Feinstein: another Kavanaugh accuser will step forward

© 2018 Jim Spence - The list of accusers of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for sexual misconduct is growing. Last week there was just one accuser, an admittedly biased anti-GOP partisan who hated Antonin Scalia.
This time it may well be clear to all Democrats in America that Donald Trump's nominee for the vacancy on the Supreme Court has crossed some very serious lines in terms of personal conduct.
Reportedly, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California has a second witness to call on for testimony regarding Kavanaugh's deeply flawed character. Apparently, this new witness will state in no uncertain terms that the judge is unfit for public office.
According to aides working for Senator Feinstein, the senator, in her efforts to save America from Judge Kavanaugh has uncovered a smoking gun of evidence that this nominee has a proclivity for assaulting women.
The alleged Kavanaugh attack that Feinstein is referencing this time, occurred fifty-one years ago. And according to the California senator, this time the victim, who Feinstein personally convinced to come forward, actually has a picture documenting the entire "deeply troubling" incident. It seems this witness was working as a server at Hooters at the time when Kavanaugh brazenly assaulted her in public.
Feinstein is expected to appear at a press conference later today and suggest that now that she has incontrovertible evidence in the form of an actual picture of the assault fifty-one years ago, it should completely confirm the previous undocumented claims made by Christine Blasey Ford of an assault committed thirty-six years ago by Kavanaugh. Judge Kavanaugh has not examined the latest picture yet, and is withholding comment until he can do so.
Who knew?