All the President's Men and Women

© 2018 Jim Spence - It seems that the year 1972, was a long time ago. Clearly by 2009, thirty-seven years after Watergate, Obama appointees knew they were not operating in a media culture where there was a Ben Bradley-type running a major newspaper in Washington D.C. Bradley of course, was the legendary editor of the Washington Post during the days of Watergate. While the parallels between the behavior of Nixon’s FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice, and those of Barack Obama are stunning, there are no such corollaries between the print and television news media back then…..versus now.
The Obama administration should be known collectively, as “All the President’s Men and Women.” It would seem that unlike the Nixon administration where scores of reprobates went to jail, everyone in the Obama “collective” has skated.
Both presidents (Nixon and Obama) actually dared to blatantly use the machinery of the federal government (funded by taxpayer dollars) to sabotage political opponents. Of course, we all know from the history books that the criminal chicanery of Nixon’s brazen subordinates blew up in their faces. Using campaign cash to hire burglars, who were caught red handed trying to plant listening devices in Democratic National Headquarters, did not go unpunished.
It is a different story in the 21st Century. The lawlessness of Obama administration subordinates has yet to blow up in anyone’s face, despite revelations regarding acts of corruption, that go far beyond the pale.
Most recently we have learned that higher ups in the Obama FBI/DOJ used a bogus dossier, compiled by people bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign, to convince a secret FISA court judge, to allow Obama men and women to listen to all of the doings in the Trump campaign. Of course modern technology has made it much easier to engage in chicanery. Whereas the Nixon stooges had to break in to DNC headquarters, in an attempt to hear what Larry O’Brien and other Democrats were saying, the Obama stooges already had all of the Trump conversations recorded at the NSA. All the Obama men and women had to do was use phony evidence provided by the Clinton DNC, to obtain permission from a FISA judge to read the transcripts of conversations had by their opponents.
While it is a well-known fact that power corrupts, one has to wonder about the state of journalism in 2018, and specifically, what the power of a free press is being used for these days, if not corruption.
Image result for nixon-obamaSpying on the Trump team during and after the election of 2016 was actually just the final act of chicanery by all the president’s men and women in the Obama administration. Obama’s men and women looked the other way while Russian uranium transaction approvals were conveyed by Hillary Clinton after huge cash transfers went from the Russians to the Clintons and their “foundation.”
The DOJ itself was involved in a gun running scam. Unlike John Mitchell’s white collar crimes at the DOJ, Obama's A.G. Eric Holder ran guns to Mexican drug cartels that were actually used to kill a U.S. border patrol agent. Eric Holder remains at large. While Holder wound up being the only Attorney General to ever by “censured” by Congress, this was a mere slap on the wrist when compared to the felony convictions and 19 month prison term dished out to Nixon’s A.G. John Mitchell.
There is so much more that remains unpunished. Criminal actions by high ups at the IRS like Lois Lerner, forced her to exercise her “5th Amendment rights” rather than answer basic questions posed by Congress about how she used the IRS to screw Obama’s political opponents. Like Holder, Lois Lerner never served a day of jail time.
Then of course there was the death of a U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans at Benghazi, Libya. Their deaths were avoidable had it not been for horrific negligence by the Clinton state department. Not wanting to be blamed for ignoring an obvious Islamist terrorism threat in Benghazi, the Obama men and women concocted a lie that blamed it all an obscure anti-Muslim video. Then they arrested to video’s producer on an unrelated charge.
And of course after the FBI and DOJ learned that there were classified emails exchanged between Obama and Clinton on unsecured servers, Obama DOJ appointees declined to prosecute, after prosecuting hundreds of others for far less. None of the president's men and women wanted to see Obama drawn into the scandal. So it was buried.
In the 21st Century none of these doings by all of the president’s men and women in the Obama White House are of the least bit of interest to a daft U.S. news media. Journalists betray the legacy of the investigative reporting work of Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, as well as the brave editorial decisions of Ben Bradley, as they ignore their duties. It is as if they think all the president's men and women can police themselves.
How sad it is that many Americans know who Woodward and Bernstein are, but most have no clue who investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson is. Attkisson tried to report on some of the criminal doings of all the president’s men and women in the Obama administration. But the results of her investigations were killed by hyper-political partisans at CBS News disguised as editors.
Watch the Oscar winning movie with Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, and Jason Robards sometime soon. You will wind up shaking your head at the ironies.