year to win the title. Unlike the NFL, in both the NHL and MLB, self-aggrandizing behavior after routine plays is frowned upon. And more important, politics is left outside of those arenas. Though I love football, the game has changed. It is more like professional wrestling than anything else. And the last thing I want to hear from a freshly minted millionaire is a hypocritical lecture that implies that law enforcement officers are the problem instead of a cultural bias towards horrible decision-making in the black community. I have choices too.