Michelle Lujan Grisham and NM Democrats driving more and more nails in New Mexico's economic coffin

© 2018 Jim Spence -  Rivaling stupidity that perhaps only the lunatics running California can match, Michelle Lujan-Grisham signed legislation on Friday that will force New Mexicans to pay outrageously high electric bills.
The effects of the new law will be sweeping. Look for larger employers with options to leave this state in droves for places where children are not in charge and electric bills are not required to be absurdly high.
Thanks to Democrats, state laws here will force electric producers to squander precious capital on expensive and inefficient solar panels and wind turbines that don't have a prayer of providing the state with affordable electricity.
A collection of some of the dumbest people on the planet (brainwashed Democrat-environmentalists) gathered at the state capitol Friday for a signing ceremony that would be better characterized as a wake for death of all common sense.
According to the law, all "investor-owned utilities" will be required to generate at least 50 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2030 with that percentage jumping to 80 percent by 2040. Insanely, a 100 percent carbon-free mandate begins in 2045.
It seems that finally our failed public education system, which has created millions of economic illiterates in our state, has paved the way for the election of idiots in sufficient numbers to ruin this place.
What happened in Santa Fe this year should be enough to cripple the New Mexico economy indefinitely. No doubt there will be more to come as our clueless media continues to be oblivious to the implications of economic insanity.

You're Missing the Overall ! ! ! Part 3

© 2018 Jim Spence - Crimes committed by those in the Obama administration strike remarkable parallels with crimes committed by those in the Nixon administration. An obsession with holding power is the common denominator in the minds of those displaying patterns of criminal behavior. This power hungry mindset led to the commission of crimes by those in the Department of Justice, the Department of State, the IRS, the CIA, the FBI, and the National Security Agency under Obama. Included were Watergate-like crimes, including the creation of phony documents, the bugging of political opponents, the engagement in bogus press leaks, and most important of all, the destruction of subpoenaed evidence. The patterns of behavior that emerged from these two very corrupt eras in American history, morphed into paradoxes after their respective election outcomes.
Consider that Richard Nixon won in a landslide over George McGovern in 1972, while Donald Trump stunned the hapless Hillary Clinton in 2016. Simply put, the incumbent won in 1972 and the incumbent lost in 2016. These two separate and distinctly different political realities created divergences in the actions of the perpetrators.
Imagine the sighs of relief by the emboldened deep state charlatans in the Nixon administration in 1972. Though the Watergate cover up was well underway by November of 1972, it is critical to understand that Richard Nixon and his henchmen knew they would retain control of the Department of Justice, including the FBI, with their election victory that year. People deep inside the Nixon administration were already not talking to nosy reporters at the Washington Post about Watergate. And after their November election win, the perpetrators knew the FBI was not about to pursue the mountain of evidence trails pointing to crimes. It was the FBI’s unwillingness to do its job during this era that enraged Mark Felt and inspired him to become Bob Woodward’s source within the FBI.
Contrast this feeling of legal insulation enjoyed by the perpetrators during the Watergate era, with what must have been an incredible feeling of legal vulnerability felt by those in the Obama administration, particularly at the DOJ and FBI, early Wednesday morning November 9, 2016. It wasn’t so much the old crimes committed by Eric Holder and Lois Lerner at the ATF and IRS before the 2012 election that were the problem for Obama’s faux investigators at the FBI. It was the fact that incoming Trump appointees at DOJ would soon have access to all of the files at every agency. This would include the documents related to the use of the Steele Dossier, which the FBI knew was simply bogus opposition research, but had chosen to use to obtain what amounted to search/wiretap warrants on the GOP election campaign.
The cover up of the 2016 Trump bugging operations began with the actions of FBI Director James Comey. Comey decided even before Hillary Clinton was ever interviewed by the FBI, to treat her destruction of subpoenaed evidence (her un-secure emails) as no big deal, instead of the serious felonies they were. Comey actually wrote a memo that exonerated Clinton months before the so-called FBI investigation was completed. One of Comey’s top deep state collaborators, FBI agent Peter Strzok, was pulled off of the Clinton investigation by Comey, and assigned to lead an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. The idea no doubt, was to manufacture a legal excuse to wiretap the Trump campaign by alleging collusion. Ironically, both Peter Strzok and James Comey first covered Clinton crimes by carefully crafting the wording of their findings in a press release, as they began their clandestine bugging of her opponents at the same time.
As Strzok began the dubious Russian investigation of Donald Trump, he encouraged the FBI to use phony evidence obtained from the Clinton campaign as a legal excuse to bug GOP headquarters.
Fortunately for posterity, Peter Strzok left damning evidence everywhere that illustrates the purpose behind the absurd Russian collusion allegations. Ironically, it is because Strzok was having an extramarital affair with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page at the time, that he had a reckless propensity for texting his motivations and intentions to her. It turns out the two adulterers exchanged tens of thousands of texts on government phones. Many of their text exchanges were not only anti-Trump, they were blatantly pro-Hillary. Thanks to an extra-marital romance, FBI agent Strzok and FBI lawyer Page actually created an evidence trail explaining the FBI's motivation behind the dropping of the investigations of Hillary’s actual crimes, while simultaneously spelling out why the same FBI, used fabricated information in warrant requests, that allowed Democrats to use the machinery of government to wiretap Republicans during an election season.
In one text to Lisa Page, Peter Strzok said he was “Worried that the FBI was going too hard on Hillary” in their email investigation. When Strzok discovered evidence that Clinton’s unauthorized and unsecured server had been breached, he refused to pursue the information, knowing it would lead to the discovery of email exchanges between Clinton and Obama. This would put an investigation of multiple felonies and breaches of national security inside the White House. Any discovery process would be a nightmare for Obama.
In another Strzok text to Page, he discussed an “insurance policy” against a Trump victory. This text was sent on August 15, 2016. In a series of texts, Strzok also mentioned a meeting with then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, in which there is no doubt Strzok was referring to the bogus Steele dossier. As Lisa Page lamented in a text on the prospect of a Trump victory to Strzok, he responded saying they (presumably he, Page, and the FBI) would stop Trump’s presidency.
 “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Page texted.
“No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” replied Strzok.
When Page was hauled up on Capitol Hill to answer for these outrageous exchanges that got both her and Strzok fired, she was asked about the meaning of the anti-Trump texts. She did not mince her words. “They mean exactly what they say,” was her defiant response. Again, thanks to the lack of anyone resembling Ben Bradlee working as a executive editor or publisher at the Washington Post, neither Strzok or Page, nor Andrew McCabe or James Comey has been indicted. Instead, a modern day Obama advocacy press has focused all of its attention on a nearly three year-old wild goose chase known as the Mueller investigation.
It is critical to see the Mueller investigation for what it is. With the election lost in November of 2016, the criminal collaborators in the Obama administration quickly realized that the best defense for all their criminal activities that were sure to be revealed, was going to be a good offense. Strzok's texts to Page defining the insidious nature of the Russian collusion allegations scam are analogous to John Dean’s testimony, as the Watergate scandal completely unraveled. The only thing missing since 2016 that could have helped define the parallels of Obama and Nixon has been any semblance of a professional journalism community (outside of GOP advocate Fox) that is actually interested in reporting on, "the overall.”
So this is where we stand. Using innuendo, and phony documents, deep state Democrats, along with scoundrels like Congressman Adam Schiff, have been leaking bogus allegations of Trump's mythical misdeeds to the press to cover for Watergate-like crimes committed by the Obama administration. Democrats have continued to make false allegations and repeat lies about Russian collusion every single day since November 9, 2016. They continue to do so because they know if they do not continue to amplify bogus suspicions in the press, their buddies are much more likely to draw scrutiny.
The Russian collusion allegation scam is THE COVER UP. And so far in American journalism-compromised America, the cover up seems to be working.

You are Missing the Overall ! ! ! Part 2

© 2019 Jim Spence - This series of columns highlights disturbing recurring patterns of behavior by government officials. 

“You are missing the overall,” an exasperated Mark Felt growled at Bob Woodward as he stumbled through all of the covert activities exposed in the story of the Watergate investigation. In the early 1970's, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were dedicated journalists who were willing to relentlessly investigate the actions taken by powerful people that did not smell right. Ultimately they did not want to miss "the overall."
Mark Felt was outraged that nobody at the FBI cared that Nixon’s henchmen had planted listening devices to spy on political opponents, produced fake documents to trash opponents, stole documents, created false press leaks, and even destroyed transcripts of tapes of Nixon speaking on Watergate, along with tens of thousands of documents associated with covert operations. Felt knew the White House was running the FBI just as Obama's White House ran its FBI.
It is important to understand that history pretty much repeated itself during the entire Obama tenure. There are mountains of evidence that were NOT pursued by the FBI or lethargic journalists who are perfectly content to miss "the overall."
Eric Holder
Still the facts don't lie. The pattern of behaviors betraying the same "overall" that Mark Felt referred to in 1972, began with Obama Attorney General Eric Holder almost as soon as he was sworn in as A.G. And the parallels with Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell are chilling. John Mitchell and Eric Holder are easily two of the biggest scoundrels in American political history. Mitchell served nineteen months of jail time. Holder has thus far, managed to avoid prosecution.
Keep in mind that Eric Holder did not escape unscathed. He is still the only A.G. ever held in "contempt" by Congress for deliberately lying and withholding evidence. Holder achieved this distinction for refusing to turn over legally subpoenaed documents related to Holder’s ATF, which had engaged in gun-walking activities. Astonishingly, Holder’s ATF facilitated the sale of guns to drug cartels. Later these weapons were found at crime scenes on both sides of the Mexico–United States border, including the crime scene where United States Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in December 2010. The "gun-walking" operations became public in the aftermath of Terry's murder. In trouble, Holder refused to cooperate with the murder investigations. According to Humberto Benítez Treviño, the former Mexican Attorney General and chair of the justice committee in Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies, Holder's ATF-related firearms were found at numerous crime scenes in Mexico where at least 150 Mexican civilians were maimed or killed. In the ultimate Nixonian fashion, Barack Obama claimed that “executive privilege” protected Holder and all others at the DOJ and ATF, from having to provide information to investigators trying to unravel the circumstances associated with the murders. Perhaps Obama and Holder wanted to create border “incidents” that might help Democrats secure votes for gun control bills. Thanks to Obama's outrageous but successful use of "executive privilege" on murder investigations, and an impotent journalism community not minding the "missing of the overall," nobody will ever know why Eric Holder and his ATF agents allowed the sale of guns to Mexican drug dealers.
Image result for lois lerner
Lois Lerner
Like the actions of Watergate conspirators, getting away with covert activities a few times emboldens political zealots. The fact that Obama managed to successfully shield Eric Holder from murder investigations using Nixon’s favorite tactic, “executive privilege,” most surely emboldened Lois Lerner at the IRS leading up to the 2012 election. Lerner was Obama’s director of the Exempt Organizations Unit at the Internal Revenue Service. In 2013, a large body of evidence surfaced that Lerner had been targeting conservative groups and either denying them tax-exempt status or delaying that status until they could no longer assist the GOP during you guessed it, the 2012 election. There is little doubt that Lerner used her position at the IRS to suppress opposition groups and prevent them from raising money to fight Obama policies on a variety of issues. The Lerner actions are another piece of the puzzle that helps one grasp the “overall” that was missed during the Obama years. In Rosemary Woods-like fashion, Lerner claimed her emails were “accidentally” destroyed. It was a convenient way of covering her nefarious efforts to abolish the 1st Amendment rights of Obama's dissenters. Like so many did during Watergate, Lois Lerner resigned in disgrace and also exercised her 5th amendment rights when she was called before Congress. Lois Lerner was never prosecuted by the Obama administration’s Department of Justice. Why would anyone at the DOJ prosecute themselves?
The were other patterns of corrupt behavior running parallel to those of Eric Holder and Lois Lerner. During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, the volume of covert domestic political operations performed in the Department of State maintained a feverish pace. In September of 2012, Clinton, Obama, and their subordinates were caught red-handed, telling outlandish lies regarding the facts surrounding the murders of several Americans, including the Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi, Libya. Once again, their lies were told to investigators of the murders during an election season.
Image result for hillary at benghazi hearings
Hillary Clinton
During the course of her tenure at the State Department, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama transmitted classified information back and forth over unsecured private servers. Feebly, Obama tried using a pseudonym to disguise his identity. These are felonies. Cover for these felonies was created by the destruction of evidence in Watergate-like fashion. Hillary Clinton simply destroyed emails when they were subpoenaed. More cover was provided by disgraced FBI henchmen James Comey and Andrew McCabe. Not only did these men give the president and the Secretary of State a pass on security breaches and destruction of subpoenaed evidence, that would have sent anyone else to jail, these men also lied about the timing of their own actions when they were questioned under oath.
Evidence of serious crimes at the Obama FBI, like those committed by the Nixon FBI, were the tip of the iceberg. Andrew McCabe engaged in leaking phony information to the press. His leaking activities were discovered by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Like Nixon’s FBI Director L. Patrick Gray, both James Comey and Andrew McCabe were forced to resign in disgrace. Both Comey and McCabe have escaped criminal indictments......so far.
The patterns of behavior associated with Eric Holder’s gun-walking operations at ATF, Lois Lerner’s dissent suppression at the IRS, and Hillary Clinton’s destruction of subpoenaed evidence, contribute to what Mark Felt referred to as "the overall." It is the very same "overall" that Woodward and Bersnstein finally grasped in the 1970's. 
There is so much more. In March 2013, Senator Ron Wyden asked Obama Director of National Security James Clapper under oath, if the U.S. government was collecting “any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans.” Clapper paused and said, “No, sir. … Not wittingly.” Just three months later, Edward Snowden leaked documents revealing that the Obama-Clapper National Security Agency was in fact collecting in bulk domestic call records and other various internet communications on millions of Americans. Then of course there is Obama CIA Director John Brennan, who lied to Congress in 2014, when he claimed that the CIA had not illegally accessed the computers of U.S. Senate staffers. The Obama CIA had done so and John Brennan knew it. Neither Clapper or Brennan were ever charged with crimes by the Obama DOJ. 
In the end, it is ironic that the Obama FBI chose to use the DNC-sponsored Steele dossier to help the Obama and Clinton camps wiretap the Trump campaign in 2016 in the lead up to the election. FBI agents chose to treat information they knew was bogus that had been spoon fed to them by Clinton smear merchants, as “evidence” instead of despicable political mud.
The fact that the Obama FBI deceived judges and obtained FISA warrants to wiretap the Trump campaign, more than any other single incident during the Obama tenure, shows us a pattern of behavior that defines the level of corruption that surpasses Watergate. Upon reflection, the Nixon Committee to Re-Elect seems insanely amateurish by comparison. But still, the parallels between the conduct of government operatives in the Nixon and Obama administrations are chilling. The only thing more chilling is the lack of interest by the still living Woodward and Bernstein to lend their credibility to a badly needed 21st Century journalism-led cleanup of the U.S. political system.
It would seem that getting fat and happy has been a real ambition killer for Woodward and Bernstein.
In Part 3 of this series, we will explore why it was critical for the C.Y.A. operations at the FBI to sell the Mueller investigation to gullible Republicans and Democrats.


You are Missing the Overall ! ! ! Part 1

© 2019 Jim Spence -  All the President’s Men, is one of the most fabulous films of all time. The film is a thrilling narrative of one of the seediest political chapters in American history. Authors/journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are at the center of an investigative reporting process that quite improbably leads to the arrest, conviction, and incarceration of forty-three men working in various capacities for President Richard Nixon, as well as Nixon’s own resignation of the presidency.
Having seen the film at least a dozen times, it occurred to me during a recent viewing that Bob Woodward in particular, was a very naïve journalist during the early 1970’s when the events of Watergate were unfolding. Of course, this observation comes with the benefit of hindsight. Those of us who have made it a point to be well-informed about American history and aware of the specifics of the Watergate scandal, understand why it took Woodward and Bernstein a couple of years to unravel the mysteries. For the most part they were dealing with a cover-up and nobody was talking.
It is important to remember that the indictment, trial, conviction, and incarceration of all forty-three persons associated with Watergate crimes were sent to jail by Republican-appointed prosecutors. For the most part these GOP prosecutors were following leads generated by investigations and reporting done by Woodward and Bernstein.
Image result for hal holbrook as mark felt
Hal Holbrook (left)          Mark Felt (right)
Most fascinating about the Watergate story is the fact that Woodward’s FBI source Mark Felt, more infamously known as “Deep Throat,” helped the pair logic through a patchwork quilt of evidence they were uncovering. In his interactions with Felt, Woodward, until late in the investigation, seemed unable to grasp what he was “on to.” In fact, actor Hal Holbrook, who played the Felt role in the film, is visibly disgusted in one garage meeting scene with Woodward, who is played by Robert Redford. Felt eventually became quite impatient and miffed that Woodward could not seem to grasp the depth of the corruption at all levels of the Nixon government including the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA, and the White House.
It seems that Woodward was genuinely astonished that duty-sworn FBI agents, and particularly their Nixon-appointed bosses, would deliberately choose to not pursue investigations of obvious crimes, considering the mountains of evidence lying in their laps. Felt became so frustrated at how naïve Woodward was, he finally asked Woodward with an exasperated tone in his voice, “Don’t you understand what you are on to?”
Trying to answer Felt, Woodward continues to bumble and stumble piecemeal through what he can only perceive as isolated incidents. Shaking his head Felt growls repeatedly, “You are missing the overall!”
“What overall?” Woodward finally asks with a puzzled look on his face.
At this point Felt unloads, citing a litany of criminal tactics employed by Nixon’s henchmen. Felt elaborates quite extensively about what was going on during this era when the deep state in Washington D.C. was extraordinarily emboldened, just as it has been emboldened in recent years.
It turned out that Nixon’s henchmen had bugged political opponent’s phones and offices, planted government employees to spy on their political opponents, produced fake documents, stole documents, created false press leaks, and even destroyed evidence, including shredding tens of thousands of documents and tapes, all under the supervision of the Attorney General of the United States, John Mitchell. Imagine that, evidence got destroyed?
Image result for watergate
The Watergate burglars
During one exchange with Felt after Woodward and Bernstein over-reached on a story about a grand jury, Felt admonished Woodward, “You put the investigation back months.”
A remorseful Woodward admitted the mistake and said, “If we were wrong we will resign.” Imagine that statement coming from a journalist today in the world where fake news is rewarded instead of condemned.
Fortunately for history’s sake, Felt let Woodward know he and Bernstein were not “wrong.”
History teaches us that political corruption never really changes. The means of the corrupt change as technology changes. But the ends tend to mirror political corruption of the past. The Watergate scandal was not merely about a few burglars trying to plant listening devices at DNC headquarters. The corruption of that era was about an obsession with holding power. The obsession spilled over and engulfed the entire United States intelligence and law enforcement communities, including the CIA, the FBI, and the Department of Justice.
Before illustrating the parallels of Watergate with recent patterns of conduct in the 21st century, it is important to make note of the historical context of Watergate from several vantage points. First, elections bring out the worst in all political zealots. And Washington D.C. was as infested with political zealots leading up to the 1972 presidential election as it was in 2016.
Did The Washington Post go hard after Nixon and his men because it was a pro-Democrat newspaper that had NEVER endorsed a Republican? Or did the paper do so because it had a legitimate story of corruption? History strongly suggests these two reporters had an important story that needed to be told.
Image result for woodward and bernstein
Bob Woodward (left) Carl Bernstein (right)
Enough about 1972 and the story that had to be told. Let’s fast forward to 2019. Bob Woodward will be 76 years old in 2019, and Carl Bernstein will turn 76 years old next year in 2020. Though these two reporters are retired, they are still legendary in the journalism profession for daring to investigate powerful people. Quite deserving, they have profited enormously from their work in the 1970’s.
Amazingly, there remains an astonishing UNTOLD story in 2019, with damning evidence trails leading everywhere, that are right under the experienced noses of Woodward and Bernstein. It seems curious that these two men, who helped change history, have lost their sense of duty about evidence trails leading to the powerful. Clearly Woodward and Bernstein are now content to watch their successors in journalism deliberately choose to ignore overwhelming evidence trails. The results are simple. The entire journalism profession is once again missing the OVERALL.
Recognizing the parallels and paradoxes associated with the patterns of behavior of federal government appointees under Richard Nixon and Barack Obama are like solving jigsaw puzzles designed to engage four-year old children. The parallels reflect a thirst for power that is inherent in Washington D.C. The paradoxes are merely due in great part to the fact that while there was no change of power in 1973, there was a stunning change of power after the 2016 election.
In Part II of this series, we will explore what is really at the heart of the creation of the bogus “Russian Collusion” narrative created by Democrats as they lost power in 2016.
Here is a juicy garage meeting hint for you on Part 2. The only way to engineer a cover-up when you are about to be removed from power is to make astonishing accusations about those about to be sworn in and start an investigation of them.

The faces of stupid in America

© 2019 Jim Spence - This column starts with the story of U.S. House of Representative Ilhan Omar, a freshman Democrat from Minnesota. Omar seems determined to say things that would have gotten her promoted in NAZI Germany eighty years ago. She said Israel had hypnotized the world back in 2012. More recently, she said anyone who supports Israel is, “all about the Benjamins.”
Image result for ilhan omar
Ilhan Omar
United States House of Representative Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel, a Democrat and Jew, has finally had enough. He urged Omar to apologize last week for suggesting that Israel supporters, “push for allegiance to a foreign country.” Correctly, Engel identified Omar’s statement as, “a vile anti-Semitic slur.”
The trouble here is pretty simple. It is really tough for an increasingly prominent Jew hater to shut up. And Ilhan Omar has done much more than merely “suggest” that Jewish lawmakers in her own party, have an unseemly dual loyalty to Israel.
All of this outing of anti-Semitism within the Democratic Party has become a tricky thing to control for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is having a tough time getting the majority of her colleagues to rebuke Omar.
Image result for james clyburn
James Clyburn
Even her House Majority Whip won’t get on board with condemning a Jew hater. Good old James Clyburn, the House Majority Whip is just what the doctor ordered when America needs an idiot to step forward and make the case for what a fool he and most Democrats in 2019 really are. This week James Clyburn really produced the goods.
Clyburn is a farcical example of contradictions. Accordingly, he went places no rational human being has gone since Berlin fell to the allies in 1945 and the concentration camps were exposed. He says that Omar’s experience is much more personal than those who had relatives who had been butchered in the Holocaust.
It goes deeper. Apparently, Clyburn took exception to media reports omitting the fact that Omar, who was born in Somalia, was forced to escape a civil war there and spend four years in a Kenyan refugee camp. What this has to do with Jew hating remains indeterminable. But…….what the hell, back to the  Clyburn mess.
Omar’s experiences, according to Clyburn, are much more empirical and powerful than that of people who are merely a generation removed from the Holocaust.
Here is the direct quote from Clyburn: “I’m serious about that. There are people who tell me, ‘Well, my parents are Holocaust survivors.’ ‘My parents did this.’ It’s more personal with her,” Clyburn said. “I’ve talked to her, and I can tell you she is living through a lot of pain.”
It seems appropriate at this point that the Congressional Black Caucus demand that Clyburn S.T.F.U. In case you are wondering what S.T.F.U. means, let me provide an assist. The S stands for Shut and the T stands for The…….. you can use your imagination to fill in the remaining two blanks.
Image result for paul krugman
Paul Krugman
If Clyburn is insistent that the concerns of the children and grandchildren of those slaughtered in the Holocaust have expired, due to the historical statutes of limitation on atrocities, imagine what this does to those seven generations removed from the horrible atrocities of slavery.
Ironically, New York Times economist and hardcore Democrat Paul Krugman also jumped into the fray this week when he said, “Only one brand of anti-semitism scares me – and it's not on the left.” Krugman’s tweet can be summarized with two bullet points: 1) The DEFINING characteristic of leftists is they embrace socialism. 2) The most noteworthy historical embracers of socialism, who also happened to embrace anti-Semitism at the same time, were known as National Socialists in Germany. Hmmmm it seems that there is nothing scary about anti-Semitic socialists according to Kruggie.
I have but one request here. Please, please, please, to Omar, Clyburn, and Paul Krugman, please continue to share more of your profound wisdom with us.
Ilhan Omar Antisemitism


The faces of stupid in New Mexico

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Let’s see. Where to begin? Maybe we should start with some basic facts. These facts are supportive of a much bigger picture. The city of Los Angeles, California never achieved a high temperature above 70 degrees in February of 2019, for the first time in recorded history. That is right, for the first time in all of recorded history. Anyone who understands fundamental data trend lines understands what this data set really means. It means that when considering all of the Februaries since temperature records have been kept, February 2019 was the LEAST WARM February EVER in Los Angeles.
Image result for michelle grisham
NM Governor Grisham-Lujan
OK, OK, let’s assume L.A. temperatures are just an isolated incident. Let's pretend they are an anomaly with nothing to do with overall data trends. Let’s turn our attention roughly 1,000 miles east to Denver, Colorado just north of us. In Denver, the city has experienced the coldest early March temperatures in nearly 60 years. Mind you we are not talking about NOT WARM temperatures that fall a bit below the averages. We are talking about flat out cold temperatures that are breaking old records.
Here's a dose of real science for you. Real scientists would rather have questions that cannot be answered than have answers that cannot ever be questioned.
We are all being asked repeatedly to ignore contradicting trend line data and never ask reasonable questions.
Call me a denier, (that's a religious term not a scientific term) but it does not appear, based on the endless supply of new temperature DATA sets, that people are likely to fry due to rising global temperatures by 2031. Talk to those reviewing data all over the Midwest and you will get similar conclusions. The data trends are NOT pointing towards warming......period.
Now consider the faces of hopelessly stupid in New Mexico. Their mugs are shown here. It is time to understand that data and facts really don't matter to some people, especially prominent elected Democrats in New Mexico. Like TV preachers, they are openly predicting that the end of the world is coming in about a dozen years......because it has become so……um......hot.
In the meantime, and in the aggregate, New Mexico is a state where the citizens are very poor by all measures. We have an incredibly high percentage of the population that is dependent on taxpayers for essential items like food and healthcare. It is a fact that poor people, more than any other category, depend on elected officials to not be stupid. Poor people in New Mexico are about to be betrayed and there is no reporting on this.
What are many state Democrats insisting on doing these days? New Mexico Democrats are champing at the bit to pass new legislation in 2019 that will do more to destroy the living standards of poor people than any proposals ever. They are now trying to eliminate the tax revenue streams that support programs that help poor people. They want to do all of this to fight warming trends that clearly don’t exist, and more important, couldn’t be mitigated by legislation in our state if they did exist
Will Democrats finally kill this state's economy once and for all? They just might with the support of the dumbest governor in the history of the United States (Michelle Grisham-Lujan).
NM House Speaker Egolf
Take a look at Senate Bill #459, which was introduced earlier this year. This bill would ban hydraulic fracking for several years, just long enough to chase tens of thousands of HIGH PAYING jobs and tax revenues to other states where sensible people are still in charge. Fracking is at the heart of the resurgence of oil and gas production revenues going to Santa Fe from Northwest New Mexico and Southeast New Mexico. Fracking has saved the New Mexico economy from ruin. Our oil and gas industry provides nearly one-third of all revenue coming into New Mexico's General Fund. In total, New Mexico achieved over $3 billion in oil and gas production revenue, which directly accounted for the state’s surplus of over $1 billion.
Make no mistake, if this asinine bill is passed, the loss of high paying jobs, tax revenues, and royalties going into state trust funds, would require skyrocketing taxes for ALL New Mexico residents and companies, plus major service cuts for the poorest New Mexicans. No doubt the two politicians pictured in this column don't seem to care if they engineer a self-inflicted economic disaster on our state. They prefer to live in a silly fantasy world where L.A. was warm in February as was Denver in early March. And even dumber yet.....these people like pretending they can do something about too much warmth that does not actually exist.
Facts are stubborn things. Many current New Mexico taxpayers with the means to do so, will move out of our state in droves if this bill passes and they are called on to try to replace a portion of the state's squandered resources, thanks to the latest round of stupidity.
The majority of New Mexico voters are running out of time, and so are our state's poorest citizens who do not have the freedom of mobility. We had better start to get a clue and bounce the fools pictured in this column out of power before they blow this place up.
Michelle Grisham-Lujan and Brian Egolf are no different than uninformed children playing with fire and explosives. People are going to get hurt by them.
How dire is this situation? It is dire. And don't expect the clueless collection of uninformed journalists in this state to catch on. A quick survey of television and newspaper outlets in the state suggests that most reporters and editors have their collective heads jammed in places where the sun never shines, just like our governor and our house speaker. It is simply an astonishing train wreck playing out. Pass it on and pray for reason before it is too late.