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© 2018 Jim Spence - So many positive things have happened since the days when Martin Luther King Jr. called for judging people based on the, “content of their character,” rather than the color of their skin. So magnificent was his message, in a relatively short time, it would be adopted as the dominant attitude in America. Roughly one hundred years after the end of the Civil War, a conflict where more than 500,000 whites gave their lives to end slavery, America experienced sweeping changes. Thank God those changes finally came.
Perhaps the most phenomenon change of all regarding race relations in America since the Civil Rights era is the widespread increase in inter-racial marriages. Thanks to extraordinary films like “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and many others, people of various races and ethnic backgrounds began to inter-marry in large numbers. The result was millions of beautiful mixed-race American children. In the real world, wonderful changes regarding racial harmony are everywhere for everyone to see. Total integration is a way of life across the cultural spectrum. In our movies, our television shows, our commercials, our books, our theaters, in sports, in our education system, and even in the bodies of elected officials, as well as the U.S. presidency for two terms.........we are integrated and working well together.
Politics is not the real world. Democrats have perverted themselves politically where race is concerned. It is the fervent view of most Democrats to assume a vested interest in denying all of these wonderful changes in America. Instead of seeing the enormous good, they are hell-bent and determined to pretend things are getting worse. Democrats conduct themselves in the most insidious ways imaginable in their thirst for more power. They stoke the fires of division based on race. Earlier this month the Democrat’s national newspaper, The New York Times, engaged in the shameful step of promoting a self-described white-hating racist to its editorial board. Sarah Jeong’s utterances make most Americans cringe. The Times could have held a lottery to select a board member and gotten a better candidate. The Times claims it vetted Jeong. Some vetting.
Democrats play cynical games when pointing to poverty statistics to try to infer that America is still racist. However poverty statistics are particularly revealing of the importance of good personal decision-making, not racism. Poverty rates among married whites and married black adults are virtually identical. For the most part the differences in poverty can be traced to the explosion in unmarried women becoming pregnant in the inner cities and perpetuating multi-generational cycles of poverty. Ironically, this great human tragedy is very much the consequence of Democrats alleged war on poverty which began under LBJ. It was LBJ who decided to strut out his amazing compassion and subsidize illegitimacy. Low and behold illegitimacy rates skyrocketed just as anyone with a basic understanding of economics could have predicted. Illegitimacy affects members of all races negatively. Illegitimacy is not a skin color problem it is a bad choice problem.
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Garrett Morris
It was forty-two years ago that brilliant comedian Garrett Morris got the new status of “race relations” in America right. He did so in just 37 seconds on Saturday Night Live. In a hysterical parody (which can be viewed here) Morris made fun of the way progressive Democrats were using asinine guilt imposing techniques to goad historically-aware whites into supporting absurd race-based give-away programs. The idea behind the Morris joke was he was personally willing to help any poor conflicted white assuage his or her anguish over past wrongs committed by other whites from a bygone era.
Are there still racists in America? Of course there are. There are racists in every nation on earth. What is fascinating is the way the Democrats, with the assistance of the media, have pretended that racism is still a huge problem in America's white communities. Democrats point to white supremacists who stage protests in front of television cameras. This is a con job. This tiny fraction of the white population is universally viewed as stupid and ignorant. The Democrat media seizes on the despicable actions of a handful of idiots, and tries desperately to tie those actions to ALL non-Democrat whites. It is a political shell game.
Racism isn’t a huge problem. Democrats are a huge problem. They are a huge problem because they willingly coddle racists in minority communities. Those who are on the record using inflammatory racist language, get jobs at the New York Times and seats in Congress. The public education machine, which is controlled by unions that are fiercely loyal to Democrats, finds it politically useful to infer that whites are guilty of being oppressors…….unless those whites are willing to prove they are not oppressors. If you are white, how do you prove you are not an oppressor in the eyes of Democrats? It is easy. Join the chorus of those who identify themselves not as individuals, but as members of victims groups. Then make it well-known that you cast your votes for big government socialist Democrats. You must also imply that anyone who is white and does not vote Democrat, is by default a racist.
The list of minority members who find Democrat race-baiting appalling is long. However, their voices are systematically stifled by the Democratic Party bias that dominates mainstream media, entertainment, and the public education system. Do yourself a favor. Do some research on brilliant people like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, Star Parker, Lurita Doan, Harry Jackson Jr., Charles Payne, and many others. These people are the modern day peacemakers. If you want to become truly enlightened about how race has become a cynical tool of Democrats to promote socialism, read their columns.