The peaceful transfer of power

© 2018 Jim Spence -  Throughout history, the cancer of totalitarianism has metastasized in nations when dictators emerged and seized power in societies after successfully blurring the lines that define the concept of fundamental fairness.
America, we have a problem. The problem is not temporary, it is chronic. And it could be fatal. There are several ways to identify and illuminate America’s life-threatening problem.
Let’s begin with the bedrock of our republic. This bedrock is the peaceful transfer of power. Peaceful transfers of power have been the hallmark of the United States of America since the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. We are not talking about the incoming and outgoing presidents shaking hands on inauguration day. That didn't always happen. We are talking about all the players in and around government respecting the outcome of elections because our rules reflect respect for the wishes of others we disagree with.
The last time an organized resistance to the peaceful transfer of power in America occurred, was back in 1860. Ironically, it was also the Democrats in 1860, who objected to their loss of a presidential election.
Let’s be clear here. Vocal political opposition is normal in all republics where free speech is a cornerstone of the governing framework. However, naked attempts at the nullification of an election or the nullification of existing laws is a cancer on civilized societies. Since the libraries are filled with books on the American Civil War, a history lesson on election and law nullification will be spared here.
What we are seeing from Democrats since 2016 is far more dangerous than anything we have seen since nullification and secession by Democrat-dominated states one hundred and fifty-nine years ago.
Some groundwork is in order. U.S. Democrats wanted slavery in 1860 and they want socialism (a form of slavery) now. Understanding what adherents of socialism have done globally to prevail is useful. Socialism is an economic model that does not work. It has never worked. In most places where socialism actually prevails politically, power is held by single party rule and unconstrained dictators who re-write provisions of their nation’s constitutions to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power.
Make no mistake, as the title of this piece indicates, the peaceful transition of power is the key to this discussion. The legacies of socialists: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Kim, Putin, Xi, and Maduro (in today's starving Venezuela), have a common thread. Each dictator harnessed the power of a “deep state” government structure to destroy all chances that any opposition could ever achieve a peaceful transfer into power.
Consider the evolution of the deep state in America. We have come much more than full circle since the days when Richard Nixon was forced to resign after his cronies tried to hijack the machinery of the federal government (the deep state) to support his re-election. What has evolved within the deep state in recent years is both dangerous and insidious. The chicanery of the deep state should be stopped by all freedom loving Americans.
The evidence of 21st Century corruption in the deep state that governs America is extraordinary. There are seemingly isolated incidents, like Lois Lerner’s efforts at the IRS to destroy GOP-sympathetic fundraising efforts, by stalling the approvals of 501-c-3 applications. Though seemingly an isolated incident, so criminal was her behavior, Lerner was forced to exercise her 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination when she was questioned under a subpoena. Tragically but predictably, the deep state never prosecuted Lois Lerner for her crimes. This abuse of fundamental fairness is a now a problematic pattern, not an isolated incident. Allowing cheating hurts all of us.
Other crimes, which are closely related to Lerner’s crimes, are simply not being prosecuted either. The Inspector General Report on the actions of the FBI last summer left zero doubt that the deep state is not just an ultra-powerful political force in America, it is a political force willing to illegally use the vast resources of the federal treasury to help the party of the deep state…….the Democratic Party……win what should be free and fair elections. Their goal is to thwart all opponents not just Trump.
Americans should wake up soon and make a vow to avail themselves of facts on these patterns of disintegrating freedom before it is too late. Instead of being spoon fed shameful propaganda by the collaborative efforts of the national media, public education system, entertainment industry, and deep state, Americans need to read relevant documents that are a matter of public record, and exercise fundamental judgment about the deep state.
The patterns of fundamental corruption go far beyond the deep state’s unwillingness to prosecute one of their own like the IRS’s Lois Lerner. They involve thousands of illegal actions by employees in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and NSA. Lies under oath by former leaders of these departments prove that the deep state has now crossed all ethical lines.
What are these people collaborating to do?  In 2016, they collaborated to try to swing the presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton. And once that election was lost, they have taken numerous actions to disrupt the peaceful transition of power in the post-Obama era. They have declared war on the election winner in ways that should alarm all but those ignorant of the tyranny of totalitarianism.
It is no accident that James Comey, during sworn testimony before Congress, said he either did not know the answers to basic questions, or could not remember the details of events. He did so an astonishing 245 times. The corruption problem went far beyond Comey. The astounding actions of deep state conspirators like Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew Weismann, John Brennan, and James Clapper, are all a matter of public record. All of these people and many more are part of a very widespread criminal movement. Hundreds if not thousands of members of the deep state are still actively trying impose the political whims of high-placed government employees on the electorate. What makes them so powerful, is the willingness of our pro-deep state media to trumpet false narratives every single day, leaked to them in the form of lies by government employees.
Perhaps the saddest aspect of this reality is that their current primary target is a man who evokes very little sympathy. Donald Trump is simply not likable, even to those who voted for him.
America, we have a problem. This problem is bigger than what your views on Trump are. No American should be willing to suspend the peaceful transfer of power from Democrats to Republicans or vice versa, because many people in the deep state are now willing to commit crimes to accomplish this insidious goal. The problem of course is the deep state watchdogs are now looking the other way while this happens.
It would be the height of ignorance for Americans to think that those who are complicit in this life-threatening problem, (the news media, public education, the entertainment industry, and the deep state) are going to make us aware of this mortal danger. Unfortunately, ignorance should be on the table of elements. It is the most common element around us these days. Ignorance begets tyranny and totalitarianism.