They Got What They Wanted

© 2018 Jim Spence - As a student of American history, sometimes you just have to grin as you watch the 21st Century unfold. For decades we have watched the mainstream news media play a cynical game. It is a game they have played while hoping their intent would go undetected. It is a game of political manipulation, and it is foisted on the American public every single day in the hopes of garnering more votes for Democrats.
The big players in the mainstream media have had plenty of help in winning this game. From kindergarten through college, Americans are indoctrinated towards beliefs in Democrat fantasies. Millions of political operatives disguised as educators do the same things the news media does. First, there is this fantasy taught in schools that if you don’t enjoy an “equal” economic outcome…..somebody must have cheated you; probably a Republican business person. Second, public education infers at every turn that anyone who has enjoyed a better than average annual income must somehow, in some way, be exploiting others through our free-market system. And third, the children are taught the idea that learning valuable and highly marketable skills is over-rated. The main thing is to get a “degree.” And there are no cautions issued that using student loans to keep up a nice lifestyle as a student is stupid. It goes on and on.
ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, plus most local television stations and newspapers are actually nothing more than a subsidiaries of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party literally owns these mainstream media outlets. And through operatives disguised as journalists, mainstream media outlets are major shareholders in the Democratic Party.
Consider how the mainstream media “colluded” with Democrats to achieve the outcomes they desired a couple of years ago.
One of the most curious things about 2015 and 2016 was the behavior of the mainstream news media from the very day that Donald Trump announced he was running for president. Unlike other GOP hopefuls, the mainstream media gave Trump unprecedented levels of air time virtually every day……they did so for FREE. Many of us wondered at the time…….Why?
We all remember candidates like Jeb Bush just shaking his head at all the FREE publicity Trump was getting, while poor Jeb pissed away his prodigious campaign war chest on TV commercials that had no effect whatsoever.
It all makes more sense in 2018. Reports in recent weeks from former Clinton campaign officials can help any honest historian conduct an autopsy on the now dead and discarded Hillary Clinton campaign. So many Clinton aides have let it slip, without knowing they were letting anything significant slip, that Donald Trump was EXACTLY the candidate that the Clintons and their Democratic Party “strategists” wanted to run against all along. Let that sink in.
With this in mind, it is no longer surprising that the media, which no doubt attended countless cocktail parties with Clinton operatives, and read mass emails, knew that wall-to-wall coverage of candidate Trump was going to be good for business. These days it takes no great leap of faith at all to conclude that with Trump already great for their ratings in 2015-2016, and their pals in the Democratic Party making it known they wanted to run against Trump, that Trump would get all the free coverage.......while Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, etc. shook their heads in wonderment. turns out the media and the Democrats GOT EXACTLY what they wanted……a clean shot at running Hillary Clinton against Trump.
In 2018, Democrats in public education, the news media, and in elected offices, are still collectively suffering from the fact that their heads are spinning. And their Trump hatred cups have all run over the top. Imagine that? Democrat's terrific ideas led to unintended consequences. Welcome to the real world pals.