Weinstein and Rose were emboldened by Bill

© 2016 Jim Spence -  Many times I have written on this site about Democrats and their relentless efforts to claim moral superiority over business people who do not buy into their socialist scams.
Often the Democrat’s basic moral superiority claims are, in their own minds, based on the fact that they draw government paychecks while we slimy business people must make a profit to pay our bills. The insinuation seems to be that we business people all exploit others, while Democrats always serve the “greater good.”
Democrats often extrapolate their self-congratulatory attitudes by suggesting that anyone who thinks making government bigger and more intrusive is a bad idea, does so because they are selfish and greedy.
Dialogue and idea exchanges on public policies with Democrats always leads to the same place. Business people are not to be trusted.......but more government is. And socialism, despite all the starvation it brings to people living in places like Venezuela and North Korea, is much better than free-market capitalism. Democrats imply that business people exploit others. They say that business people are the oppressors in this world……especially white businessmen. Anyone who disagrees with Democrats on these views is probably a racist.
Our family, like so many others, long ago saw our holiday seasons turn into fiascoes as the Democrats in the family have insisted on trying their best to make anyone who does not drink the leftist Kool-Aid feel morally inferior. I remember instances when Al Franken’s book lambasting Rush Limbaugh was trotted out as evidence of why the damned reprobate Limbaugh should be hated, while Franken was held up as some sort of morally superior angel. Charlie Rose interviews were also cited as must-see television, since Rose’s soft spoken demeanor was surely evidence of a viewpoint that was morally superior to any view that might embrace the teaching of free-market principles, more self-reliance, and greater personal responsibility.
Low and behold it would seem that the legacy of outrageously immoral conduct near the end of the 20th Century is finally having repercussions that are resonating in ways that were actually fairly predictable eighteen years ago. Consider that then President Bill Clinton was caught on audio tape suggesting ways in which Monica Lewinsky should commit perjury when she testified before a grand jury. Consider that Bill Clinton not only suborned perjury by Lewinsky, he also perjured himself under oath. For these reasons and others, Bill Clinton was disbarred. Yes, even lawyers have standards that slimy Bill Clinton could not meet.
Ominously, most Americans (and a few GOP senators) decided, since the stock market was good, and the economy was humming along, that Bill Clinton should simply get a free pass on his lawlessness, including his sexual assault of Kathleen Willey. Poor Willey, a lifelong Democrat, went public with Clinton’s assault on her and was crucified. Willey was immediately burned at the stake by Hillary Clinton and fellow Democratic hack James Carville while the media looked the other way.
The bottom line? Near the end of the Clinton presidency the highest profile American, who was holding an office that should have come with the highest expectations, was allowed to get away with every horrific act he committed. Astonishingly, Bill Clinton has been treated like a hero by most Democrats ever since.
Think about this precedent for a few moments. Imagine how emboldened sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Charlie Rose, Kevin Spacey, John Conyers, and so many others must have become after the Clinton acquittal? The behavioral bar was lowered down to snake level. Accordingly, the snakes became confident they could slither over it to their decadent heart’s desires.......with no consequences.
There is are several lessons to be learned here. First, set the behavioral expectation bar high, not low. Second, socialism is not morally superior, it is morally inferior. Just ask those people in Venezuela who are starving. Third, business people should be respected until proven to be not respectable….not the other way around. Fourth, just because people like Charlie Rose, Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, and John Conyers pretend they are morally superior……….simply because they want to be our self-appointed protectors from businesses, doesn’t make them morally superior. These Democrats are the moral equivalents of Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggert. They talk the talk but they refuse to walk the walk. And finally, the majority of American people, when they looked the other way on Bill Clinton's crimes nearly two decades ago, enabled a flood of atrocious criminal behaviors. Why should anyone be surprised?