Nine years in review

© 2016 Jim Spence - There has been no column on this site for a couple of weeks. Sometimes you just have to take a few steps back and take in all that has happened over the last nine years.
Let’s recap the disturbing trends in America since January of 2009 when the Obamas first moved into the White House. Amazingly, despite the election and re-election of a black president in the United States in 2008 and 2012, the racial harmony that was well underway in America forty years ago, was completely destroyed by the Obamas. Both Barack and Michelle Obama did not use the power of the presidency to continue to heal and unite the nation. Instead, they used rhetorical chainsaws to rip open wounds that had healed long ago. The Obamas stoked racial paranoia in the black community and encouraged progressives of all colors to join in the assaults. It was a major part of their plan to hold and expand their powers.
Today, the Obama legacy is simple. Democrats make racists accusations against anyone who opposes socialism. They do so almost as frequently as they breathe. This is pure evil.
The Obamas did more than deeply divide a mostly healed racial nation. They replaced competent career bureaucrats in Washington with hardcore socialist operatives. Our most important institutions were run by people who cared little about the well being of the nation, only about expanding their powers.
When the Obama agencies were not harassing political opponents, they were looking the other way while Hillary and Bill Clinton sold out the U.S. Hillary Clinton approved of a uranium deal in exchange for massive cash contribution to the Clinton's “foundation.” The money was used to hire an army of political operatives so the Democrats could hold power after the Obama era ended.
Criminal activities at the FBI, IRS, and DOJ were all the results of appointing hardcore political operatives to run those agencies. As Obama insured that the police functions of our government turned a blind eye to partisan criminal activities, the effects took their toll. Today, many Americans realize that these crucial agencies are no longer trustworthy.
The Mueller indictments of Russians this week have exposed not just the evilness of Vladimir Putin’s regime, which conducted an assault on America and encouraged distrust of both Democrats and Republicans. These indictments expose the sheer incompetency of Obama stooges James Clapper and John Brennan. Never has a nation paid so much for intelligence gathering, and received so little. These men were too busy pushing for an expansion of socialism.
The toxic effects of the Obama era are now in plain view. On the home front, the evidence of an absolute collapse of public education is alarming. The majority of our nation’s higher education institutions are dominated by socialist Democrats. And instead of opening up the minds of young people, and encouraging independent thinking, colleges and universities all around the nation routinely offer outrageous excuses to quell freedom of speech. They seek to run as factories that produce government-loving robots.
U.S. Democrats once insisted that illegal immigrants were taking away American jobs and driving down wages. Both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton preached on this subject repeatedly. They both claimed that this was the fault of business people and demanded hefty fines and jail time for employers who hired illegal aliens. These days Democrats have completed their one hundred and eighty-degree reversal on border control. They still don’t care how many business people get punished for hiring illegal aliens, because business people are not usually Democrats. But Democrats now demand OPEN BORDERS. They also want the federal government to hand out an endless stream of taxpayer funded freebies for anyone who slips past the border patrol. In Congress earlier this year, the Democrats actually engineered a government shutdown to hurt taxpaying Americans, in an effort to protect people who are here illegally.
Virtually every American is painfully aware of the hundreds of billions of dollars of government waste each year. Nobody in either party cares anymore. The latest budget deal made between Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Donald Trump proves that there is not a single fiscally responsible human being left in a leadership position in Washington. Government is free to confiscate the income of Americans, issue debt at a staggering rate, piss away the resources, and then do the same thing next year.
Since Trump has been elected Democrats have dialed up hatred to astonishing levels. They want to regain control of the biggest waste machine in human history. Republicans don’t want to reform the waste machine. They want to be in charge of the waste.
Finally, nobody in the news media is reporting the fact that the Mueller indictments expose the utter incompetency of the Obamas. And it seems that not even Trump or his people get this obvious conclusion. While the money printing presses run, it has become official. Incompetence and grotesque waste is rewarded in America by both Democrats and Republicans. It is sickening.