Universal desires?

© 2018 Jim Spence - Often opposing attorneys, to keep trials from going on forever, will stipulate to what both sides can agree on as irrefutable facts. Sadly, there are no stipulations regarding current events today.
What does America want? What do Americans universally agree about? You would think there would a few things that are universal, things that transcend politics. There seems to be only one thing that is nearly universal in America. Ask one hundred American adults if our system of government in Washington D.C. needs changing, and ninety-nine will say yes, we need change. Hold that thought.
Another question arises. If you talk to those in what might be broadly labeled as “conservative circles” what do people want besides a change in Washington? There are four major ideas within these circles that stand out. 1) GOP types want steps taken to make sure nuclear powers never escalate war dangers. 2) They want freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. 3) They want a solid growth rate in the economy so prosperity is available for those willing to work and save. 4) They want laws enforced so it is safe to move about. They want these things for themselves, their family members, and for all law abiding citizens.
What about Democrats? Do Democrats agree with the four major desires listed above? Let’s take a look. 1) Do Democrats care about the threat of nuclear war? In theory Democrats care deeply about preventing nuclear war, but……they don’t actually care deeply enough to affirm the idea that Trump’s friction reducing talks with Putin and Kim reduce the threat of nuclear war. In the end, all Democrats brush aside efforts made by anyone other than a Democratic Socialist to defuse the threats of nuclear war. They do care about the threat of nuclear war, but they care about the threat of losing political power more. 2) What about freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution? How do Democratic Socialists feel about these? Again, when asked, the initial response of any Democrat will tend to suggest they care deeply about freedom. However, Democratic Socialists treat the freedom guarantees in the Constitution as if they are vague and flexible. They do this because they only want freedoms protected selectively. On college campuses all over the nation, Democrats oppose freedom of speech if the speaker figures to say something they disagree with. This not really support for the 1st Amendment, this is a totalitarian desire for the freedom to squelch the speech of those they disagree with. Freedom of speech protects the right to disagree, it does not demand agreement as a pretext. Democratic Socialists say they care about freedom, but they care about holding and exercising political power more. 3) What about a nice growth rate in the economy? Democratic Socialists, when asked, will pretend they care about opportunities and solid economic growth. However, they can be found praising sub two percent GDP growth while denying the value of four percent plus GDP growth every day. They routinely deny the value of significant increases in wages for working people. Democrats say they care about growth, but they care about holding power more. 
What do Democratic Socialists say about lowering crime rates? Again, and in theory, Democrats will always “say” they desire less crime. But in reality, they are sympathetic to movements that make excuses for criminal behaviors and are deeply suspicious of all law enforcement officers. Democratic Socialists will passionately decry isolated incidents when bad cops commit crimes against citizens, while never decrying the astounding murder rates in virtually every large Democrat run city in America.
Let’s go back to the thought we were holding. What about the one universality of thought that says all Democrats and Republicans believe Washington D.C. is broke and we needed a change in the system? Democrats will say they wanted a change in the system. They will say they want a reduction in the threat of nuclear war. They will say they want freedom. They will say they want a strong economy. They even say they want less crime. What Democrats say may well be things they think they hold true in their minds. But their behaviors betray their words. They want power more than they want all of these things. 
Why would this be so? The answer is simple. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Dianne Feinstein is the best example of this phenomenon, at this moment in history. Feinstein should be universally denounced, but half the nation wants power more than it hates corruption.