Pack animals who pine for mythical "rights"

© 2018 Jim Spence - This column is dedicated to Neil Boortz.
Democrats are constantly promoting their “causes.” All elected officials try to sway public opinion using crafty words to persuade. One of the most favored words of Democrats is the word “feel.” Democrats love to explore their own “feelings” as well as exploit the feelings of others. Often when in favor of some policy that transfers more power to government, a Democrat will usually tell the news media how they “feel” about the policy.
Democrats are also obsessed with identifying with groups...not individuals. They will reference all sorts of groups to make their points. The groups Democrats mention most often are the: Rich, Poor, Hispanics, African Americans, Native Americans, the disadvantaged, the less fortunate, gays, trans genders, and lately....immigrants particularly those who sneaked across the border illegally. In short, Democrats are pack animals. Their identities are entangled in feelings about “group” dynamics and an “us versus them” paradigm.
Tying the concepts of feelings and groups together, Democrats “feel” that their favored “groups” should have a legal “right” to make claims on the property, time, and services of less-favored individuals. Let me explain.
For decades Democrats have asserted the claim that people have the “right” to a job. Let’s consider the idea that everyone has the “right” to a job. Do we really want to create a law, that says all people have a right to force their services on another person? Should everyone have the right to demand that others compensate them for unwanted services? This is profoundly stupid. Jobs can only be created when they are demanded by those who want to pay for services.
Democrats also suggest that all people have the “right” to a place to live. This begs the question, which citizens will be forced to build all of the dwellings for those who want dwellings, but won’t work to pay for those dwellings themselves?
Bernie Sanders and the rest of the socialists (socialist is a synonym for Democrat) now suggest everyone has the “right” to health care. However, no Democrat will ever speak about the obvious problem with actually enshrining the "right" to health care. No citizen can receive health care unless some doctor or other health care practitioner assigns a portion of his or her time and training – his or her life - to someone wanting health care. This practitioner may be willing to do so for fair compensation, but shouldn’t this decision be his or her choice? Why should one citizen have the "right" to the health care practitioner’s time or property? The simple answer is every citizen should have choices, but rights beyond life and liberty are absurd unless you favor the enslavement of others. Thank God the U.S. Constitution was amended so that all Americans have a "right" to NOT BE ENSLAVED. Have we forgotten this?
One of the reasons why we already have severe shortages of health care practitioners is because government has been confiscating health care practitioner's expensive training and efforts. It is no surprise people are deciding to NOT go into health care professions. People don't much care for slavery, even quasi-slavery via government edicts.
Let’s consider Independents and Republicans. We can do so quickly. These folks don’t formulate their views based on how they “feel.” Instead they focus on what they “think.” They think of themselves and everyone else as unique individuals not members of generic groups. And because they "think" instead of "feel," they understand that making sound choices is the key to self-actualization. They resist the idea that they have any right whatsoever to conscript the time or efforts of others. Independents and Republicans (like Abe Lincoln) despised slavery in 1860 and still do today. Democrats hated Lincoln because they supported slavery. Democrats cloak slavery with a different brand name these days.
Finally, we should explore the idea behind the phrase "less fortunate," a real favorite with Democrats. Consider what it means to imply that a person who is homeless, dirty, drunk, and messed up on drugs (and therefore unemployable), is "less fortunate." To imply this with crafty words, you must also imply that a self-actualized person who shows up every day to a job, has a home, and has an opportunity for a decent future, finds himself or herself in that position simply because he or she was "fortunate." It's all just "luck." You know.......good fortune.
Again, this is a crafty word game designed to manipulate "feelings" instead of encourage intelligent thought processes. The term “fortunate” means having derived some form of good from an "unexpected place." Deriving good from hard work is not unexpected, nor is it unexpected to derive misery from choosing drugs, alcohol, and making little or no effort to acquire job skills or show up for work.
Take a look around you. Democrats want Americans to embrace an, "us versus them" mentality that comes with group identity. They don’t want Americans to think they are unique individuals, they want Americans to feel like members of victims groups. Democrats continue to demand all sorts of "rights." But their demands are merely a pretext to allow them to use government to dominate the lives of productive citizens. Democrats want to water down the emphasis on the awesome power of good personal decision-making and instead emphasize that bad decision-making is a function of being “less fortunate.”
Don’t fall for this illusion. It will produce nothing but misery. It is a line of B.S. to get your vote and to give Democrats more power. Choosing freedom is a much wiser choice....I THINK.