Not enough documents? What a pack of jerks

© 2018 Jim Spence - If you watch the charade going on in Washington these days you would think that the GOP is trying to pull one over on the public. However, Democrat Senators are not only acting like bullies in elementary schools, they are lying through their teeth during Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearing. 
What are the Dems doing? These reprobates have decided to “claim” they do not have adequate information on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. The truth is they already have too much information, far more than any other nominee has ever provided.
Judge Kavanaugh is no mystery man. His professional record is an open book. Democrats have copies of all 307 opinions that he has has written, along with 17,000 pages of material he provided to them as part of an extensive nominee questionnaire. Forget what you hear on television or read in biased newspapers. Judge Kavanaugh has provided Senate Democrats with more documents than have ever been provided by any Supreme Court nominee…..ever. In all, the senators have received more than half a million pages of information on this judge.
Despite the fact that Kavanaugh has given the Senate Judiciary Committee more documents than were provided by the last five Supreme Court nominees combined, Democrats are interrupting what should be dignified proceedings. They are also promoting anarchy like the Antifa losers they associate with.
OK, enough Dem bashing. Let’s be fair here. Senate Democrats are the dirtiest slime bags in America. It would not matter if Judge Kavanaugh had submitted ten trillion pages of documents to them, they would lie that he had not come clean.
If you are paying attention you already know that the Democrat’s true source of anguish does not stem from the fact that they have been short on information about Judge Kavanaugh. Democrats are still upset because…….um……Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election nearly two years ago. Amazingly, exit polls showed voters chose Trump in what turned out to be an Electoral College landslide because they WANTED Trump to make this nomination. The fight was fought and the Dems lost.
From the top down, and beginning with Chuck Schumer, Senate Democrats are without any question the most dishonest politicians in America. What a dubious distinction that is with all the liars and cheats on both sides of the aisle. Every single day Democrats lie. When they are not lying they are distorting, deceiving, and wasting taxpayer’s time and money. All the while, Democrats are doing these terrible things to the nation with a major assist from the vast majority of journalists.
My hero Walter Williams wrote a column recently documenting how "bad men can be good presidents." We all know what sort of a person Donald Trump is. He picks fights everywhere he goes. It is astonishing that these slimy Democrats, through their own despicable conduct, can actually continue to make this president seem palatable, not just as a policymaker which is easy, but as an individual too. Nice job Dems. What a pack of jerks.