The faces of stupid in New Mexico

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Let’s see. Where to begin? Maybe we should start with some basic facts. These facts are supportive of a much bigger picture. The city of Los Angeles, California never achieved a high temperature above 70 degrees in February of 2019, for the first time in recorded history. That is right, for the first time in all of recorded history. Anyone who understands fundamental data trend lines understands what this data set really means. It means that when considering all of the Februaries since temperature records have been kept, February 2019 was the LEAST WARM February EVER in Los Angeles.
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NM Governor Grisham-Lujan
OK, OK, let’s assume L.A. temperatures are just an isolated incident. Let's pretend they are an anomaly with nothing to do with overall data trends. Let’s turn our attention roughly 1,000 miles east to Denver, Colorado just north of us. In Denver, the city has experienced the coldest early March temperatures in nearly 60 years. Mind you we are not talking about NOT WARM temperatures that fall a bit below the averages. We are talking about flat out cold temperatures that are breaking old records.
Here's a dose of real science for you. Real scientists would rather have questions that cannot be answered than have answers that cannot ever be questioned.
We are all being asked repeatedly to ignore contradicting trend line data and never ask reasonable questions.
Call me a denier, (that's a religious term not a scientific term) but it does not appear, based on the endless supply of new temperature DATA sets, that people are likely to fry due to rising global temperatures by 2031. Talk to those reviewing data all over the Midwest and you will get similar conclusions. The data trends are NOT pointing towards warming......period.
Now consider the faces of hopelessly stupid in New Mexico. Their mugs are shown here. It is time to understand that data and facts really don't matter to some people, especially prominent elected Democrats in New Mexico. Like TV preachers, they are openly predicting that the end of the world is coming in about a dozen years......because it has become so……
In the meantime, and in the aggregate, New Mexico is a state where the citizens are very poor by all measures. We have an incredibly high percentage of the population that is dependent on taxpayers for essential items like food and healthcare. It is a fact that poor people, more than any other category, depend on elected officials to not be stupid. Poor people in New Mexico are about to be betrayed and there is no reporting on this.
What are many state Democrats insisting on doing these days? New Mexico Democrats are champing at the bit to pass new legislation in 2019 that will do more to destroy the living standards of poor people than any proposals ever. They are now trying to eliminate the tax revenue streams that support programs that help poor people. They want to do all of this to fight warming trends that clearly don’t exist, and more important, couldn’t be mitigated by legislation in our state if they did exist
Will Democrats finally kill this state's economy once and for all? They just might with the support of the dumbest governor in the history of the United States (Michelle Grisham-Lujan).
NM House Speaker Egolf
Take a look at Senate Bill #459, which was introduced earlier this year. This bill would ban hydraulic fracking for several years, just long enough to chase tens of thousands of HIGH PAYING jobs and tax revenues to other states where sensible people are still in charge. Fracking is at the heart of the resurgence of oil and gas production revenues going to Santa Fe from Northwest New Mexico and Southeast New Mexico. Fracking has saved the New Mexico economy from ruin. Our oil and gas industry provides nearly one-third of all revenue coming into New Mexico's General Fund. In total, New Mexico achieved over $3 billion in oil and gas production revenue, which directly accounted for the state’s surplus of over $1 billion.
Make no mistake, if this asinine bill is passed, the loss of high paying jobs, tax revenues, and royalties going into state trust funds, would require skyrocketing taxes for ALL New Mexico residents and companies, plus major service cuts for the poorest New Mexicans. No doubt the two politicians pictured in this column don't seem to care if they engineer a self-inflicted economic disaster on our state. They prefer to live in a silly fantasy world where L.A. was warm in February as was Denver in early March. And even dumber yet.....these people like pretending they can do something about too much warmth that does not actually exist.
Facts are stubborn things. Many current New Mexico taxpayers with the means to do so, will move out of our state in droves if this bill passes and they are called on to try to replace a portion of the state's squandered resources, thanks to the latest round of stupidity.
The majority of New Mexico voters are running out of time, and so are our state's poorest citizens who do not have the freedom of mobility. We had better start to get a clue and bounce the fools pictured in this column out of power before they blow this place up.
Michelle Grisham-Lujan and Brian Egolf are no different than uninformed children playing with fire and explosives. People are going to get hurt by them.
How dire is this situation? It is dire. And don't expect the clueless collection of uninformed journalists in this state to catch on. A quick survey of television and newspaper outlets in the state suggests that most reporters and editors have their collective heads jammed in places where the sun never shines, just like our governor and our house speaker. It is simply an astonishing train wreck playing out. Pass it on and pray for reason before it is too late.