Real dangers to all living creatures

© 2018 Jim Spence - Decades ago when the important work that made our air and water much cleaner was pretty much done (in the U.S.) there was little left for the clean air and water activists to do. Unfortunately, some activists can't quite declare the obvious victory and move on. They must have a cause.
Oddly, and despite its obvious value to the quality of life, the new "cause" became a nasty political run at the fossil fuel industry. Part of the activist's strategy was to predict catastrophic “global warming” along with assertions that there would be an end to things like "snow" and also an end to record low temperatures. These false alarms were aimed at politicians in an effort to torpedo the fossil fuel industries. Fortunately, those absurdly bogus predictions are a matter of public record.
Decades have passed since the end of the world was to come. Virtually none of the outlandish predictions made by global warming alarmists have come true. We have continued to see record low temperatures in thousands of locations each year, and some communities experienced more snowfall in 2018 than in any other year on record.
Sensing a problem with the temperature data trends, global warming researchers re-branded themselves as “climate change” researchers more than a decade ago. Let's make no mistake about all of this, "climate change" is a political term. It is political because politicians control dollars flowing into climate change researcher's bank accounts. To keep the research grant dollars flowing despite no ability to predict climate changes, grant recipients began to realize it was the “words” they used to sell their anti-fossil fuel message that mattered. Words mattered much more after considering the static temperature data and absence of any validation of their previous catastrophic predictions. It was a great marketing stroke. With the term "climate change" substituted for global warming, any weather event could be blamed on the vague notion of climate change. Suddenly, routine weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes could be ponied up as evidence that the fossil fuel industry should be destroyed, no matter the cost.
Amazingly, the climate change industry has thrived. Bolstered by an agenda-driven public education system, Hollywood jet setters with gargantuan carbon footprints, advocacy replacing journalism, and Democrat politicians who found it useful to parrot the alarms, the notion of man-caused global warming (climate change) has been woven into the psychological fabric of our nation.
Of course it became obvious early on that the Hollywood types and politicians were not really serious about the predictions they parroted. They have continued to fly their fossil fuel-guzzling private jets to climate change conferences and lease every gas-guzzling limousine within a hundred kilometers to preen about the immorality of using fossil fuels. We know now that Al Gore was never really talking about himself when he spoke about people living in more modest homes. The sizes of Gore's mansions and the hundreds of thousands of miles he logs on his private jet speak for themselves.
Sadly, there is something else that also speaks for itself. It is the FACT that imprecise words won’t protect human beings and other creatures from life-threatening cold temperatures.
This week, temperatures plunged across the entire Midwest to their lowest levels in decades. Schools and businesses closed and thousands of airline flights were canceled. Even Amtrak halted all trains going in and out of Chicago yesterday. This is all real. Human beings, pets, and wildlife, are facing very REAL and mortal dangers this week, and not because temperatures are "too warm."
Ironically, global warming-alarmist Democrat governors in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois, without inanely re-iterating the looming dangers of warm temperatures, declared states of emergency this week as wind chill temperatures fell to minus 50 degrees and lower. With much of the greater Chicago metro area near minus 70, clueless Democrats sent to Washington by clueless voters, called for more crippling economic public policies to battle dangers that have yet to emerge decades after they were predicted to do so.
Facts are stubborn things. Temperatures are far below the averages in recorded history in most of the U.S. this week.
There is an 800 pound gorilla in the room. Democrats want to stop production of energy that keeps people warm, including the ultimate renewable……nuclear power.
No doubt there will be a death toll associated with the deep freeze of 2019. The death toll will be real, while Democrat predictions of “human catastrophes,” brought on by too warm temperatures, will continue to be data bankrupt abstractions that are shamelessly repeated in public schools, by pop culture celebrities in the media, and by Democrats in Congress. Ironically, these entities remain hell-bent and determined to create real public policy catastrophes like energy shortages that can cost precious lives during weeks like these.