A peaceful transfer of power?

© 2018 Jim Spence - People all around the world have marveled at our American republic. Over the generations, the international observer has admired the U.S. for many reasons. Perhaps the first reason is the incredible productivity of our citizens, which saved the world from totalitarian Germany, Japan, and Italy seventy-three yeas ago. The second reason why America is admired is because of the way we have peacefully transferred power. Traditionally, with one exception, members of opposing parties have accepted election results as both parties have been voted IN and OUT of office after spirited political campaigns.
You can characterize the post 2016 Democrats and their overwhelming head counts in the mainstream news media as many things, but being willing to peacefully accept the transfer of power after 2016 is not one of them. Talks of impeachment by ELECTED officials and thousands in the news media before Trump’s inauguration were common place. Talks of secession by states have garnered headlines. In recent weeks, many high profile Democrats have urged their "followers" to physically confront the half of the nation that did not vote for their candidate. Hundreds if not thousands of people who show support for the 2016 election winner are being assaulted on the streets and in stores and restaurants by those who voted for the loser.
As the Democrats face off in primaries for the mid-term elections the litmus test in many districts and states is whether or not the Democratic candidate supports presidential “impeachment.” No impeachment "charge" is mentioned in this charade. Other than the fact that these Democrats don’t like Trump policies including his policy of enforcing immigration laws, seems satisfactory enough for them for demanding his removal. Absurdly, many Democrats are actually demanding that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) be abolished as a substitute for winning elections and changing immigration laws.
Other Democrats call for the re-writing of the U.S. Constitution "now." Curiously these types seem oblivious that the term we civilized people use for the act of modifying our governing framework is called, "passing a constitutional amendment." Americans have actually passed many amendments to the U.S. Constitution. History teaches us (not public schools) that this amendment flexibility actually helped the nation abolish slavery......over the objections of Democrats.
The last time there were tens of thousands of U.S. citizens who decided there would be no peaceful transfer of power was 1861. Again it was the Democrats who could not win at the ballot box, nor  could they stand seeing their candidate lose. One hundred and fifty-seven years ago Abraham Lincoln became the punching bag of roughly half the nation, and the rest is history.
For sure, Donald Trump is no Abe Lincoln. However, those who have no respect for the rule of law in 2018 are not much different if at all different, from those who incited violence because they hated Lincoln in 1861.
As an observer and student of history, it is hard to see how things can end well when one side of America refuses to accept the peaceful transfer of power that is one of the defining features of America.
Ironically, just nine years ago, both sides in our country agreed that elections had consequences. In the wake of 2016's election results, it is sad to see the losers behave like third world malcontents, where the absence of peaceful transfers of power have destroyed freedom and living standards for all. It seems that millions and millions of Democrats are hell bent and determined to go there.