Open those borders! Say what?

© 2018 Jim Spence - The ability to think critically is in short supply with millions of citizens in America. If you think about the way Democrats are brazenly arguing for open borders as well as the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, you just have to scratch your head.
For starters, Democrats pretend that people violating our border laws are not committing crimes. Of course they argue for a ridiculous lie. Entering the U.S. illegally is a crime, and there are many people from other nations who wait patiently to enter the U.S. legally rather than violate our laws.
Then there is the contrived outrage that the separation of children from adults who commit crimes is unusual. This farce seems absurd if you think about it for even a millisecond. In the U.S. there are more than 2.7 million kids who have separated from one or both parents because their parent(s) violated our laws and were sent to prison. Additionally, there are another 765,000 kids separated from their military parents because their parents are serving overseas. These kids do not know if they’ll ever see their parents again.
Again, with this separation farce, we see the effects that the Democrats in the news media can have when they insist on skirting any mention of lawlessness. These media trumpeted stories on 2,000 kids, who are temporarily separated from parents who entered the country illegally is not newsworthy, it is Democrat propaganda.
Illegal immigration lawyers in the U.S. conspire to game our legal system every single day. Millions of illegals travel all the way through Mexico from Central and South America, allegedly to apply for political “asylum.” Mexico already has generous asylum laws for those who are truly politically persecuted. These illegals aren’t looking for “asylum,” they are looking for seemingly deep financial pockets to supply them with goods and services……the sort of goods and services that no Mexican taxpayer or Mexican politician is ever going to approve of......when it comes to footing the bill.
Nobody with an ounce of intellect believes that people are seeking political “asylum” would travel an extra 4,000 miles through Mexico to get to the U.S. border. Almost 100% of those who arrive on our southern border try first to sneak into the country illegally. When they get caught they are not exactly in tune with politics in their own countries let alone here until the lawyers tell them what to say.
Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of Democrats howls for open borders is the fact that not only is it illegal to enter the U.S. without permission, the fines and penalties for employers who hire illegals are enormous. Illegals in the U.S. who break laws repeatedly to avoid deportation (there are now millions of these illegals here) either don’t work, or they work illegally using fraudulent documents. Millions of illegals who do some work actually demand to be paid in cash to avoid detection and taxation. So, those who are here illegally generally speaking don’t pay taxes. Instead, they form the backbone of the underground economy in the U.S.
Finally, have you visited an emergency room in Dona Ana County recently? If you have, you couldn’t have helped but notice entire families of illegals waiting to obtain free medical services. Of course American taxpayers pay for their doctors, nurses, and medicines. Often there is not a chair available in local emergency rooms because illegals bring the entire family into the waiting areas. Why not? There is not much else to do. By law these poor folks are prohibited from working and by law taxpayers are forced to pay for everything. The places are clean and heated and air-conditioned.
In the end supporting a never-ending flood of people who need services and are prohibited from working in America is bad policy. It drains our public services and burdens working Americans. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama made these claims with passion. This new shift towards insanity won’t be a winning strategy for Democrats. But with a narcissistic media, hypocritical entertainment industry, and na├»ve public education system bashing common sense at every turn, elected Democrat officials are willing to give it another go.