We have a duty

© 2018 Jim Spence - You would never know it by following the mainstream media, but America has been improving nicely for twenty-one months. Everyone can see the stunning recovery in the GDP figures and especially in the jobs numbers. Millions of people are off of food stamps and working. The results are actually amazing. But of course, there is so much more potential to be realized in our state and our nation.
Democrats are political animals. They network and they recruit. And they don't care about the recovery, they care about making government bigger and more intrusive. Non-Democrats tend to go to work and mind their own business. Unfortunately, this presents a problem for those wanting this economic miracle to continue. Democrats don't want it to continue. If you visit this site regularly and read the commentary here, a duty is looming on your horizon. It is not going to be enough to personally get out and vote for candidates that will support policies that will bolster the amazing rebound America and New Mexico have been experiencing. You are going to have to identify people who do not follow such things and talk to them about what is at stake next month. Please speak to young people in your family who are not "in to politics" and try to open their eyes.
There is nothing that explains all the good happening in America better than record employment figures for minority members and teenagers. Please speak to at least two people you would normally not discuss politics with and explain to them that Democrats are mostly in favor of policies that destroy prosperity instead of building on it.
Young people should understand that they don’t have to like Donald Trump to understand what his POLICIES are doing for America any more than they have to like Tiger Woods personally, to appreciate how well he plays golf.
Ultimately, rooting for the American rebound to continue is in everyone's best interests. I hope everyone energizes over the next few weeks so we can continue to climb out of the trough we have been in. It is not like travelling overseas to defeat tyranny as our ancestors did in WWI and WWII but it is our duty.