It is what they do

© 2016 Jim Spence - Horrific killings grab headlines in America several times a year. Not just the U.S. media, but the global media engage in a predictable pattern of behavior when events like the terrorist attacks at San Bernardino or Orlando take place. They do wall-to-wall coverage. The same is true if armed terrorists kill 130 people in Paris as they did in November of 2015.
The strange aspect of media coverage is how it changes depending on the location of the killings. When Paris was the locale where horrific shootings took place, there was at first, a concerted effort to identify the killers. This was followed by a deliberate understating of the impact of radical Islam on their acts of violence.
When gun killings take place on American soil it is a different story. If the perpetrator(s) use guns to kill the innocents as opposed to say a truck, or a bomb, there is always a political soapbox provided for hardcore anti-2nd Amendment Democrats, so they can pontificate. Media outlets like CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, the New York Times and Washington Post, as a matter of routine, find a way to allow Democrats to twist these tragic situations. It is as if every mass gun killing is simply a ripe opportunity for the media to create forums where Democrats claim that Republicans are to blame for the killings.
There seems to be a question begging for an answer here. Why were the horrific killings of 130 human beings in Paris in November of 2015 not seen as an opportunity for the gun control freaks in Paris to scream for more gun control? The answer is simple, though it is not reported by the U.S. media. France already bans guns. France has gun laws the Democrats pine for. In France they don’t merely have stricter gun “control,” in France guns are completely outlawed.
Still in America, when these terrible incidents occur, as they do in other places, Democrats immediately go to podiums and point fingers at gun laws. They pretend that these murders would not take place if Republicans would simply join Democrats in handing more power to government, in the form of stricter gun laws.
Don’t kid yourself. If Democrats could muster the votes to ban gun ownership (repeal the 2nd Amendment) they would do it. It is all the “deplorable” living in red states that make sure this does not happen.
When challenged, Democrats suggest that the Paris gun killings are just an isolated incident despite the fact that per capital gun killings are quite high in France. Democrats insist on ignoring facts while arguing that restricting or banning guns really works. Their assertions are empty if you consider the people living on the south side of Chicago or in Baltimore. In those cities, like many others, where the strictest gun control laws in the nation are in place, gun killings are a matter of daily routine. It seems that the killers don't care about the law. Imagine that.
Need more proof that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns? Look at Mexico where gun ownership is also ILLEGAL. In 2017, an astonishing 25,339 people were murdered in Mexico. This is an all-time record high number. The vast majority of these murder victims in Mexico were shot with guns that are 100% illegal.
What is Mexico doing about this, with guns having already been made illegal by its powerful government? Last week Mexico's congress approved a new security law that would make its government even more powerful by formalizing the military's responsibility for domestic security.
What will Democrats do if they ever get the 2nd Amendment repealed, and the gun killings most surely continue? The next step Democrats will want to take in America will be to follow the Mexico model. Right now it is easy for Democrats to simply point a finger at Republicans anytime there is a gun killing. In the future, if they get their way and guns are made illegal, Democrats will still continue to point the finger at Republicans. But instead of calling for the banning of guns as they already do in France and Mexico, Democrats will have to call for some other stupid measure that solves no problems but does give more power to government. It is what they do.