Failed coup d'etat instigator Andrew McCabe should be in jail awaiting trial

© 2019 Jim Spence -  America has at least one more criminal on the loose and it is not the TV star who staged a political stunt and then lied to Chicago police.
Like Jussie Smollett, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is not in jail......yet. Instead, McCabe is out free, and spending his time on a media tour hoping to get chances to answer softball questions from hopelessly pro-Democrat television personalities masquerading as journalists.
The point of the tour is simple. McCabe is a serial liar and manipulator and desperately wants to avoid prosecution.
It is important to tie a few seemingly unrelated actions together. In previous columns we have chronicled nullification efforts by California and other states that are reminiscent of South Carolina’s actions after the election of Abraham Lincoln. Many states in 21st Century America have established themselves as sanctuaries for millions of immigration law breakers. Besides introducing 3rd World diseases like tuberculosis and typhus to their constituents, Democrat-dominated states continue to make a mockery of anyone who actually plays by the rules and obeys our immigration laws. New Mexico has joined this nullification circus. These seemingly unrelated actions, though stupid, are child's play compared to the attempted bloodless coup made by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and their colleagues at the FBI.
So deceitful was Comey’s own behavior, he has managed at one time or another to be hated by virtually all elected Democrats and Republicans. Now it seems to be Andrew McCabe’s turn to repeat bald-faced lies.
The Threat Andrew McCabe is out on the media circuit trying to get in front of what should be criminal charges filed against him very soon. McCabe appeared yesterday on NPR’s “Morning Edition” and much to his chagrin, the softball questions stopped being lobbed up for him.
Make no mistake, McCabe’s actions were part of an orchestrated effort at the FBI to inflict mortal political damage on Donald Trump’s presidency from the outset.
Let’s give credit when it is due. NPR’s Steve Inskeep, who is no friend of the Trump camp, persisted with questions that are still not being answered by McCabe. During the interview yesterday, Inskeep asked McCabe several times about the Inspector General investigation that revealed the fact that McCabe had lied under oath. Of course, McCabe ignored Inskeep's questions each time they were asked citing, “ongoing legal issues.” The ongoing legal issues is why McCabe was there. But his plan was not to answer tough questions, but to do P.R. to assist his defense of ongoing legal issues, which is of course, code for the possibility of criminal charges.
For those paying attention, Inskeep cited what can only be characterized as an astonishing Inspector General’s report. During this line of questioning McCabe showed how contradictory and implausible his claims actually are. Desperate to deflect the overwhelming evidence of his guilt, McCabe went so far as to actually blame Inspector General Michael Horowitz, a man appointed by Barack Obama back in 2012, for being biased in favor of Donald Trump. Now that is an amazing stretch. Horowitz may be many things, but he is no Trump stooge. Horowitz is an Obama devotee.
Here is the partial transcript of the NPR interview:
MCCABE: I have many things that I would like to say about the conclusions and the recommendations of the IG report, and I can’t go through each one of those points with you today because of the current ongoing legal issues and the civil lawsuit that I will be bringing against the Department of Justice. But I will say this. I, at no time, ever intentionally misled the FBI Inspection Division, the Office of Inspector General or, ever, any director of the FBI – not ever. This is not an investigative report like any I have ever seen. An investigative report is a clear and unbiased presentation of all the evidence, and this is none of that.
INSKEEP: You think it was biased?
MCCABE: I do. I do.
INSKEEP: Why would it be biased against you?
MCCABE: I do. Well, I think that’s pretty clear, Steve. I think the president has a long and well-established history of attacking the people who say things he doesn’t like.
INSKEEP: But this was an independent inspector general, right? 
MCCABE: It’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be. I don’t believe they were independent or fair in the process of this investigation or in its result.
So, there you have it. All of the shameless criminal activities of one Andrew McCabe, including conspiring with disgraced FBI lawyer Lisa Page and disgraced agent Peter Strzok, which includes their initiations of bogus investigations of Trump and despicable leaks of falsehoods to the press, all in an effort to undo the outcome of the 2016 election, are simply reckless allegations made by an Obama appointee who somehow switched sides and is now in the tank for Trump.
It is hard to believe McCabe is trying to sell this crap while throwing an honest Democrat under the bus. He should be in jail awaiting trial. Why is he walking free?