A blatant betrayal of fundamental principles

© 2018 Jim Spence - It is easy to recall what Donald Trump said in his tiff with John McCain. Demonstrating sophomoric rhetoric, Trump was actually critical of McCain for getting “captured” by the North Vietnamese. Showing how little we know about modern politics, most of us figured any surge Trump had enjoyed thus far in those “polls,” would disappear after he made such and asinine comment. Nope. We all know nothing. In case you haven't noticed, Trump lives in the White House.
Trump didn’t stop with McCain. He ripped into virtually every establishment Republican on his way to White House. And don’t kid yourself, all of those dignified soft spoken vipers; especially senators (two-faced hacks) did not like it. Trump actually gets in their faces and insults them. People like John McCain and Mitch McConnell are far more dignified. They prefer to be extremely polite right up to the point when they betray their constituents.
In an almost comical way, it still seems rather befuddling to establishment Republicans, that somehow all their blatant betrayals of pro-business, limited government, freedom loving GOP primary voters finally got noticed. They figured as long as their campaign rhetoric set the right tone the zombies would cast their votes for the same old same olds.
In the previous column regarding the mainstream media (that’s code for Democrats with large national forums) I highlighted their con jobs in McCain’s death. It is as if they think nobody remembers they branded McCain the same way they brand every GOP candidate in every election. They blew the racist trumpets on McCain ten years ago. Now they treat him like he was a saint with ultra-high principles. This is pure manipulation.
All of this garbage coming out of the mainstream media changes nothing. Trump is still a contentious fight-loving guy who gets in his detractor’s faces and insults them as no other president has. The ruling elite in the GOP still doesn’t know what to make of Trump or his popularity.
Finally, let’s reiterate the most compelling fact regarding John McCain’s career in politics since the media is trying to con us……again. McCain ran his last senate campaign in Arizona vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Then when he was re-elected, and to spite Trump, and America be damned, McCain actually saved the worst law ever crammed down American's throats from repeal. When it came time to deliver on his promise to repeal Obamacare, McCain betrayed all of his supporters. His death can’t change this glaring FACT even as his body lies in “state.” So……let’s get the flags back up to full staff and move on. John McCain’s record is permanently stained and nobody should let him off the hook for such a blatant betrayal of fundamental principles because the Democrats who run the mainstream media find it useful to deify him.