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The plot continues to thicken

© 2019 Jim Spence - More pieces of the bizarre puzzle associated with the Ukraine are being added to the United States political scene almost every day. And very little has anything to do with Donald Trump. However, these reports do explain the desperation of Democrats to try to distract and deceive American voters and their buddies in the news media.
First, there was Joe Biden’s astonishing revelation of how he committed crimes in the Ukraine when he was Vice President. Biden thought he was showing how powerful he was when he confessed on this video. Haplessly, Joe Biden was explaining how he strong-armed the Ukrainian president into firing a prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden’s influence peddling/extortion racket in that country. The leverage Joe Biden cited use of on the video, was $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees that the Obama administration was going to provide for the Ukraine. This is breathtaking stuff. There are now reports coming out of the Ukraine that suggest Joe Biden was paid over $900,000 to lobby on behalf of Burisma.
Set aside the foolishness of Joe Biden. Does anyone believe for one moment that Hunter Biden was NOT using his father’s position as Vice President to scam the Ukraine out of some cold hard cash too? Why would a Ukrainian oil and gas company require Hunter Biden’s services? According to Hunter Biden’s ex-wife he is a notorious drug abuser. Of course we are talking ex-wife. However, supporting her claim is the fact that Hunter Biden was discharged from the Navy after testing positive for cocaine. The younger Biden is now embroiled in a paternity lawsuit with a stripper. He is known for frequent drug hazed trips to strip clubs. It also seems that Hunter Biden is refusing to pay child support to the stripper after siring a child with her. Oddly, Biden is also refusing to disclose income associated with the board position he was given at Ukrainian oil and gas giant Burisma. Hunter Biden had zero experience in the oil and gas industry when he was offered a seat on that board. However, it does seem he is a seasoned con artist.
Apparently, the easiest ways for the offspring of prominent American Democrats during the Obama presidency, was to identify places like the Ukraine where U.S. aid was going to go.....and then, simply get in the middle of those giveaways of U.S. taxpayer deals and offer well-connected "help."
Last week news surfaced that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr. was also hobnobbing with oil and gas industry companies in the Ukraine. In fact, it turns out that Nancy Pelosi actually appeared in a promo video produced by her son’s oil and gas shell company, known as Viscoil. Having the Speaker of the House vouch for your shell company is powerful fodder for a shakedown operation. Nobody knows YET, whether or not Pelosi’s son was able to cash in the Ukraine like Joe and Hunter Biden. Pelosi's son seems to be a quite bit sharper when it comes to staying out of the spotlight.
No doubt Hunter and Joe Biden are now in a family tiff because both thinks the other is more stupid. I'm with Hunter in that argument.
Still, it seems strange that so many grown children of high-ranking Democrats have found fertile income producing grounds in the Ukraine. There seems to be gold in them thar hills in the Ukraine. Travel records reveal that Paul Pelosi Jr. visited Ukraine in 2017, to “meet with government officials” in connection with a “business initiative” by his shell company.
Of course, Paul Pelosi Jr. is no stranger to shady dealings, though not in the Ukraine. Pelosi co-founded the company Natural Blue Resources, which the Securities and Exchange Commission charged with securities fraud in 2014. Paul Pelosi Jr. also struck gold with InfoUSA when that company paid him a cool $180,000 a year to serve on the board via a remote location.
InfoUSA is a company that uses data mining technology to identify gullible senior citizens. This information comes to us courtesy of the New York Times. According to the Times, InfoUSA sells their name lists to other companies, including scam artists, who use the leads they buy from InfoUSA to con vulnerable seniors out of their life savings.
Another notable Democrat who has done, “consulting work” for Info USA is William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States. They paid him more than a million dollars for his wisdom.
The plot thickens.


Insiders and Outsiders and the power of incumbency

© 2019 Jim Spence - Man’s best friend is his dog, or so the saying goes. My dog may not be my “very best” friend, but he is one of them. We got him from a dog breeder in Houston in 2012. The breeder had already given him a name. He was named, “Trump.” Not unfamiliar with his namesake’s relentless self-promotion and penchant for exaggeration, when the dog arrived, we promptly renamed him Apollo. Little did we know that four years later we would be faced with a choice between two shameless self-promoters in the presidential election, Clinton or Trump. One was a Washington D.C. insider and the other was a non-political establishment outsider.
To understand what it means to be an outsider challenging the entrenched political establishment in the United States, one must understand all the powerful forces supporting insiders. Think of political insiders as people who get rewarded to craft and polish their public “images” with the help of taxpayer money. Unpaid television airtime that goes with holding office is worth millions. In short, the greatest power of incumbency is that incumbents gain access to free tools that help them craft and polish their public images. Most of the time, all incumbents need do to get re-elected is not blow their amazing advantages.
One of the keys to the Trump ascendancy was the astonishing level of free airtime he garnered from both broadcast and cable news networks. Credit his “skills” in the area of self-promotion and the media’s fascination with personality over policy. Discredit Hillary Clinton for blowing her incredible advantages, primarily through her grossly negligent actions with classified information. Clinton's were the sort of actions that had already landed hundreds of other people in prison.
How can an incumbent blow his or her advantages? Ask Richard Nixon’s biographers. Incumbents are always presented with the temptation to over-reach and overuse their authority. Particularly, this is true with un
-elected and unaccountable incumbent bureaucrats, who thanks to the astonishing size and potential scope of big government, can wield untold powers.
Think about former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder and his Fast and Furious operation that included allowing automatic weapons to pass to Mexican drug cartel members. Those same weapons wound up being used to murder U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Was anyone at the DOJ held accountable for this? Nope. The power of incumbency, which means those committing these crimes often get to investigate themselves, means the Fast and Furious investigations were killed after Agent Terry was killed.
Think about the Obama IRS stalling applications that if treated normally, would have led to higher levels of fundraising by Mitt Romney’s supporters in 2012. Un-elected incumbent officials like Obama supporter Lois Lerner, were eventually hauled before Congress to explain their illegal actions. Amazingly, Lerner refused to answer questions, citing her right to refrain from self-incrimination. Was she held accountable? Nope. The incumbents in Obama’s DOJ refused to investigate one of their own.
This same power of incumbency principle applied to Hillary Clinton and her obvious criminal activities related to private servers, classified information, and the destruction of evidence. The Obama FBI and DOJ simply refused to prosecute Clinton. Once again, this is the enormous power of incumbency.
Fast forward to 2019 and think about the FBI’s internal watchdog, the Inspector General’s office. Given the potential for corruption by incumbent politicians, the Inspector General is often the only thing that stands between a free America and a police state. In the recently released Inspector General report on the Obama FBI, the I.G. discovered criminal activity at the agency associated with its electronic surveillance of the Trump campaign. The criminal actions of the FBI included the use of forged documents and false statements to dupe the courts into approving wiretaps against a political opponent. These abuses included people operating at the highest levels of the intelligence community. These are criminal actions by incumbents. Will they go punished? We will have to wait for due process to see.
Think about Joe Biden’s own words regarding his actions while Vice President. Biden actually bragged on camera about how he used $1 billion in loan guarantees courtesy of the good faith and credit of U.S. taxpayers, to muscle the Ukrainian president into firing the prosecutor who was conducting an investigation into the dubious decision by Ukrainian oil and gas giant Burisma, to pay Biden’s drug addicted habitual reprobate son, Hunter, millions of dollars to be on its board. This confession by Biden, is the most brazen and bizarre criminal act on the list of crimes in this column. This crime was admitted by an incumbent Vice President who now wants to become an incumbent president. It should come as no surprise that Biden leads in the polls in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination. This is the power of incumbency. What is a surprise is that Biden’s own words have not yet gotten him indicted for confessing his crimes in the Ukraine.
What about Trump? Trump was also exercising his own incumbent powers, when he asked the Ukrainians to re-open the investigation into Hunter Biden’s board seat. No doubt he wanted to expose Joe Biden’s application of muscle using $1 billion U.S. loan guarantees as leverage. It was dumb. Why not just play the video tape of Biden confessing OVER and OVER?
Was the Trump request self-serving? You bet it was. Did he get the investigation re-started? Nope. Did Ukraine get their military aid? Yep.
Now come the incumbent insider Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives. It seems that suddenly and indignantly Pelosi, Schumer and Company resent Trump’s failed attempt use of the power of incumbency to re-open the Biden investigation.
Biden’s confession of his crime matters not to Pelosi or Schumer. However, we should all be oh so impressed with their selectively applied high standards of conduct, for those holding the powers of incumbency.
After seeing the Pelosi/Schumer responses to Hillary’s use of illegal private servers, Holder’s gun running operations to drug cartels, Lois Lerner and other IRS official’s stonewalling of fundraising activities by Romney supporters, the Comey/McCabe wiretapping of the Trump campaign using forged documents and false statements with secret courts, and the on camera admission by Joe Biden that he threatened hold back $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, unless the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden in the Ukraine was fired, perhaps cynics will be forgiven for finding all this incumbent/insider activity and feigned Democrat outrage just a bit silly.
Most Americans seem to be taking notice of the difference in treatment of insiders like Hillary Clinton and outsiders like Donald Trump.
Stay tuned. Due process is going to finally catch up with Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, and James Clapper, all incumbent insider criminals who have been caught lying repeatedly under oath. A question remains. Will Biden be charged with the crime he confessed to?


Keep those chyron triggers locked and loaded

© 2019 Jim Spence - Polls, polls, polls. Should we believe them? Experience suggests polls should be taken with a healthy grain of salt. Democrats were living by the polls in 2016, when virtually every poll showed that Hillary Clinton’s victory was a virtual certainty. It didn’t work out.
Many observers have wondered about how any accuracy can be achieved by polling contractors considering the daunting realities of attempting to make good contact with a representative sample of voters. There are a few problems facing pollsters in the digital era. Tens of millions of people do not have land telephone lines and will not answer their mobile phones anytime the caller’s phone number is not recognized. Most who do answer simply hang up once they realize there is a pollster on the line. Then of course, there is the fact that Republicans are hesitant to admit they are not Democrats in the politically correct cocoon we now live in.
However, there are a couple of polls that are giving Democratic Party strategists nightmares these days. Two polls suggest that among likely registered black voters, Donald Trump is at 34%. If these polls (Rasmussen and Emory), are even close to being correct, it is a clear death signal for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020.
Here is the problem. The Democrats, thanks to playing the race card at every turn, have become addicted to a 9-1 voter edge in the black community. Add a large turnout in the black community to that margin, and you get back-to-back Obama victories in 2008 and 2012.
Unfortunately for the Dems, in 2016 it just didn’t happen. Hillary Clinton generated about as much enthusiasm in the black community as KKK parade. And with Kamala Harris out of the race and Corey Booker polling near zero, there are no viable black contenders left in the 2020 race. What will likely black voters get to choose from among Democratic Party candidates? Not much. There are three soon to be octogenarian white people (Biden, Warren, and Sanders) at the top of the Democratic Party heap. This should not be a big deal, except for the fact that Democrats have done their best to convince black voters to see everyone according to skin color and instinctively mistrust white people. This creates a conundrum and makes it seem entirely plausible that the polls on Trump’s standing in the black community are spot on.
What is a committed Democrat to do in the face of this horrifying possibility? Perhaps we should look at the tactics of one of the Dems chief public relations managers to discover the most likely response to this race obsessed mess they have made for themselves. 
Image result for reverend bill owens
Reverend Bill Owens
Consider Don Lemon at CNN. Lemon has been doing all he can to stem the tide. Back in August when a group of African American Pastors were invited to the White House, Lemons secured an interview with one of them. As Lemon began his interview with Reverend Bill Owens, the CNN chyron, which is the ticker at the bottom of the screen, gradually unveiled the Democrat’s strategy. The CNN chyron read: "CNN Alert: President Hosts African American Pastors and Faith Leaders at The White House."
Lemons made no effort to disguise his desire to make sure the racist label was tattooed over everything Trump. Accordingly, the CNN chyron changed to: "CNN alert: POTUS Meets with African American Faith Leaders In The Wake Of His Attacks Against Leaders Of Color."
Not long into the interview Lemon became frustrated as Reverend Owens repeatedly waived off Lemon’s inferences. "I don't tune in to negative talk from any side,” he said.
Lemon became visibly furious and interrupted Owens repeatedly. Owens continued to politely waive off the badgering and indicated that the meeting with Trump was actually to discuss how to help the black community.
Even more furious Lemon insisted that Trump used the meeting with black leaders to insulate himself from black criticism. Again, Owens dismissed the Lemon assault, which then turned personal. And as it got personal, the CNN chyron, like magic, switched again, this time to read: "CNN Alert: "Controversial African American Pastor Meets With President." It seems that Owens had morphed from “faith leader” to “controversial” in the blink of Don Lemon’s eye.
Image result for Jack brewer
Jack Brewer
Reverend Owens is not the only black in a prominent position trying to work with Trump. Football legend Jim Brown met with Trump several years ago and was tackled by a field reporter at CNN who tried to get Brown to label Trump a racist. Brown soon became frustrated by the repeated attempts to torpedo his efforts. Finally, he stared at the CNN reporter and said, “I am not a victim.”
Former NFL star and successful businessman Jack Brewer is yet another accomplished black man who has pointed to historic achievements in terms of low unemployment and poverty rates in the black community as evidence that Trump deserves support from the black community.
No doubt the Democrats have a big problem now that black poverty rates are plunging. It appears that Democrats in the television news media, like Don Lemon, have two choices. They can interview fewer and fewer blacks, only those unwilling to recognize meaningful changes have taken place, or get even quicker on the chyron triggers when their black guests don’t say what they are supposed to say about Trump.


8 Fundamental Principles and 2 Yuletide Wishes

© 2019 Jim Spence -  A column written by pundit Gary Abernathy of the Washington Post is titled, In the age of Trump, it's OK to be (deeply) conflicted. Abernathy’s commentary chronicles the double standards imposed on Donald Trump and his mouth. To paraphrase the latest example of Trump’s intemperate mouth, Abernathy cites a recent incident when Trump jokingly questioned the destiny of the late John Dingell’s soul. Trump had begun his comments with the idea that Dingell was looking down on us. But then Trump had the audacity to muse that Dingell might actually be looking up on us from the infernal region.
Away we go. These Trump comments created considerable consternation among all the mortally offended Christians in the Democratic Party. Deplorables, be damned.
Abernathy goes on to adroitly point out how ANYTHING said by Trump is fair game for withering criticism but not vice versa. Blah, blah, blah. Come on folks it is Christmas time.
Let’s all try to come together and create a modest list of fairness principles that Americans can embrace. Regardless of political affiliation, occupation, gender, sexual preference, race, creed, or ethnicity, below are eight very simple and universal principles that civilized people can all agree on. Right?

  1. Elections have consequences. Election outcomes should be respected by the losers.
  2. It is fundamentally unfair to discriminate against others based on race.
  3. It is barbaric to allow the killing of helpless babies who are born alive.
  4. Two nations operating under different leaders/laws, with different governing documents, different cultures, and arising from different historical backgrounds, both have the fundamental right to maintain both borders and immigration laws that should be mutually respected.
  5. A person is NOT greedy to have the desire to control the fruit of his or her own labors.
  6. A person is NOT generous if he or she condones forcibly taking the fruits of another’s labors.
  7. It is unwise to confer high school diplomas on teenagers who are illiterate.
  8. It damages society to pretend that million of fatherless households are not the primary cause of systemic poverty.
Can virtually all Americans at least agree on these eight fundamental principles? The answer is not surprising. But the answer is embarrassing. The answer is NO, we Americans can no longer agree on any of these simple applications of fundamental fairness. Let’s go through them one-by-one.

  1. Barack Obama famously and quite correctly lectured the Republicans after he won, and the GOP lost. He said, “Elections have consequences.” Democrats really liked the words Obama spoke. However, Democrats never quite embraced the principle Obama was asserting. In the age of Trump, the Democrats response to the consequences of losing in 2016, was to form a “resistance movement” and fantasize that they did some time travelling back to France in 1940.
  2. Democrats routinely support racially discriminating against Asian-Americans. Asian-American students are constantly cheated by Democrats in control of college admissions. Democrat judges condone this. Thousands of Asian-American students are not rewarded for outstanding individual academic achievements. Instead they are turned away to make room for students who are not of Asian descent. Of course, Democrats will not apply this absurdly racist practice in the area of athletic scholarships. Great athletes are rewarded, however, great students are often punished by Democrats, especially if they are Asian-Americans.
  3. Many Democrats do not believe it is barbaric to kill babies born alive. Instead, many have been attempting to pass laws that would make the actions of human butchers like notorious convicted baby serial killer Kermit Gosnell legal. It is incredible they try to legalize murder as an extension of “choice.”
  4. While refraining from all criticism of every other nation on earth that also maintains borders, Democrats bitterly condemn all Americans who call for the same.
  5. For thousands of years slaves were by force, compelled to perform labor without enjoying the fruits of their efforts. U.S. Democrats were so opposed to the abolition of slavery in America, hundreds of thousands of them died trying to preserve slavery during the Civil War. In the 21st Century, Democrats accuse all others who oppose the confiscation of the fruits of people's own labors, of being greedy.
  6. Curiously, Democrats think themselves more generous as opposed to greedy, merely because they support confiscating the fruits of the labors of others, to fund an endless string of Democrat's pet political projects.
  7. Democrats control almost all U.S. public schools. In most Democrat strongholds, public high schools routinely confer high school diplomas on functionally illiterate teenagers. Democrats fight all efforts to reform this practice. It is no wonder home-schooling has proliferated.
  8. Though poverty rates for racial minority households with two married parents living at home, are identical to those poverty rates of non-minorities, Democrats reject the idea that a two parent household is the primary factor that prevents the scourge of multi-generational poverty. 

Let’s return to the premise of the Washington Post column by Gary Abernathy, It’s OK to be deeply conflicted in the Age of Trump. Abernathy implies those who reluctantly realized that Trump was the only logical choice in 2016 (and will be again in 2020), are somehow "deeply conflicted."
It seems more objective to assert that those who reject the eight fundamental principles cited above, are in fact, the people who are deeply conflicted. Embracing these fundamental principles has nothing to do with anything but basic fairness. Accordingly, there are two Yuletide wishes appropriate for America as 2019 comes to a close.
Let’s hope independent thinkers (not partisan automatons):

  1. Recognize after careful consideration, they should embrace all eight of these fundamental principles listed above.
  2. Reject any candidate for any public office, who pretends any of these eight fundamental principles can be nuanced with a series of "YEA BUT" political double talk.


The jigsaw puzzle is taking shape

© 2019 Jim Spence -  It’s all starting to really make sense now. The Russian Collusion narrative was a smoke screen all along. It is now turning out to be, along with the impeachment farce, part of a coordinated cover-up strategy. This will wind up being arguably, the biggest political scam ever foisted on the American public. In the days, weeks, and months ahead, former high-ranking officials in the Obama law enforcement and intelligence agencies will shift into extreme damage control modes. It is already happening.
Observing this political theater has been like putting together a jigsaw puzzle that winds up being an ugly picture nobody wants to look at. As the picture gradually takes shape, those of us who have been trying to get all the pieces in the right spots, have become more and more disgusted with just how maniacally corrupt the appointees in the Obama administration were.
The timeline of this scam, which includes this incredible impeachment con game, can be made complex or simple. Let’s simplify the timeline.

  1. Hillary Clinton used an unsecured server in direct violation of the law.
  2. What happened to Clinton explains why what she did was against the law. Her server was hacked, and her classified emails fell into the hands of Russian agents.
  3. It didn’t take long for many unsavory facts to surface. The Clintons were screwing Bernie Sanders silly in the primaries and Barack Obama was sending emails to Clinton's illegal server using a pseudo name.
  4. Once it became clear that Donald Trump would become the GOP nominee, literally an army of self-assured bureaucrats in the Obama administration began plotting ways to trip up Trump and damage him. There was direct assistance from the DNC and Clinton campaign given to the CIA and FBI. 
  5. These agencies leaked false information to the press. 
  6. And worse yet, the FBI lied to the FISA court judges to obtain what they thought was legal permission to conduct electronic surveillance on the Trump campaign.

Image result for james clapper
James Clapper
All of these things happened because of an attitude in the Obama White House that mirrored that of the Nixon White House. And nobody thought any of these criminal activities would see the light of day because of course……Hillary Clinton was going beat Trump easily.
Can you imagine the Oh My God moments being experienced by people in the FBI, CIA, Obama White House and Democrat friendly press, when Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 election?
Within this context, the behavior of Democrats ever since November of 2016, finally makes perfect sense. The hatred of Trump has been over the top and naked for three years and running for good reason. Intelligence agency leaders like John Brennan and James Clapper have been downright belligerent. Their actions and words have been way too emotional to make any sense without this context. What is really going on is these men have been and will continue to be fighting to stay out of prison. The same is true of Andrew McCabe and James Comey. They know their lies are unraveling.
So serious was the danger of this situation, that John Brennan and James Clapper went on angry speaking tours to accuse Trump falsely. They did so all the time knowing that they were playing defense with a strong offensive, against Trump. Now McCabe, Comey, Clapper, and Brennan are hanging by a thread thanks to the fact that the Inspector General’s Report appears to be redacted to protect the links of this scandal to the intelligence community. After all, life goes in in the espionage business despite the fact Brennan and Clapper were manipulating domestic politics for their preferred outcomes instead of protecting the nation from foreign spying operations.
It is FINALLY difficult for reporters like CNN's Wolf Blitzer and others to continue to ignore the harsh rebuke of the FBI leadership, by the internal watchdog Inspector General. Andrew McCabe, who believe it or not is actually on the CNN payroll instead of in jail, was hauled into the CNN studios for an interview earlier this week to do some explaining.
Image result for john brennan
John Brennan
“Jim Comey said it was sloppiness. This wasn’t just sloppiness. These were brutal mistakes, deliberate errors, concealments involving surveillance activities of an American citizen,” Blitzer said to McCabe.
McCabe, who originally and similar to Comey, outrageously claimed the I.G. report exonerated him, was not going to get away with this preposterous lie with Blitzer. Predictably, McCabe pivoted and threw his underlings under the bus in an effort to stay clear of obvious implications that he is a crook too. McCabe actually signed one of the four fraudulent FISA warrant applications. Feigning surprise, McCabe said he was “shocked” by the I.G.’s findings. He also said his biggest mistake was delegating the process to his subordinates. “The biggest mistake, I think, is the process that was in place essentially left so much responsibility on the lowest level of FBI agents and supervisors involved in a process that once those mistakes are baked in they become very, very hard for the many, many layers of oversight to uncover.” Blame shifting pure and simple. Underlings are not allowed to spy on the political opposition without the knowledge of the chiefs at the FBI. More bunk from McCabe.
This is just the beginning. By the time the criminal investigation phase of this scandal is over, expect everyone implicated to blame other Obama appointees and pretend their hands somehow remain clean. No doubt much of the Democrat-friendly media will try to provide cover.
In the meantime, the judges who were lied to by McCabe and Comey are mad as hell. On Tuesday, Judge Rosemary Collyer, who presides over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), castigated the FBI in no uncertain terms for providing “false information” in applications to conduct electronic surveillance on the Trump campaign. In her stinging rebuke, Judge Collyer cited the Justice Department’s inspector general (IG) report findings. The FBI has until January 10, 2020 to make a submission to the court detailing what steps it is taking and plans it is making to make sure the claims in surveillance applications accurately reflect the facts in the FBI’s possession.
We should expect to see more expressions like those on the faces of Brennan and Clapper in this column to emerge as everyone involved in this scandal of all scandals gets implicated. The wheels of due process and justice will slowly turn in the weeks and months ahead, but the day of reckoning is coming. The impeachment proceedings are a grand diversion concocted by Democrats who saw this coming.

Legalizing Watergate

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Don’t expect most journalists to read the Inspector General Report on the FBI’s conduct during the 2016 election. You can read it HERE.
In a sense you can understand why the Democrats are running this impeachment scam on the American public. The findings by the Inspector General were released on December 9th. Not coincidentally, the Democrats had already seized and maintained command of the U.S. news media’s short attention span on the 9th by flooding the air with impeachment tripe.
On a best case basis, the findings of the internal investigation by the I.G. are severely damning of FBI conduct.
For starters, the FBI did spy on the Trump campaign. In case you are wondering, that is precisely what electronic surveillance is, it is spying on people without their knowledge.
Deep state bureaucrats at the FBI, with the help of collaborators in the U.S. Intelligence Agencies gamed the constitutional safeguards in our system to wiretap the opposing political party. Don't kid yourself, this is Nixonian behavior pure and simple. Give the Democrats credit, this Watergate-like operation was done on an even more incendiary scale. Nixon’s henchmen were amateurs compared to the Obama FBI. The Nixon appointees attempted to spy on their opponents using cut rate burglars. Obama’s FBI used what they thought would be SECRET false information to secure warrants from FISA court judges. This has NEVER happened before in American history. It would have never been discovered if Hillary Clinton won. Hence the massive cover-up operation. The best defense of what the Clintons and Obama's FBI were doing is to try to incinerate Trump at every turn. This explains the irrational hatred we see every single day.
Still the Inspector found that from the very beginning of the FBI’s clandestine “investigation,” anti-Trump agents were constantly discovering information that made it clear all the allegations of Russian collusion were bogus. In fact, the evidence the FBI used to initiate the investigation into Trump associates was suspiciously flimsy from the start.
The Inspector found that the FBI was wrong to presume the Trump campaign was part of a plot. He indicated that the FBI agents should have gone to the Trump campaign and discussed their suspicions, instead of launching a politically dubious secret investigation anchored by electronic surveillance.
This is corruption at the deepest and most sensitive levels of government. If the American Civil Liberties Union had a drop of integrity remaining within its ranks it would be all over this scandal. The fact that long ago the ACLU morphed into advocates of totalitarian-like tactics on the part of Democrats is something that all freedom loving citizens should view as a horrible death.
What we will see as a result of the Inspector General's finding is the beginning of real DUE PROCESS unfolding. Understand that the Inspector General is an internal watchdog. It has no real subpoena power. This means the Inspector General does not prosecute crimes, it is simply a finder of fact.
Image result for James Comey pinocchio
Discredited former FBI Director James Comey
Despite the fact that all of the information from this dubious surveillance revealed nothing regarding an alleged relationship between the Trump campaign and Russia, the FBI didn’t inform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court of this. Instead, it deliberately hid these crucial facts from the judges, so they would continue to approve wiretaps on former Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page four times.
It is clear that leadership at the FBI knew the agency didn’t have probable cause for a wiretap warrant. To get around this constitutional protection, Comey and his cronies used the totally discredited “Steele dossier,” which was merely a pack of DNC manufactured lies, bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign, about Trump. The question is why was the FBI taking this crap and inserting it in the request for the warrants? The answer is arrogant corruption.
Make no mistake regarding what wiretap warrants did. They allowed the FBI to retroactively retrieve Page’s communications including texts and emails, for years into his past, and give them to their buddies in the Clinton campaign. Of course everyone at the FBI knew this spying activity would never surface because........Hillary was sure to win. Ever since Hillary lost the fix has been in at the FBI. They knew their asses were exposed and they needed to create diversions.
All in all there were 17 critical omissions and/or errors made by the FBI on those warrant applications. Mind you, these processes were all engineered by people who have a long public record of hatred for the GOP in general, and Trump in particular.
Amazingly, the FBI never disclosed to the courts that its main source, Christopher Steele, was being paid by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign to manufacture evidence connecting Trump to Russia. And even after the FBI definitely knew that Steele was manufacturing lies and the dossier was a sham, the FBI still did NOT reveal this information to the courts. Instead, the FBI continued to obtain additional warrants to secure wiretaps based on the dossier. In fact, the FBI lied to the court about Steele’s source, saying it had been proven reliable and truthful when it knew just the opposite was true.
The Inspector’s words in the report are harsh despite the fact that no media sources except Fox are citing them. The four Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act judges who approved the four wiretaps were lied to by the FBI.
U.S. Attorney John Durham, who unlike the Inspector General has subpoena power, is now pursuing this scandal. Of course the process is slow. Real due process takes time.
No doubt former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI official Andy McCabe, and many others are scrambling. It is clear they will be implicated when the Durham investigation is completed. Again, we will quote the Inspector General. He found the explanations he received from Comey and McCabe, “Were not satisfactory. You can draw your own conclusions.”
Unlike a mere theatrical performance like the one the House Democrats have been putting on to cover up this horrific scandal, don’t expect Durham’s findings to come out fast. They won't likely be announced before late spring or summer 2020.
Real investigations take time. Fair wheels involving justice turn slowly. But in the end, if there is a molecule of integrity left in the U.S. news media, there will be bi-partisan condemnation of behaviors by those at the very top of the Obama FBI.
On the other hand and perhaps more likely, if these behaviors are allowed to go unchecked, we will reach the point of no return in terms of what we can expect from elected officials from either party. It will essentially be a blueprint for legalizing all sorts of Watergate-like crimes.

Juveniles who don't respect the game

© 2019 Jim Spence -  When some politicians talk about economics, it is like listening to small children with no life experiences talk about things of which they know nothing about.
Zone in on Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden when they speak about American companies. To hear them talk, you would think most private employers are pretty much the enemies of the nation that must be handcuffed constantly.
Clearly, Democrats feel their constituents prefer a juvenile approach to economics. Accordingly, Biden, Warren, and their presidential primary competitors take turns one upping each other on employer bashing. There is an exception. When the government is the employer, it is always good.
You can reduce this economic philosophy to a single phrase, “The private sector is mostly bad, and more government is always good.” It is the same philosophy echoed by Stalin in the USSR, Mao in China, Castro in Cuba, Chavez in Venezuela, and Kim in North Korea. Sadly, a juvenile view of free markets shows a complete disrespect for the fundamental essence of global economics, which is competition. The living standards in these places are dwarfed by those in countries that embrace free markets.
To truly understand the intensity of real-world global economic competition, it is instructive to observe international athletic competitions. These competitions are a metaphor for global economic competition. We recorded the President’s Cup golf matches from Australia the last four days. The competition was between many of America’s very best players and a field of talented international golfers from many different nations. Anyone watching Ryder Cup competitions or President’s Cup competitions over the years knows how difficult it is to win. The very best American golfers play Ryder Cup every two years. Though we have some of the most phenomenal golfers in the world in the U.S., over the last twenty-four years the Americans record is 3 wins and 9 losses. The Americans have fared better in President’s Cup, but winning is never easy. In a contest where thirty points were available, the Americans won 16-14 this weekend.
Democrats pretend it is a birthright of American companies to dominate the world in any competition despite the fact this just isn’t so. Competition isn’t just intense in golf or at the Olympics, it is intense in everything. There are many players both corporate and athletic, in many locales that strive for excellence and achieve it. Competition is relentless and it is customers/fans who benefit.
My good friend Gary Ward, a Hall of Fame baseball coach who led Oklahoma State University, won sixteen straight Big 8 baseball championships during his tenure. Gary has a saying, “You have to respect the game.” Gary would say this anytime he saw juvenile body language on display in competition.
When asked what he meant Ward asserted that, particularly with young people coming out of high school who have dominated competitions at those lower levels, often there is an alarming sense of arrogance that must be corrected. Many juvenile athletes simply don’t appreciate the difficulties of increasing levels of competition. When they leave high school and advance up the ladder, they often have a lack of respect for their opponents. When challenged by others with considerable gifts they react immaturely. They are shocked that simply showing up is not all they need to do to be competitive. It is a basic "disrespect for the game."
People who make payrolls through thick and thin and work long hours competing for customers, don't have the luxury of disrespecting the game. Striving to improve processes so that products and services are continuously improving, involves respect for the essence of competition.
The immature attitudes of people like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren towards economics and the difficulties of meeting obligations involved in being an employer are juvenile. Their inane utterances wear very thin quickly with those battling it out in the real world. Biden, Warren and others of their ilk do none of these things. Their very existence is dependent on confiscating the production of others, not earning their own keep.
Unfortunately, in the Democratic Party, there is no competition of ideas on improved public policies that are based on competitive realities. Instead, it is a bogus competition to peddle disrespect for REAL economic competition. This is not a viable economic philosophy. In their worlds, the corporate competitive equivalents of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson, and Dustin Johnson, our great American companies, should be stifled, harassed, and stymied by an activist U.S. government protecting mythical victims from their talents, great products, and work ethic.
Democrats have an almost limitless penchant for imposing additional competitive burdens on people and/or companies making payrolls in the U.S. Their approach is quite juvenile simply because they don’t respect the game.

Taking their leave a little slow

© 2019 Jim Spence -  There are many people who think any discussion about abortion is purely political. Is this topic really an all-or-none issue that should be taboo? Radical feminists hope so. Others say there are some real ethical and moral lines that nobody should cross. They believe political opinion on this issue has morphed into advocacy of murder. Let's examine.
Many people tend to take a "moderate view" towards the idea of terminating a pregnancy. It goes something like this: Consider the woman who for whatever reason, especially given all the information out there about how to keep from getting pregnant, gets pregnant anyway. Five weeks later, she realizes she is “late,” and the in-home test result a few days later tells her a process is underway. She is pregnant.
Not in any position to care for a child eight months later, she heads off to a clinic and she terminates a fetus about the size of a sweet pea. Anyone objecting to this "choice" she makes is told to stay out of her uterus. It is easy to see how reasonable people could support the woman’s right to choose under these circumstances. No more commentary is required, since respect for both the pro-choice and pro-life views seem appropriate at this stage.
However, the problem with suggesting ALL abortion discussions are no more complicated than the scenario outlined above, is that aborting becomes much more complicated as time passes. The best estimate for a human fetus becoming "viable" is about 24 weeks, or just under six months. Discussing the topic of "when" abortion should be legal, becomes a very tricky endeavor at this point and beyond. It is insufficient to to suggest a right to choose is limitless with no debate.
We already have laws to deal with this issue. It may be discomforting to discuss, but abortionists who perform late-term abortions, must do so by killing babies inside the womb, in the birth canal, or even on the table after they are born alive. Late-term babies can sometimes be hard to kill on the first try. It is for this reason that the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 became federal law. Here is an excerpt of the law:
"Partial birth abortion is an act in which the person performing the abortion, deliberately and intentionally vaginally delivers a living fetus until, in the case of a head-first presentation, the entire fetal head is outside the body of the mother, or, in the case of breech presentation, any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the body of the mother, for the purpose of performing an overt act that the person knows will kill the partially delivered living fetus; and performs the overt act, other than completion of delivery, that kills the partially delivered living fetus."
The point here is simple. The law suggests that once there are two viable lives involved, the pregnant woman’s right to terminate the other life ceases. Why?
Rightfully, the statute says a partial birth abortion is: "...a gruesome and inhumane procedure that is never medically necessary and should be prohibited."
To suggest that people who would like to throw out this law are simply making a "political" argument is an amazing stretch of fundamental decency. Many Democrats have done some rather appalling stretching. Just ten years ago Democrats like Hillary Clinton made statements saying, “Abortions should be legal and rare.” Today, virtually every Democrat running for president is either vocally or quietly advocating late-term abortions, even taxpayer-funded late-term abortions. They want the actions taken by abortionist turned serial killer Kermit Gosnell, to be made retroactively legal.
How far will some Democrats go? A freshman legislator named Jennifer Jermaine in Arizona co-sponsored House Bill 2696 that would make it acceptable to leave babies born alive alone to die unattended without life-saving medical care if so directed by the mother. Apparently, Ms. Jermaine thinks if nobody actually actively kills the baby, it should not be considered murder if the mother directs all medical people to neglect the baby until it dies.
In the end, it does not matter how many radical feminists resent the idea that nature created two sexes in our species, and the human females are the ones that carry the fertilized eggs. And it doesn’t matter if they think there is NO difference between a woman terminating a fetus the size of a sweet pea and directing an abortionist to terminate a viable baby inside their womb, in the birth canal, or alive on the table. There is a BIG difference. Advocating the legalizing of late term abortions is NOT a political stance, it is advocating murder.
Author Larry McMurty wrote the novel Lonesome Dove. The story had a segment that applies to this situation quite well. It involves former Texas Ranger Jake Spoon. In the story, Spoon takes up with three outlaw brothers. These three outlaws go on to kill five men while Spoon is riding with them. When his cohorts finally catch up with Spoon and the killers, Spoon suggests he did nothing wrong, since he didn’t pull the trigger and was going to leave the outlaws the first chance he got. Spoon's argument is mindful of the pro-choice types who do not personally like abortions but are not opposed to Democrat's efforts to legalize late-term abortions. The dialogue in Lonesome Dove is worth reviewing as Spoon is about to be hung with the other three killers:
Jake Spoon:
Hell, I ain't killed anybody. I just fell in with these boys to get me through the territory; hell I was gonna leave 'em first chance I got.
Gus McCrae:
I wish you'd taken that chance a little earlier, Jake; a man who'll go along with five killin's, takin' his leave a little slow.
Jake Spoon:
Gus, I ain't no criminal; now you know that. It was Dan that killed them two sod-busters. Hell I didn't kill nobody.
Gus McCrae:
You know how it works, Jake: you ride with an outlaw, you die with an outlaw. I'm sorry you crossed the line
Jake Spoon:
I didn't see no line, Gus. I was just tryin' to get through the territory, without gettin' scalped; that's all
Gus McCrae:
I'm sure that's true, Jake 
This is precisely where the radical feminists have taken Democrats. They are wanting their voters to become Jake Spoon. The Democrat's presidential candidates are just trying to get through the presidential primary territories without getting scalped by the pro-choice crowd.
Still, looking the other way on tens of thousands of late-term baby killings is wrong, even if Democrats want to be able to claim it is not appropriate to draw any lines on the abortion issue.
This subject is covered here because it should NOT be taboo. The lines are there. They are plain for everyone with a moral compass to see. And for those voters who think baby killing is wrong, this is not their first chance to leave those who don't.
Should those willing to go along with late-term abortions be hung like Jake Spoon? Only God can answer that question. Everyone will face due-process on this crime someday.

Bernie Sanders smells blood

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Some things are pretty hard to believe now days, but the Joe Biden, Hunter Biden scandal, which Democrats have tried to keep hidden with the impeachment scam, takes the cake. Joe Biden was videotaped back in January confessing to what he himself now describes as an impeachable offense. At the time, Biden did not think he was confessing. Instead, he felt like he was just taking the opportunity to brag about how powerful he used to be bossing around the President of the Ukraine when he was Vice President. Known for horrific gaffes, this one is the mother of all Biden gaffes. It is so outrageous that when you click on the Youtube video archive of Joe Biden's self-convicting comments, you might find that Bernie Sanders bought the advertising space on the Biden piece. We saw a Sanders commercial and appeal for contributions the first time we clicked on it.
Again, it is important to realize what was Biden speaking of. He was speaking of securing the firing of a state prosecutor in the Ukraine, who at that time, was actively pursuing an investigation into oil and gas giant Burisma, and Biden's son Hunter’s cozy board gig with Burisma. It is a gig that the young Biden was getting paid $85,000 a month for. Yes......this is the investigation that Donald Trump suggested to the Ukrainians should be re-started.
Did Trump suggest he would withhold military aid to the Ukraine if there was no investigation re-start? Democrats say he did, but Ukraine got their military aid, and Trump did NOT get a re-start of the Biden investigation.
Did Joe Biden confess to doing exactly what Trump has been falsely accused of doing in the impeachment article? Why not view the video here, or simply read the verbatim transcript of the confession Biden made at a discussion of the Council of Foreign Affairs below. Our apologies for having to listen to a Bernie Sanders commercial as he tries to take advantage of Biden's brazen disregard for integrity.


“I went over I guess, for the twelfth or thirteenth time to Kiev (Ukraine), and uh and I was supposed to announce that there was another billion-dollar loan guarantee. And, I’d gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor (investigating Burisma and Hunter Biden), and they didn’t. So, they said as they said they had as they were walking out to a press conference, and I said naw, I am not, or we are not going to give you a billion dollars. They said you have no authority, you are not the president (Obama), the president said. I said, call him. I said, I’m telling you, you are not getting the billion dollars. I said you’re not getting the billion, I’m going to be leaving here in I think it was what six hours, I looked (glancing at his watch) and said, I’m leaving in six hours and if the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money. Well son-of-a-bitch, he got fired.”

Here’s the quick summary. Biden knew that the Ukrainian prosecutor's investigation into Hunter Biden would be a disaster for him and his son. He also knew full well his son had leveraged his father’s twelve or thirteen visits to Kiev to obtain a lucrative gig with Burisma. It was a cut and dried case of corrupt influence peddling. Astonishingly Biden's fix was simple. He used loan guarantees provided through U.S. taxpayers good credit, to pressure the Ukrainians into squashing the investigation of his son.
Suddenly, and for the hundredth time, Trump is being accused of abusing his power. There is no question regarding Biden’s own admissions. Biden abused his power by violating a sacred trust. What is amazing, is Biden's decision to brag about it in front of the cameras.
The Trump White House knew all of this a long time ago. They knew there was a damning scandal involving the Biden’s corrupt conduct. Accordingly, many White House officials refused to be hauled up to Capitol Hill for the Democrat’s kangaroo court diversion.
In the end, the impeachment hearings were a scam, the Democrats in the House made no charges of high crimes or misdemeanors. They simply and very vaguely alleged abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
Let there be no doubt that the heat remains on Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders smells blood. Amazingly, Biden decided to preemptively announce he would not cooperate with the Senate in the impeachment trial on Wednesday when he said this:

"No, I’m not going to let them take their eye off the ball." Biden was outside a campaign event in Iowa Falls, Iowa, when he made the statement. "The president is the one who has committed impeachable crimes, and I’m not going to let him divert from that. I’m not going to let anyone divert from that."

Sorry Joe, the diversion has already been attempted. Thanks to the propaganda ministries at CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post, Biden’s confession has gone largely unreported. However, if the Democrats insist on sending this incredible fiasco to the Senate for a real trial, the tapes of Biden's gaffe of all gaffes will be played over and over until it finally sinks in with the American public as to what is really going on here.
Amazingly, the Democrats are firing up the wrong base. This seems to be what you do if you are a politician and you are consumed with hatred.


Bad hairdos are "in" fashion

© 2019 Jim Spence -  You don’t have to do much looking around to find a story on the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment vote. Many describe this process as an effort by Democrats to remove Trump from the White House. It is no such thing.
Democrats know Trump will not be removed by the Senate. Democrats are obviously content to continue the process of dumbing down America.
In the previous column, I posted a video of former V.P. Joe Biden actually bragging about his personal strong-arming of the Ukrainian government to drop an investigation into his son, Hunter Biden, and his dubious “job” as a board member of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. Not only did Joe Biden brag that he used United States loan guarantees as leverage to get personal favors from the Ukrainian government, earlier this week Biden actually said he would “refuse” to cooperate with the Senate when Trump is put on trial for "trying" to influence the Ukrainians. The word "trying" is necessary in the previous sentence because in the end, and unlike Joe Biden, Trump did not get what he wanted, and the Ukrainians got their military aid.
So, out of his own mouth, we have two confessions from Joe Biden. He has confessed on video (he thought it was going to make him look strong) to BOTH charges denied by Trump (and his Ukrainian counterpart).
Because all of the FACTS about Joe and Hunter Biden are going to come out in the Senate, this effort by Democrats is clearly not an attempt to remove Trump from the White House. Instead, it is political theater designed to drive up Trump's negative numbers in the polls. Nope, there are no high crimes or misdemeanors alleged in the Articles of Impeachment Democrats have created for public consumption. They now openly admit the lack of crimes.
What do we American taxpayers wind up with in exchange for Democrats politicizing the impeachment remedy? Instead of an impeachment proceeding being reserved for egregious acts committed by a president, it is now fine to simply make it into an elaborate made-for-television public relations stunt by one party in the House, against the leader of their opposition in the White House.
We should all be reminded of a statement we heard from a disgraced politician who engaged in dirty tricks as a matter of routine more than forty years ago:
“Always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself”------Richard Nixon.
This theater we are seeing in the news everyday mirrors what Richard Nixon claimed was the root of his own self-destruction. It was HIS hatred of his supposed enemies.
Image result for boris johnsonThe House of Representatives contains many Democrats who live in safe districts where the GOP doesn’t even bother to field candidates. Hating comes cheaper in those places. However, there are other Democrats in the House who are going to have to decide if they hate Trump enough to destroy themselves.
The American news media, which is dying a slow tortuous financial death of its own, cannot seem to figure out that their hatreds are also an act of self-destruction. Instead, they point to various nations in Europe as well as the United Kingdom, as places that America should emulate instead of voting for reprobates like Trump.
In case you missed it, the real story of the last day or so was not about the grandstanding of House Democrats or Trump's silly tweets. It is a story of how a really obnoxious guy with a bad hairdo won an electoral battle in England. He did it by exposing the deep state nature of the European Union. The E.U. has the economic plague. Boris Johnson says England has it too because the E.U. long ago decided that it knows what is best for the silly little bumpkins living on that little island across the English Channel.
Apparently, there were too many people with too much hatred for Boris Johnson too. They all woke up with a hatred hangover this week.

The video of Joe Biden that is a must see

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Again, on these pages the beauty of the digital age is often pointed out. Politicians get recorded for posterity.
Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. It seems this entire seedy episode began years ago when Hunter Biden realized his daddy Joe was heading up Obama policy towards that country in the wake of the Russians invasion of the Crimea region. Hunter always the opportunist, when he's not divorcing his wife to marry his dead brother’s widow, taking cocaine and getting kicked out of the Navy, or draining the family bank accounts to pay for drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, and strip club visits. But I digress. Hunter Biden decided he could make a buck off of Pop's Ukraine gig. He was right. He got himself appointed to the board of an oil and gas company called Burisma, in you guessed it……Ukraine. Burisma paid him millions of dollars to do God only knows what.
Eventually, the Ukrainian government wised up to Hunter Biden’s scam and put a prosecutor on the dubious arrangement to investigate.
Image result for joe biden at council on foreign relations
Joe Biden openly brags about holding up aid to Ukraine
What happened next is one for the history books. Please, whatever you do, don’t take my word for what happened next. Instead TAKE JOE BIDEN’s own words for it. To say Joe Biden is a blowhard braggart who is way overburdened with self-importance is an understatement. And to say he got very comfortable with being corrupt, is a gross understatement. Back in January of 2019, Joe Biden felt the political urge to brag about his self-importance. The subject matter? He bragged about how he strong-armed the Ukrainians. Check out this incredible video of Joe Biden during a public appearance related to the Council on Foreign Relations.
Now let’s get back to current events. We are told that the great impeachable offenses committed by Donald Trump are: 1) Democrats accuse Trump of interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine. They say he threatened to withhold foreign aid if he did not get an investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden. 2) He obstructed Congress when they tried to look into this egregious act.
Image result for house files articlesIt’s a funny thing. Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky, is on the record regarding Trump’s request for a re-opening of the same investigation Biden bragged about killing in that video. To get Trump, Democrats did not supply a video tape like the one of Biden, where Biden does not deny what he did......HE BRAGS ABOUT IT!!! 
The utter gall of these Democrats knows no boundaries. They lined up a parade of Trump-hating witnesses who overheard portions of the Trump conversation with Zelensky, or spoke to others who might have eavesdropped on it.
It gets even more absurd. Today Joe Biden said he will NOT cooperate with the Senate during the impeachment trial. This means he is openly admitting he will OBSTRUCT Congress in its impeachment proceedings.
Now Democrats with straight faces talk about abuse of power and obstuction like they abhor it. Is this a bad joke? Is America going to stand for this?