Not a single Democrat in Congress voted to help America get more competitive.

© 2016 Jim Spence -  Polls, polls, polls. Let’s see, the wisest tax policy to pass Congress in sixteen years is supposedly UNPOPULAR, according to the latest  "polls." Not a single Democrat in Congress voted to help America get more competitive.
The same people who were designing polls that told us in no uncertain terms that Hillary Clinton had an 88% chance of winning the presidency thirteen months ago and Trump had virtually none, tell us tax reform is not wanted by the majority of Americans.
Here is the sad fact. The media and many of the pollsters working for the media hate Trump more than they want America to be competitive. Democrats, with ever-dependable assists from their friends who actually do these polls are now commissioning polls that cleverly ask people if they are tired of the term “fake news.” This is pretty rich since most news media outlets are despised simply because they report fake news. Bogus polls are media damage control operations. Media operators must think if the public hears that "polls" say they are tired of the “term” fake news often enough, people will reverse their opinion of the media. Smear merchants that engineer robot driven Twitter campaigns and draw reporter's attention to the......."Public's reactions on Twitter," are quite desperate to stem the tide of distrust directed at their buddies in the media.
Know this. Most polls are not designed to get a better sense of what the public thinks. Instead, the questions asked by pollsters are designed to SHAPE what the public thinks. I never read polls anymore. The evidence is clear. You cannot trust polls for obvious reasons.
Sadly, all of America is under a constant avalanche of media manipulation. And the horrific lie being told today will be that the benefits of corporate tax reform will only help the “rich.” This the oldest bad economic policy scam in the book. Democrats play this con on America all day and every day. It goes like this. "If you want to keep what you earn, what belongs to you, you are greedy. However, if Democrats want to take something that someone else worked for.....for themselves, or to give to their “constituents” in exchange for their votes.........Democrats are deemed, "compassionate."
Democrats continue to pretend that the best way to run a society is for the worker drones to tender all their resources to Democrats to distribute as the elite Democrats see fit. Anyone who objects to the con is greedy.
Of course what Democrats never tell anyone, is they cannot force business people to engage in enterprises that are beneficial to society. When big government gets so greedy it steals too much of the fruit of people's labors, the people doing those labors adapt. In the real world, a world Democrats rarely visit before proposing economic policies, paycheck-writing business people constantly adapt their behavior to confiscatory scams foisted on them by Democrats. The result of Democrat economic policy is almost always fewer jobs and the lowering of living standards. If you are not sure of this ask a Venezuelan worker. Or read this story.
In the global markets most nation's want their businesses to be hyper-competitive on the tax front. However, Democrats, because they want to control all of the fruits of everyone’s labors, never concede the simple fact that businesses can go to friendlier tax environments in jurisdictions outside the U.S. to get more competitive. The tax reform bill that will pass today addresses the realities of a heavy tax on domestic businesses that has caused America to not be a very competitive place to operate. Shamelessly, Democrats insist on clinging to a stubborn narrative that says any level of taxation in the U.S. that is lowered to match those levels of confiscation oversees, is a mean-spirited “giveaway” to nasty “corporations.” The people who make payroll are cast as evil by Democrats. It is as if Democrats think letting companies keep what they earn is a "giveaway." This is language perversion.
Not a single Democrat in Congress voted to help America get more competitive. They simply do not care about competitiveness. They care about being able to,"Take something that someone else worked for.....for themselves, or to give to their “constituents” in exchange for their votes."
This tax reform law will serve as a beckoning call to job creators to bring their wage-paying operations back here, so Americans can have those jobs. That Democrats lie about this fundamental truth is the greatest economic scandal of our lifetimes.
So here we are. Questions that are intentionally deceitful lay the foundation for fake poll results that suggest that the tax reform law is UNPOPULAR. Fake polls, fake news, and worst of all fake Democrats. If Democrats have their way, there will be coal in everyone's stocking. But wait, I thought Democrats hated coal?