The news media and John McCain

© 2018 Jim Spence - Reading financial media coverage of the mainstream media’s coverage of John McCain’s death, reminds me of why I don’t watch broadcast news shows anymore.
First of all, broadcast networks behave as if nothing they have aired in the past was ever archived or remembered. The truth is EVERY news network except Fox parroted the shameless Democrat Party accusations against McCain in 2008. Rather predictably, Democrats repeatedly called McCain a racist during his run against Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign. Now, and only suddenly with his death, McCain has become in the eyes of the mainstream news media, some sort of regal bi-partisan lion who always served the greater good.
Sorry folks, you cannot have it both ways. Remorseless racists are not people who serve the greater good. Either the mainstream media was lying about McCain in 2008 or it is lying about him now. Many people believe they were lying in both instances.
How about the remorseless congressman and bitter race-baiter John Lewis of Georgia, who had the brass to praise McCain yesterday, after comparing him to the hopeless racist George Wallace in 2008? The only way Lewis could square what he said about McCain yesterday was if he admitted he was a shameless liar in 2008. He got a free pass from his buddies in the mainstream news media.
Why all the praise for McCain? It seems to go back to his feud with Donald Trump when Trump said some of the dumbest things ever uttered about a former POW during the 2016 presidential campaign. It should be footnoted that it was McCain who first attacked Trump.
Anyone who hates Trump is a friend of the mainstream news media. The coverage of McCain is simply the latest opportunity to "get Trump." Getting Trump is the national pastime for journalists. Whenever someone in life or death suits the purpose of the mainstream news media, which is to support the Democrat Party, people like John McCain become useful, especially in death.
What should we remember about John McCain? Remember most of all that McCain made it his mission to campaign fervently in Arizona in 2016 against Obamacare, only to shift 180 degrees at the moment of truth and cast the deciding vote to save Obamacare after he was re-elected. Why did he stick it to every little person voter who supported him in Arizona? He did so because he wanted to teach Trump a lesson for bashing him. McCain also voted against oil exploration in the frozen swamp of ANWR in Alaska for God only knows what reason. McCain also voted against the tax cuts right after the turn of the century, for God only knows what reason. Those tax cuts led to the fastest rates of economic growth in decades. The prosperity came over the objections of one John McCain. McCain should also be remembered for graduating 894th in a class of 899 at the U.S. Naval Academy. Not exactly a sign of work ethic for a man with a purportedly high IQ.
The truth is thousands of men and women die every day in America who served their country and their spouses more honorably than John McCain ever did. But because McCain was a relatively successful politician, he is getting a particularly noteworthy send off.
Two wishes come to mind in the wake of McCain’s death. The first would be that God would rest his soul. The second would be that somehow the mainstream media would gain some sense of how atrocious it has become. In casting the McCain’s of the world as despicable racists one day and great leaders the next, they disgrace themselves. We have much greater hopes for the first wish than the second.