The car he sold you did not break down, it is just resting.

© 2016 Jim Spence - Thirty-one years ago the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee held a hearing. The politicians wanted a few scientists to address the impact of so-called ozone depletion, the greenhouse effect, and global warming. It turned out to be a great opportunity for Democrats to start an effort to turn the nation and the world against fossil fuel. To boot, they figured to secure hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer dollars for global warming research in the decades to come. James Hansen, who was supposedly a leading climate modeler with NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies at the time, emptied his gun at the hearing when he made remarkably apocalyptic predictions.
Let’s see how Hansen’s forecasts turned out.
This weekend Niagara Falls pretty much froze solid. Sharks that apparently froze to death in the extraordinarily chilly waters in the Northern Atlantic last week were washing up on the Massachusetts shores. The northern polar ice cap has been expanding for three consecutive years. The southern pole ice cap has expanded to such an enormous size over the last decade that researchers are wondering if it has ever been larger. All of these grim realities of a trend towards colder global temperatures since 1997 are completely contradicting the dire predictions made by the anti-fossil fuel “scientists” thirty-one years ago.
In 1986, James Hansen was very specific about his model. He predicted that “global temperatures should be nearly 2 degrees higher in 20 years." Hansen went farther. He also predicted an acceleration of the trend with an increase of, “an additional 3 or 4 degrees sometime between 2010 and 2020.
Though this is the most under-reported fact on this era, Hansen and so many of his colleagues have not just been wrong, they have been spectacularly wrong. According to the NOAA calculator, the average temperature trend has been falling at -0.06 F degree per decade since Hansen predicted temperatures would rise much more sharply. Hansen’s scientific prediction that the Earth would be the warmest it has been in the last 100,000 years should actually be the subject of ridicule based on the how emphatic he was thirty-one years ago. Thanks to the bogus news media, Hansen gets a pass.
One must recall that even the faux scientists slurping up taxpayer dollars in exchange for forecasting global warming began to realize they needed a new line of bull quite some time ago. To mask all of their absurd forecasts never materializing, Democrats in the global warming crowd actually coined new words to help themselves to more research dollars. The phrase they coined to replace “global warming” was “climate change.”
Climate change is a wonderfully useful term, particularly for those interested in deception. Because it is so vague, it can be bent to fit any trend that shows up in the real data. The trouble with predicting ”Global Warming” was obviously more tricky than previously thought thirty-one years ago because……..the data needed to show that the globe was actually…um…warming.
The term “Climate Change” is infinitely more flexible. With Climate Change, every outside of “normal” weather event can be blamed on the use of fossil fuel. The trend of the data does not matter. And of course, all those old pesky apocalyptic predictions about crop failures, seas rising, and the end of civilization, well, the “scientists” cashing grant checks are now telling all of us to just forget about those warnings and heed their latest warnings, more important warnings.
So, what has the discredited global warming alarmist James Hansen done lately in the way of forecasting new dire warnings that require billions more in research dollars? Well, it seems that Hansen has now published a paper that suggests global warming will get this………. trigger an “ice age” in the near future. No, I am not making this up.
Thirty-one years later, after tons of temperature data has been collected that shows Hansen is a boob, now he says we need to forget about temperature measures as a way of proving temperatures have changed or will change. Instead he says, pay attention to, “Global Energy Imbalance.” He says this vague and strangely indefinable concept is a more meaningful measure of planetary status. Hansen sounds like a used car salesman explaining that the car he sold you did not break down, it is just resting.
What are we taxpayers to make of all this? It is important to understand that Global Warming/Climate Change was always a Democratic Party political agenda dressed up as science. Real scientists would have never conspired to squelch debate like the parasites angling for research grant dollars have done in this particular space. So, after a cascading avalanche of bad predictions have exposed the folly of their claims, the only way for people like James Hansen and thousands of others to get more and more research dollars, is to embrace a line of bull that is infinitely more flexible and unscientific. Yet somehow those exposing this amazing scam are called “deniers.”
As 2018 begins, we are now to believe that because of global warming, we are facing an “ice age.”
You have to hand it to these con artists. No matter what happens to global temperatures, the climate explainers provide a ridiculous explanation that blames all bad weather on the sin of using fossil fuel. Never before has there been such an infinitely adaptable ruse that, with a straight face, is still referred to as, “science.” If we have a bout of warm weather this confirms their already discredited predictions. If we have colder temperature data trends they are routinely dismissed.
It does not matter to any Democrat that Al Gore predicted that the polar ice cap would be GONE by 2014. We have to save the planet from incinerating or freezing, or whatever.