David Brock is hanging journalists out to dry

© 2016 Jim Spence -  David Brock is the infamous smear merchant operative who was so brilliantly exposed by former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson in her blockbuster book and national bestseller, Smear. The book is a must read.
David Brock has been on a not so secret smear campaign against people like Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and all non-Democrats for several years. However, several missteps by Brock and his propagandists are now hanging faux journalists out to dry. Those being hung out to dry are disgracing themselves as advocates writing news stories. It is clear dozens if not hundreds of journalists are now marching to the commands and cynical manipulations of David Brock.
The evidence is mounting that all of the recent embarrassments suffered by Democrat-biased news outlets can be traced back to a January meeting where David Brock gathered more than one hundred ardent partisan Democrats at Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, Florida. At the meeting, Brock revealed details of his plans to sabotage the Trump presidency. Unfortunately for Brock, the Washington Free Beacon had people in attendance at this "retreat" which revealed that Brock's four-year plan was to attack Trump and Republicans like Roy Moore every single day. The concerted effort was to involve Brock’s propaganda ministries: Media Matters, American Bridge, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and Shareblue. All of these organizations are funded by partisan Democrats and committed to using outrageous lies, innuendo, and other despicable smear tactics against people like Roy Moore.
The cornerstone of the Brock propaganda effort is known as a "digital attacker." This is code for his clandestine camp planting phony stories and phony polls on the internet every day. Brock’s minions then place hundreds of phone calls to higher ups at sympathetic print and television news outlets based in New York, Washington, L.A. and San Francisco. The Brock operatives ask gullible journalists to run with these bogus stories. Not always, but many times these fools actually do run with crap that any idiot would know was suspect. The Brock goal has been to undermine the legitimacy of Trump's presidency and damage Republicans like Roy Moore. Brock’s efforts literally partner with Democratic stronghold giants like Facebook to engineer the dissemination of leftist fake news.
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David Brock
In recent weeks, the smear campaign against Roy Moore has been riddled with lies that are now unraveling. Just today Moore's dubious accuser made devastating admissions that should give prosecutors cause to consider throwing her and her "attorneys" in jail.
Make no mistake. There is no doubt that the smear merchants are behind this entire scam that targeted Moore just ahead of a crucial Senatorial election.
David Brock’s stooges at CNN also ran with a false story today. This story was regarding Wikileaks and Donald Trump Jr. Already a major reporting disaster, the CNN report has already been debunked as a scam. It will probably lead to the same sort of suspension without pay that was slapped on ABC News’ disgraced reporter Brian Ross. Ross was hung out to dry last week when he ran with a false anti-Trump story that sent the financial markets into a free fall and was later retracted. Again there can be little doubt that a Brock operative put a willing Ross up to it.
Americans don’t trust the media because they know that the lowest forms of humanity, people like David Brock are manipulating what was once a free American press. Journalists are now turning their industry into one that appears to be run by naïve children instead truth seeking professionals. But then again, perhaps comparing them in this way is grossly unfair to all naïve children.