Let's get real about the state of the nation

© 2018 Jim Spence - It is time for all Americans to make some concessions regarding the state of the nation. Let’s begin with the vast majority of Senate and House Republicans. They don’t mean what they say and John McCain’s vote on Obamacare seals this assertion. Ruling class Republicans manage their political franchises like McDonalds owners manage their fast-food restaurants. They maximize their campaign revenues and take advantage of modern branding imagery tactics to shape how they are viewed by the masses.
Donald Trump is a political enigma. He insults when courtesy would suffice. He picks fights where peaceful efforts would do just as well. And when he isn’t exaggerating and puffing for what he perceives as his own good, he actually tells the truth. When he tells the truth he does so in such an abrasive way that he infuriates those who cannot grasp the basic reality of what he says.
Democrats can be separated into two distinct groups. The ruling class of Democrats seems compelled by political franchise management demands to increasingly embrace absurd ideas. Often these Democrats will raise millions of dollars appealing to the most uninformed idiots in the nation. Newer Democrats are unapologetic socialists who haven’t got a clue how many times socialism has failed in human history. Bolstered by an amazingly biased big government and anti-business public education system, people who know next to nothing, are making inroads in Democratic Party primaries by displacing their deceptive counterparts who make up the ruling class of their party.
Perhaps the most fascinating element of America in 2018 is just how ignorant pop culture has become. Take millionaire filmmaker Michael Moore for example. Moore and many others, particularly those who work in the print and broadcast news segments, like to pretend that somehow the Trump era is similar to that of the era when Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany. Moore and his fans engage in the most insulting display of historical ignorance possibly imaginable. Their assertions are so insanely inappropriate to the memories of millions of massacred Jews it is difficult to overstate. Trump himself celebrates his grandchildren, who are being raised Jewish by his daughter and son-in-law.
There is much more stupidity to the outrageous anti-fascist narrative being foisted on America every day by the media, the public education system, and the entertainment industry than immediately comes to mind. The most noteworthy fascists in human history were Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco. All three completely controlled the media in Germany, Italy, and Spain. They squelched any negative coverage of what they did. Journalists who did not adhere were executed.
Ummm….let us all start to get very real about what is going on in America. First, Trump has unleashed GDP growth rates that are the envy of the entire world. Anyone in America who wants to work can get a job. Real wages are rising for working Americans at the fastest pace in memory.
Let’s see…..what else is going in in America. Roughly 90% of the American press crucifies Trump every single day. When Americans wake up they wonder what is next in the Trump trashing campaign. And the press is powerful. It is wearing America down and their abuse of Trump is taking its toll.
Admittedly, much of what Trump battles over with the media could be mitigated somewhat if he would just keep his big mouth shut. But let us not mistake this situation, which Michael Moore and other socialists engage in intellectual masturbation over. America is not experiencing some sort of fascist nightmare. If we were living a fascist nightmare, journalist’s bodies would be getting fished out of the rivers like they were in Germany, Italy, and Spain eighty years ago. And Michael Moore? He'd weigh 100 pounds less because he would be on a state-mandated diet in a jail cell instead exercising his right to free speech. Let's get real.