Christine Blasey Ford: She's no Kathleen Willey

© 2018 Jim Spence - It is already time to update the story on Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his “accuser.” Her name, which the Democrats leaked to the media after playing coy with this important "new" information, is Christine Blasey Ford. Ford is nothing more than the latest prop in the “stall the Kavanaugh nomination game.”
It seems that Ford is ummmmmm..a registered Democrat and a left wing activist. She has contributed funds to many hard left political causes including the non-profit Act Blue. Act Blue is a nonprofit group with an open hatred for anything having to do with Republicans and Republican judge nominees. Act Blue actually sells itself as a high-tech fundraiser for Democrats. And fundraiser it is. The organization has raised $2.66 billion all for DEMOCRATS over the last fourteen years. A quick look at the Act Blue website tells you everything you need to know about Christine Blasey Ford. Act Blue is involved in developing and implementing fundraising technology for the left. On their website they say: 
“Our mission is to democratize power and help small-dollar donors make their voices heard in a real way. We develop top-of-the-line fundraising software and offer simple, intuitive tools to help campaigns and organizations connect with new and existing grassroots donors. As a result, nonprofits thrive and Democratic campaigns get more donations through Act Blue than any other platform. Together, we build powerful movements. That’s why a majority of Democratic Senate and House campaigns — along with the DCCC, DSCC, DGA, over one-third of statewide campaigns, and advocacy organizations around the country — have chosen Act Blue. But we’re so much more than a tool set. Together, we’ve raised $2,665,617,634 for Democrats and progressive causes in just 14 years."
Here is the scam. Democrats are using Christine Blasey Ford, with her remarkably hardcore Democrat pedigree, to go after a GOP Supreme Court nominee and stall his confirmation process.
Democrats are feigning deep concern about what she alleges happened thirty-six years ago when she and Kavanaugh were attending different high schools.
Amazingly, the Democrats as they broke this scam to the media, forgot they completely ignored or ridiculed the allegations made by another Democratic partisan. That would be Kathleen Willey, who told her story of the sexual assault she endured not in high school, but in the White House. It had been perpetrated by a sitting president, one Bill Clinton. Clinton was not a political opponent of Willey’s. He was the guy Willey actually volunteered for because she mistakenly “believed” in him. Democrats could not have cared less about what Willey had to say. On the other hand, now Democrats have managed to regain their sense of concern over Christine Blasey Ford’s 36 year old accusations. Her being a committed left wing activist who is going after people she clearly sees as her enemy seems to bolster the ability of Democrats to contrive some faux concern.


Dig up a false witness

© 2018 Jim Spence - In Exodus chapter 20 we read, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”
When all else fails in national politics, just find a partisan somewhere who is willing to allege sexual assault. This is the final page of the Democrat’s political playbook. We have seen this over and over again. And now, we are seeing it with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, as he sails through the nomination process for the Supreme Court.
This judge has pristine professional credentials. Because the man cannot be touched for any legal opinion he has ever written, character assassination is the Democrat's plan. Is it really any surprise that California’s Diane Feinstein just happens to have come across a woman, who miraculously decided to come forward, after telling nobody of an alleged assault by then teenager Brett Kavanaugh for more than three decades, that he did these terrible things to her? What a strange coincidence.
Americans should understand what is happening here. Democrats in Washington D.C. are so power starved right now, and so used to stabbing indiscriminately (metaphorically), that have lowered their standards of behavior to those of the poisonous serpents.
Elections aren’t held every four years or even every two years. Elections are held every day. Senators like Diane Feinstein, not only do fundraising twenty four hours a day seven days a week, when they perceive the need, they provide people willing to lie for them. The tactics people like Feinstein and Chuck Schumer employ are so filthy and so insidious that even cohort Ruth Bader-Ginsburg was lamenting the process. Ginsburg, a former ACLU attorney who was no doubt going to vote for the advancement of socialism at every turn when Bill Clinton nominated her, was approved on a vote of 96-3 back in 1993, with one Democrat not showing up for her confirmation vote. Ginsburg suggested last week that decency was in short supply during judge confirmation hearings twenty-five years after her confirmation. She is right.
To be fair, the GOP tends to refrain from character assassination of judges. Both Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, Obama's socialist nominees, were spared the sort of thing Judge Kavanaugh is facing. Though more GOP senators voted against Obama's nominees than they did with Ginsburg, they did not sink to smearing the ladies personally.
Things are different today. When all else fails today's Democrats trot out aging partisan females and allege sexual assaults of the nominee/candidate they want to fail. Make no mistake; there is a price for all of us to pay when Democrats behave like this. It takes a much more coarse, confrontational, and combative person to be willing to jump into the cesspool we call American politics today, simply because there is no fair play.
Is this the kind of America Democrats think we want?
America needs to wake up and understand that government has become so big and so powerful that it is THE BATTLEGROUND in the country. Businesses that compete by innovating and providing great products and services that make life easier for all of us still have their place. However, big government can overpower any successful business with great products if it has a mind to do so. And this is the objective of the Democratic Party now. Democrats want to dominate all aspects of our lives. Only the U.S. Constitution and decent judges can protect us from their domination schemes.
Democrats including both of New Mexico’s senators are now calling for a delay in the vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, which is of course what this absurd scheme was always all about. If the GOP caves in on this, they will provide even more incentive for those willing to bear false witness against their neighbors.
Washington D.C. is indeed a nauseating place and Democrats continue to sink to new lows in terms of disposing of all integrity and honor.