Staging Hate Crimes, the national pastime for Democrats

© 2019 Jim Spence -  There are two important lessons associated with human nature that should be understood by all intelligent adults.
First, people will believe what they believe it is in their best interests to believe. This is why it is devastating that our education system morphed into a propaganda ministry several decades ago.
Second, gullible people don’t really know they are gullible. Accordingly, it is very easy to manipulate gullible people.
America had 99% of its racial problems solved by the mid-1970’s. This explains why Garrett Morris did a one-man comedy skit on Saturday Night Live in which he offered the “White Guilt Relief Fund” as a way for those not aware that the problems had been solved, to give their money away to past victims. We all laughed at that skit forty years ago. These days the show has regressed into a pathetic remnant of itself. None of the Democrats on Saturday Night Live would dare to do a skit like that more than forty years later.
To be sure, not all of America's “social” problems have been solved. Social problems transcend race. Accordingly, social problems cannot be solved with anti-discrimination laws. Social problems change with the times. In 21st Century America, there are major problems with opiate and amphetamine addiction in places like Appalachia. It is not just the poor communities in America’s inner cities that suffer from self-inflicted wounds. Despite what you hear and read, millions of poor whites suffer from the same maladies as poor blacks and Hispanics. This reality is no less tragic. It just doesn't have anything to do with race.
Sadly, Democrats have developed 21st Century methods for perpetuating their favorite political narratives. Since racists are the most contemptible of all human beings, news media Democrats with the help of the education and entertainment communities, spend an inordinate amount of time branding Republicans as racists.
The problem with successful branding is Democrats need “incidents” to prove their narrative. And unfortunately for Democrats, they simply can’t count on a handful of skinheads to protest every weekend to prove the notion that racism is still widespread. Starving for proving incidents, Democrats have gone about the business of “staging” them.
There is nothing more sympathetic than a black/gay actor. Jussie Smollet fits that bill. It seems that Smollett is the most recent in a long line of Democrats who has been caught staging a hate crime. Last summer a former Petersburg City Attorney used a prepaid cell phone to call himself and make violent racist threats at the black mayor of the town. America’s colleges and universities are particularly likely places for fake hate crimes to be staged. A couple of black students were actually charged with engaging in pro-KKK vandalism at the University of Miami recently. At Concordia University, the media blamed right-wing Muslim haters for making terrorist threats. Later it was discovered with very little investigation, that the perpetrator was a Lebanese-Canadian man named Hisham Saadi. When anti-Arab graffiti was found on the home of an Arab family in Ohio, an investigation discovered it was put there by a man named Osama Nazzal. As recently as December in New York, a Muslim teenager, Yasmin Seweid told authorities that she was harassed on the subway by men who yelled "Donald Trump" at her while trying to tear off her hijab. Just two weeks later, Seweid admitted she was lying to try to cover up the fact she broke her parent's curfew. Back in 2016, a white board in a classroom at Elon Univeristy in North Carolina had the phrase, "Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista," scrawled on it. After howls of racism circulated the media, it was discovered that a Latino student at the school, actually wrote the words.
The most recent staged racist hoax, involved a Catholic student from Covington, Kentucky. The student became the latest victim when the national news media and Democratic presidential hopefuls assassinated the young man, who was accused of being a racist. The Democrats never bothered to investigate the "incident" before once again, RUSHING TO JUDGMENT. A quick investigation turned up a more lengthy video of the incident. It turns out according to the visual evidence that it was confrontational Democrats who were misbehaving. The student the media had already crucified, did nothing but suppress a smile.
Within this context, consider the Mueller investigation for what it is. It is merely another series of false charges levied by Democrats to cover their own misdeeds. Despite the fact the politically charged accusations associated with Mueller are wild, the real investigation is showing that entrenched Democrats in Washington D.C.'s deep state are the perpetrators of the Russia collusion crimes.
Do any of these facts actually get through to the American people?  Not really.
Remember the basics. 1) People believe what they believe it is in their interests to believe and sadly, public education has produced two generations of Democrat-leaning zombies ready to believe anything they are spoon-fed by their masters in the Democrat-dominated media. 2) Gullible people don’t really know they are gullible. Accordingly, it is very easy to manipulate gullible people.
ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and most of the rest of the news media organizations understand these two basics better than anyone realizes. It should come as no surprise that these propaganda outlets are dominated by Democrats, who are desperate to perpetuate the narrative that anyone who doesn’t vote Democrat is a hate criminal or a hate criminal sympathizer. Expecting the staging of hate crimes to continue.