Ignorance, Perversion, and Violence

© 2018 Jim Spence - Blame decades of Democrat-controlled public education for catastrophic national ignorance. Identity politics courses are crowding out real learning. A recent study by the Annenberg Center found that only 26 percent of Americans surveyed were able to name the three branches of our government. Presumably, even fewer can spell out the separation of powers that is the essence of the U.S. Constitution.
In recent years activist Democrats have actually resorted to perverting the court system of the United States to try to cheat the U.S. Constitution. How perverse are the lawsuits being filed by Democrats? They have gotten to the point of attempting to render the powers defined by the U.S. Constitution completely irrelevant. Democrat tactics are mindful of those every totalitarian socialist dictatorship uses. Because their policies fail, socialists are constantly scheming to solidify power over citizens previously protected by freedom-protecting constitutions. Unfortunately, their tactics are working.
Consider how frequently a lone appointed U.S. federal district judge has imposed illegal injunctions that effectively block legitimate executive orders. These days Democrats are, as a matter of routine, asking their buddies in the federal district courts to not only circumnavigate the constitution, but also claim that bench-ordered injunctions apply to all 50 states. Specifically, Democrats have obtained more than twenty “injunctions” by shamelessly partisan Democrat judges in less than eighteen months to block basic executive policies by Donald Trump. Barack Obama once said “Elections have consequences.” Apparently, Democrats believed this statement was true, but……only if Democrats win. When the GOP wins, Democrats don’t hesitate to cheat using any and all means.
It is likely that the Supreme Court will address these crass perversions of the U.S. Constitution by federal district court judges very soon. They will do so simply because it has become clear that the elections that socialist Democrats cannot win at the ballot box are being illegally overturned by Democrat federal judges in Democrat-dominated states.
The process is pretty simple. Federal judges in socialist strongholds like San Francisco and Seattle are now issuing “orders” barring the president from exercising routine constitutional powers. In doing so, they are imposing their political views on executive policies clearly reserved for the executive branch of government. Of course these black robed dictators are not judging laws versus the text of the U.S. Constitution, they are re-writing the separation of powers enshrined in the document. This maybe peaceful so far…….but don't kid yourself......it is not a transfer of power.
What had been respected for more than two hundred and twenty years in America is now being perverted by the losers of elections when those losers are Democrats.
Sadly, it is taking far too long for the Supreme Court to correct these constitutional perversions. Finally last month, the U.S. Supreme Court corrected the federal district judge who ruled that because the court did not like Trump’s travel ban on countries involved in state-sponsored terrorism, it would simply judicially “veto” the policy. In effect the Supreme Court found that the judge could not remove the executive branch from its responsibility for making national security decisions. The Democrats knew they were wrong on this all along. Several Democrat presidents had issued similar executive orders on travel. Still, Democrats shopped for a partisan federal district judge and delayed the Trump presidency for eighteen months on a major national security policy.
The constitutional perversions of Democrats seem to have no boundaries. This creates a dangerous imbalance since we can never expect GOP-appointed judges, men and women who actually uphold their sworn oaths to honor the U.S. Constitution, to go tit for tat with Democrats on ripping the sacred document to shreds. No constitution-respecting judge is ever going to try to nullify the effects of an election by stripping a president of his or her powers authorized in the U.S. Constitution, simply because he or she did not vote for the winner.
Sadly, Democrats rarely if ever feel constrained by the laws of the land, including its fundamental framework. Accordingly, Democrats are increasingly willing to deny people rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. They simply have no problem asking a Democrat “judge” to block a GOP president and appoint himself or herself president to obtain a political objective that could not be secured at the ballot box. This is a uniquely Democrat tactic.  
As their slave-owning political ancestors did, 21st Century Democrats are now encouraging the physical harassment of those they wish to control. In doing so, Democrats are sowing the seeds, just as they did in 1860, for Civil War. It may not come in my lifetime. But it is coming. Keep an eye on the Trump nominee for Supreme Court and watch the naked violence by Democrats that is sure to follow.