Ignorance always comes with a price

© 2016 Jim Spence -  Pictures don't lie. There are tens of thousands of empty seats in virtually every NFL stadium every week. Television ratings are plummeting. However, it is only after you read a few news articles on this topic, many written by clueless journalists, that you begin to understand all of the pieces that make up the black self-sabotage puzzle. In the NFL, black self-sabotage gets an assist from white liberal progressives like Commissioner Roger Goodell and his stooge, Democrat Joe Lockhart. These men, and many others like them, have been allowing naïve millionaire black athletes to engage in anti-American antics on the job. Yes, they have allowed these naive players to do these things right in front of pro-American paying customers. One would think that most players could connect the dots on their own and project what is going to happen when they trash America. However, these players cannot connect the dots. How can they be so dumb? It is easy. When critical thinking is neither encouraged nor taught in public schools kids are not just ignorant, they are dumb too.
Understanding black self-sabotage in the NFL begins with a failing public education system, controlled by the Democrat’s strongest constituency, the National Education Association. Politically, the failing public education system is propped up by blacks, who vote for Democrats 90+ percent of the time. Amazingly, rather than teach inner city children to read, write, and do mathematics, the NEA insures that most classroom teachers spend their time indoctrinating children to parrot the Democrat's victim-oriented line of thinking. Kids emerge having been taught to embrace their victim-hood.
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Walter Williams
The statistics on the failure of our public education system are daunting. This data comes courtesy of retired James Mason professor, Walter Williams. Let's use my home town of Baltimore, Maryland as an example. First it is important to remember that Baltimore’s public schools are not underfunded. Of the nation's 100 largest school systems, Baltimore schools rank third in spending per pupil. You would never know that after all the corruption. In 2016, in one third of Baltimore's 39 high schools, get this……..not a single student scored proficient on the state's mathematics exam. NOT A SINGLE STUDENT in thirteen high schools. Let that sink in for a moment. In six other high schools in Baltimore, only one percent of the entire student population tested out as being proficient in math. Sorry folks, this is not falling a bit short, this is colossal failure.
What about proficiency in English? Just 15 percent of Baltimore students passed the state's English test.
Know this. The Democrats have a stranglehold on both education funds and the entire education system in Baltimore. What are they doing about this ongoing travesty? The answer is simple. They do nothing except pretend they are doing their jobs. At one Baltimore high school last year diplomas were literally given away to a senior class in which 90 percent of the students tested out at the LOWEST POSSIBLE math score. Only one student came even close to being proficient. Still and sadly, one could see the naïve parents and family members applauding enthusiastically during the conferring of diplomas, despite the fact the entire “graduation” ceremony was a sham. Amazingly, some of the students actually received "achievement awards" and college scholarships.
The diplomas given to these kids asserted that they could function at a 12th-grade level. That is fraud. Most students who got a diploma could not function at a seventh- or eighth-grade level. As a matter of routine, public schools lie to themselves and their kids all over America.
Those in charge of this sham will never explain to the kids that these diplomas are fraudulent. They won’t tell them they will be unable to pass a civil service exam or do anything but flunk out if they go to college. They run a protection racket, not education facilities.
Astonishingly, the NAACP does not fight educational fraud, it promotes it. The NAACP is calling for a moratorium on charter schools despite the fact that charter schools are the only hope for black kids who are interested in learning.
Most freshly minted black NFL millionaires have emerged from our failed educational environments. Many of these young men, who are blessed with the athletic gifts necessary to compete at the highest levels, are so ignorant they can be conned into engaging in self-sabotage. Despite being paid millions, many NFL players can’t do basic math. Accordingly, it should come as no surprise these players cannot understand the dumb economics of running off customers and running off television audiences. They cannot see that they are going to severely diminish the revenue streams that fund their huge salaries.
Economics does not care about ignorance. Instead it simply prices ignorance into the equation. There are stunning ripple effects coming to the NFL and player salaries. Revenue estimates are going to plunge when it is time for television networks to bid for the rights to show these NFL games. As sure as night follows day, the value of the player’s long term contracts are going to shrink substantially. Yes, poorly educated NFL players are about to get their first ever lesson in economics. It is a lesson that most Democrats refuse to learn let alone teach. Teaching black kids something besides victim-hood has not occurred to them yet.