Peter Strzok's "Deep Patriotism"

© 2018 Jim Spence - There’s an old joke that makes the rounds. If you don’t believe in life after death, just go to a government office in the middle of the day and then camp out at the exits at quitting time. Maybe this little joke helps explain why it took the FBI so long to finally terminate disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok. Government simply cannot do anything with expediency. We all pay for the sloth.
Peter Strzok was leading the bureau’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. He was that is, until officials discovered he had been sending anti-Trump texts to his lover without copying his wife.
In recent weeks Strzok’s lawyer had been hoping his client would "only" receive a demotion and 60-day suspension. Instead, Strzok’s 22-year career came to a crashing end as it became obvious to anyone with a lick of common sense that he had corrupted the two highest profile FBI investigations in recent memory. It is amazing that every Democrat in Congress with oversight responsibility for the FBI, defended Strzok.
Before he was terminated, Strzok helped deliver a whitewash of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. And despite the fact that the FBI discovered that Clinton sent numerous highly classified messages, both Strzok and James Comey carefully crafted the wording of their findings to let her off the hook. At the same time Strzok and Comey also began the dubious Russian investigation of Donald Trump using phony evidence obtained from the Clinton campaign.
In a world where ethics in journalism actually exists, this scandal would take on Watergate-like consequences. But with partisan Democrats working in high positions at every major media outlet except Fox, there is no accountability for even the most dastardly conduct by swamp occupants.
Throughout Strzok’s investigations, he was having an extramarital affair with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page. The two adulterers exchanged tens of thousands of texts on government phones and many of their exchanges were anti-Trump, pro-Hillary. These messages were exchanged while Strzok was taking steps to get Clinton off the hook and before he moved on to embroiling Trump in what has so far been a fruitless effort to produce any evidence whatsoever of Trump-Russian collusion.
Particularly damning to Strzok's now disgraced career was a text to Page stating he was worried that the FBI was going too hard on Hillary in the email investigation. And when Strzok was informed of evidence that Clinton’s unauthorized and unsecured server was breached, he refused to pursue it.
Perhaps the two smoking guns that sealed Strzok’s fate and cast a pall over the legitimacy of everything related to the collusion allegations made by Democrats, is Strzok's mention of an “insurance policy” against a Trump victory in a text he sent on August 15, 2016 to Page. In this text, Strzok mentions a meeting with then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Strzok was no doubt referring to the so-called Trump dossier, which was nothing more than a Clinton campaign-funded opposition research file compiled by a former British spy who was also milking the FBI for cash. As Page lamented the prospect of a Trump victory, Strzok said they (the FBI?) would stop Trump’s presidency.
 “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Page texted.
“No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” replied Strzok.
Predictably, Strzok played word games with those in Congress responsible for FBI oversight when he was cornered. He suggested that the texts did not mean what they said. Instead, he had the unmitigated gall to claim the texts displayed his “deep patriotism.” When Page was asked about the meaning of the anti-Trump texts, she did not mince her words. “They mean exactly what they say,” was her response. Give her a cookie for being honest while Strzok lied again and again.
Of course very few of these facts will be reported on the evening news unless you are watching Fox. Partisan outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post don’t employ investigative reporters, they stick with brainwashed propaganda ministers and their deputies.
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