It is time

© 2018 Jim Spence - As the November mid-term elections approach, it is time for all of us who find keeping up with the never-ending power grabs by big-government totalitarians tedious, to admit we are going to have to ENERGIZE and turn out in DROVES if we hope to prevent the destruction of what has been accomplished over the last eight years in New Mexico and the last twenty-one months in America.
There are three types of people in America. We have independents who want to be left alone. We have GOP activists. And we have Democrat activists. Of course independents don’t trust either party any farther than they can throw them. This being said, for good reasons, independents had had enough of Barack Obama after a very short period of time, simply because he lied to us about what he would do. Many of us liked our health insurance and then saw our choices destroyed and our deductibles and premiums skyrocket after Obama promised what he was doing would produce just the opposite.
Most GOP activists have businesses and/or jobs in the private sector. In short, people with businesses and private sector jobs know something about competing to make customers happy.
On the other hand, most Democrat activists milk taxpayers through big government. Accordingly, they pursue political power 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Most Democrat activists don’t care about the economy, simply because they have no direct connection to a good economy. Providing customer satisfaction is not what they do all day because, they get their funds from government where a culture of customer service-orientation is non-existent.
The Kavanaugh circus is a call to electoral arms for everyone who voted for change two years ago. The efforts to affect sweeping changes in Washington have produced tangible results. We wanted and we got higher real wages, a doubling in GDP growth rates, lower taxes, and rising consumer confidence. Consumer confidence is up to an eighteen year high. Because we have gotten what we hoped for two years ago, virtually all Americans are better off.
The responses from Democrat activists to higher wages and historic improvements in employment for all Americans have been nothing short of astounding. They have either ignored or denied the good. Only Obama, who realized how much good has been produced, actually stepped forward recently to not only acknowledge the improvements, but predictably, to try to take credit for them.
Democrats big play right now is a smear campaign and they have plenty of help. Dozens of classmates of Brett Kavanaugh have been receiving phone calls from “reporters” digging into Kavanaugh’s background. Digging into a nominee’s background is totally appropriate. However, the reports are, that these reporters are not merely seeking the truth about this judge, they are trying to get former students at Yale to level charges against Kavanaugh. When no charges are forthcoming during the early part of the phone calls, leading questions are asked by reporters with negative overtones towards the judge implied. When there are no corroborations to these implications, the reporters hang up and the responses to their calls are not reported, they are discarded.
Here is the bottom line as the beginning of October 2018 looms. The call to arms seems pretty clear. If you think America was headed in the wrong direction for decades and the changes coming about since early 2017 are a major improvement for our country, you must not only reject Democratic Socialist candidates (there are no other kind). You must talk to people you know who are sitting on the fence and encourage them to vote with you, so that we do not backslide in the direction of decline and decay. It is really that simple.
Sadly, those of us who realize that things have improved, cannot simply get on with our busy lives and think the problem has been fixed. We have only made what could very well could be temporary improvements. The reason why they could very well be only temporary, is because Democratic activists will never rest. They will never realize they support too many stupid ideas. Instead, they will double and triple down on idiocy. And they have 90 percent of journalists and educators behind them and their smear campaigns. Not only is this coalition downplaying the improvements we all see, they are going to continue to prey on the uninformed, and encourage them to buy, not just into dumb ideas, but into their absurd smear campaigns.
Folks, we finally have a political foothold on some real economic reform in this country. But it is as tenuous as the early stages of the fight for Iwo Jima. Let’s not allow ourselves to get pushed back down on to the economic beach and shot dead. We have to keep fighting the battle of good ideas and good results, while the other side lies and plays the smear game. Please pass this on if you agree. It is time to turn out. Independents cannot indulge in the luxury of sitting back and hoping.