OK, Here's the new "plan"

© 2016 Jim Spence -  The Democrat’s post election Trump “strategy” reads like a first grade reader. Try as they might, the Democrat’s Russian Collusion narrative has failed. It has failed even with titanic efforts by the American news media to make the Democrat’s false narrative stick.
It turns out that the two biggest stories coming out of all the investigations into the Democrat’s Russian collusion claims were backfires that blew up in their own faces. The facts regarding the Clinton Foundation and Russia clearly show that Bill and Hillary actually were colluding with the Russians eight years ago when she was Secretary of State. The deal was insidious. The Russians procured 20% of the U.S. uranium supply, and in return for their influence peddling out of the State Department, the Clintons received millions and millions of dollars in Russian “contributions” to the tax-free wing of their campaign known as the Clinton Foundation.
The other Russian “collusion” backfire was the revelation that Wikileaks was working with some Russian hackers when they released emails that clearly showed the Democratic National Committee was colluding with Hillary Clinton to cheat Bernie Sanders at every turn during the Democratic primary season.
So........it turns out the Russians may have interfered in the 2016 election by exposing the fact that the Clintons screwed Bernie. Of course none of this gets much press coverage because the press wants to get Trump not the Clintons.
The ApprenticeNow that this Russian scam is not working what is the “new” plan for the Democrats? First let’s identify what the new plan does not involve. Rest assured the new Democrat plan is not to offer policy proposals that have been proven to work. The Democrats entire policy existence for decades has been to keep defending nonsensical policies they have implemented and extended that DON’T WORK. And if you think about it, because Democrats have no ideas that actually work, they have not been particularly interested in actually grinding it out on the campaign trail. In 2016, Hillary seemed content with the frequent hurling of racist and sexist accusations against Trump. The idea of making her case that what Obama did was good, and doing so in the battleground states, never crossed her mind.
So what is the new plan? Are we finally going to talk about intelligent policies? Nope. The new plan is to talk about sex. Its a monkey see monkey do approach. After seeing one high profile Democrat after another get caught engaging in sexual misconduct (Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, John Conyers, and Al Franken) the new Democrat plan has become obvious. The Democrats decided last week to politically burn Conyers and Franken at the stake with no due process. And now that these two men have been convinced by other Democrats to resign in disgrace, Democrats are demanding that the contrived smears against Roy Moore and Donald Trump produce a Democrat Senator from Alabama and a White House resignation.
Now, it may well be that the people of Alabama won’t be able to see through what is surely a David Brock-orchestrated character assassination of Roy Moore. However, it is also a safe bet that Donald Trump won’t be falling for the latest Democrat con job.
It is a funny thing. All of this sexual misconduct has suddenly produced moral outrage on the part of Democrats. It is as if their moral compasses were buried inside a time capsule since the days when Bill Clinton served as Predator in Chief, only to be magically released when it has become politically useful to not call his victims “bimbos.”
Wow. That is some plan. What Democrats are doing now should really help America solve its problems.