James Comey - "The Swamp Creature"

© 2018 Jim Spence -  No person epitomizes the Washington D.C. swamp more than Former FBI Director James Comey. But then again, Comey is so much more than just a swamp creature. Comey is arguably the most brazen self-aggrandizing bureaucrat in the history of Washington D.C. And it should come as no surprise that he is remorselessly hawking a book now, instead of hiding under a rock.
History will not be kind to Comey. Instead, he will be remembered as the man who was actually documenting all the reasons why he was NOT going to recommend the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for crimes associated with her mishandling of classified materials, before his FBI staff ever even interviewed her. The fix was in for Hillary and Comey was the fixer.
Ironically, Comey shares a defining characteristic with Mrs. Clinton. The late great William Safire explained Mrs. Clinton well. He suggested she was simply a “congenital liar.” No doubt this apt description defines Mr. Comey too.
What has America been doing since Trump's election? Instead of Americans vowing to support reforming the nation by holding office holders to a high standard and keeping the size and scope of what these officials control to a minimum, Americans are lowering standards and granting the swamp enormous power to perpetuate itself. It makes no sense, but the proof is overwhelming.
Witness the aftermath of the Trump victory, where Trump, a deeply flawed individual, defeated Clinton, an even more deeply flawed individual. Before Trump even took the oath of office he was being spied on by the Obama DOJ, via the filing of false affidavits with the FISA court. Absurd impeachment calls came from Democrats almost immediately after the Trump victory.
The Democrats conspired to use the "Russian collusion scam" as the excuse to reassert the authority of the swamp. With GOP swamp mates providing assistance, the swamp assembled a bunch of partisan Democrat lawyers to get Trump.
Make no mistake, Robert Mueller is not a special prosecutor, he, like Comey, is a swamp creature. Mueller long ago stopped investigating any possible crimes related to Russian propaganda. For many months now Mueller has been searching for a crime, any crime, he might be able to tie to Trump.
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James Comey
Naturally, the swamp warriors (Mueller and Co.) have managed to find some pretty shady operators in Washington. No surprise there, the place has been overrun with them for two hundred years. It is what happens when the government controls so much of life.
On a side note, it is fascinating to see the contrast in styles between the Clintons and Donald Trump. When Bill Clinton got caught in a sexual trysts, the standard operating procedure of the Clinton war room was to try to tamper with all the witnesses, induce acts of perjury, and destroy the character of the women who participated in the Clinton dalliances. For Trump, the solution to infidelity is more straight forward. Trump simply moves on (post orgasm), while his lawyers give the dalliance participant(s) some cash to keep her mouths shut. It would seem that paying blackmailers almost never works, which begs the question: Why would Trump bother? Maybe the Clintons are on to something there with how they treat their bimbos.
Back to Washington where Democrats in the deep state are running out of options to get Trump. In a sign of just how powerful and brazen the swamp has become as a result of the enormous power the federal government wields, the deep state FBI raided the offices of Trump’s personal lawyer. What was the justification for such an unprecedented act of chicanery? Get this. They are looking for the money trail on Trump's bimbo payoff. Considering the fact that Trump is forgoing his entire salary, it is pretty clear that the $130,000 payoff to Trump's one-time favorite porn star is mere pocket change. It remains to be seen where the money trail leads, but the smart money says it will be another dry hole.
Make no mistake what is going on here. Democrats are using a special prosecutor to wage war on their opponents. And the fact that Mitch McConnell is passively endorsing this scheme tells you all you need to know about his tacit approval of and collusion with all deep state collaborators.
All of this is hardly new. Obama used the FISA courts to spy on Trump. And now Mueller is using his "special" powers to obtain privileged documents that belong to Trump. It would seem the swamp has finally found a back door way to look over Trump's tax returns.
Why is all of this happening? Unfortunately, America has had it too easy for too long. At least two generations of Americans hold poisonous attitudes that they are somehow owed perpetual entitlements from other Americans. This theme dominates the education system and accordingly, it dominates the voter bases. Half the nation pays no income tax whatsoever. With the public education system having been converted into an indoctrination system, it simply teaches young Americans that they can vote themselves a share of what someone else earned. Hollywood piles on with one violent, decadent, and entitlement-obsessed film after another. This makes Hollywood a paradox. Hollywood simply reinforces the idea that business is bad and bureaucracy is good, while making shoot em up films for profit.
Again, don't kid yourself. This is not just a problem caused by power-hungry socialist Democrats. Much of the GOP does not care about good policy so much as it cares about winning. This is the essence of what Trey Gowdy said when he announced he was done with the swamp. Gowdy is out because he knows if the GOP leadership thinks it needs to retain bad policies or not enact good ones to win, it will do so.
How can a con artist like James Comey not just survive in America, but prosper? It is pretty easy. Once virtually everyone in Washington surrenders their basic principles regarding fundamental decency, the rest is easy.
Comey will sell plenty of books.