80 Percent Tax payer

Looting, ransacking, heists, thefts, and giveaways

© 2016 Jim Spence -  Kristi and I own a couple of small businesses. We also own shares of more than a dozen publicly traded companies. And through exchange traded funds, we own shares of thousands of other public companies.
The processes are the same for all of our private and publicly owned businesses. Each business provides products and services to customers. These businesses make payrolls, collect and forward gross receipts taxes to states, make profit sharing contributions to employee retirement accounts, help pay for health insurance, pay other overhead (rent, utilities etc.). These businesses all comply with a myriad of costly rules and regulations. And if all goes well, most of these companies will have profits at the end of the year and write more checks to the state and federal government to cover the taxes on those profits. If there are NO profits, as shareholders the losses are OUR LOSSES. Because losses hurt financially, NOBODY is willing to share OUR losses……we simply lose OUR money.
You have to laugh at the words Democrats and their buddies in the media have been using to describe the new tax reform law. Let’s see, it has been called: looting, ransacking, a heist, a theft, and a giveaway.
Now mind you, I don’t have the largest vocabulary in the world, but I do know the meaning of these terms. However for those of you who need to brush up on your language skills, I pulled up the definitions for these words just to make sure I was getting it right. The terms “heist” and “theft” are synonyms. They mean stealing. The term “ransacking” is stealing too, but it also involves doing physical damage to property while stealing goods. The term “looting” is stealing goods, typically during a riot or a war. To receive a “giveaway” is to receive something of value for free without paying for it.
It is important to recognize in the paragraph above regarding our business holdings, that we pay taxes on, “OUR" profits.”
Consider the language Democrats use to describe the adjustment in policy on OUR profits, assuming we are fortunate enough to have any. Democrats say that because this new tax reform law will require us to send a reduced percentage of OUR profits to the government, WE ARE ENGAGED IN THEFT.
Yes, we are receiving giveaways. We are looting. We are ransacking. We are heisting. Yep, people that millions of Democrats vote for, accuse us of stealing and damaging others property, because government passed a law that says government will be TAKING A LITTLE LESS of our income.
It would seem that Democrats and the media want people to ignore the fundamental nature of both profit and loss. They want voters to believe that private citizens and corporations don’t own their private income, they are just responsible for covering all losses.
Theft and stealing are simple concepts to understand. First the thief needs to identify something that belongs to someone else that he or she wants. And then the thief figures out a way to take it away. Of course, stealing is immoral. And this is the essential point. According to Democrats, none of whom voted for this new law, requiring a little less in taxes from taxpayers, is not a change in economic strategy......it is "stealing." Stealing is immoral and so is anyone who votes for tax relief according to Democrats.
Sorry folks. Kristi and I are not thieves. Neither are millions of other risk takers. Private property, private income, and private operating losses exist. In the world of Democrats, everything belongs to government and it is to be distributed only as government sees fit. In the Democrat’s world, since government owns all income streams, if a certain group, let’s call them taxpayers, gets some tax burden relief……….this is a heist, this a theft, this is ransacking, this is looting. These taxpayers are receiving a giveaway, because none of those profits in question, only the losses, belong to the taxpayers.
What has just been described is Marxism. Not only is it Marxism, it is totalitarian Marxism. Sadly, and thanks to our failed public education system, the entertainment industry, and a Democrat-dominated news media, voters are being told that honest taxpayers are stealing. What they are not willing to admit is that you can’t steal from yourself.
My hero Walter Williams suggests that if any entity is a thief it is government, not taxpayers. I’m with him. We all recognize liars and cheats when we see them, and they have been hurling false accusations around pretty freely lately.