ABC's Cokie Roberts, a gutless enabler

© 2016 Jim Spence -  Let’s try to get this straight. Harvey Weinstein, the serial sexual assaulter was also a serial fund raiser for the Democrat Party for decades. Weinstein raised money for Democrats so his favorite candidates, all morally superior, just like Weinstein, could win against morally inferior GOP candidates.
And it seems that Charlie Rose, the living liberal legend of CBS News and NPR, has also become a disgraced sexual predator who was finally summarily fired by his employers. Again, like Weinstein's utterings at fundraisers, the primary themes of the Rose shows seemed to be that free market capitalists are morally inferior to the big government socialists he coddled on a regular basis when he wasn’t trying to bang his female associates.
And then there is Matt Lauer, the liberal legend of NBC news and self-appointed protector of females by virtue of the fact he saw the GOP engaging in a get this…..”a war on women.” It turns out that Lauer has been a sexual predator at NBC for many years. Even co-host Katie Couric, also a devout leftist, acknowledged that one of Lauer’s “most annoying habits” was pinching her on the ass too often. I guess you learn to tolerate annoying behavior from your teammate when you are on a morally superior political crusade against the GOP......because they are all so "anti-women."

Consider another Democrat and great protector of females……Al Franken. It turns out this Minnesota Democrat has a penchant for groping and kissing women, some when they were actually asleep. He also does some fondling when women are trying to pose for a picture with him. Caught in the crossfire of damning photographs showing his perverse nature, Franken seems to think an apology, now that he has been caught, will suffice. He just wants to stay in Washington doing great moral work by thwarting the evil things the GOP does to women.
Then of course there is Representative John Conyers. This Democrat has been slithering around the nation’s capitol for decades. Over the last week or so a number of former female aides have identified him as a remorseless sexual predator. Nancy Pelosi’s response to the flurry of charges against Conyers, and his own admissions was to leap to his defense and call him an “icon.” One can only suppose that Conyers is an icon in what is left of Pelosi’s mind because he has done everything in his power to destroy free market capitalism for his entire political career.
It seems that late 2017 has become the season when victims have actually dared to speak out against serial sexual assault artists. Accordingly, America is beginning to understand the sheer hypocrisy of Democrats like Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Al Franken, Nancy Pelosi, and John Conyers. Each has pointed their crooked fingers at political opponents for waging a “war on women”
The truth is simple. Speaking out against high profile predators long ago would have protected countless female aides from sexual assaults. Bill Clinton presented the opportunity for all decent people to draw the line. Every single Democrat refused to do so. And in failing to define right and wrong, and do the decent thing, Democrats ushered in a toxic and criminal culture where women were treated as pawns much more frequently.
The most curious revelation regarding these sordid and often criminal behaviors was one made by veteran ABC News reporter Cokie Roberts. Over the weekend when Roberts appeared on ABC's "This Week," she said, "Every female in the press corps knew to avoid being in an elevator with Rep. John Conyers. Roberts added, "The fact that people are willing to be public can change things. I mean, we all talked about for years."
Wow. It is pretty clear that Roberts felt that Conyers' predatory behavior was no secret among the entire press corps in Washington. Really Cokie? That sounds to me like a story that needed to be reported to the public. No?
It would seem that Roberts, a powerful and well-respected reporter knew about Conyers predatory practices for many years but chose silence. Roberts went on to say rather crassly that while this has been the status quo for decades, she believes that things could change now that people are coming public with their experiences.
Well, ummm......Cokie....."Some people" finally came public, while others, like you, in a position to have an impact on stopping these crimes, did nothing.
When considered, Roberts’ statements are astonishing. She is a respected ABC news reporter. And yet she has admitted that she and others did not feel “safe” riding in an elevator on Capitol Hill with a man the state of Michigan continued to send to Washington to “represent” them.
It would seem to me that we could rifle back through every story Roberts has reported on for the last thirty years and wonder why the John Conyers story that could have unveiled him is a despicable sexual predator many victims ago, never materialized until the little people, not a person of Cokie Roberts major stature, finally took the risk to expose him for what he is and help protect future victims.
Still Roberts and others who carry the water for Democrats while disguising themselves as objective reporters, don’t quite understand why America does not respect or trust people in the press….like Cokie Roberts, Matt Lauer, or Charlie Rose. The fact that they create fake news is only part of the problem. These disgraced anchors (Rose and Lauer) made critical decisions on what stories to run every day.
What we don’t consider often enough is what these people chose to sweep under the table. It would seem that there are more than a few things hidden under the morally superior facade that Democrats try to project. It also seems that it does not matter whether they are in public office or working in the Democrat dominated media, powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Al Franken, and John Conyers get protection from supposedly objective journalists like Cokie Roberts. No wonder the media is held in such contempt in most of America.