Meersheidt: No Longer a Local Recreation Center

© 2019 Jim Spence - The elected officials at the City of Las Cruces officially changed their priorities on Tuesday. Just sixteen months after Las Cruces city councilors unanimously voted to affirm the city’s policy of ignoring illegal immigration, the city officially began breaking contracts with local taxpayers and siphoning away resources meant for local fund services for illegal aliens.
Why are these funding commitments being broken? It seems that Meerscheidt, a facility that was constructed with local taxpayer dollars and is operated each month with local taxpayer dollars, is now one of several locations in the area where elected city officials have decided to provide housing for illegal aliens.
Yesterday, the city announced that youth league practices and other “events” planned at Meerscheidt Recreation Center have been cancelled. The city also admitted it had unilaterally CANCELLED contracts with local youth league coaches who arranged practice rentals at Meerscheidt. Rental contracts arranged long ago, that paid for practice times at Meerscheidt won't take place. Contracts that were scheduled for April 16th through April 18th, will not be honored....according to the city. No doubt these contract-breaking procedures are a sign of things to come.
Some youth league games will be moved to Sierra Middle School. In using Sierra, it seems that the Las Cruces Public School District will also begin to divert tax dollars away from operations designated to make local student activities possible. Apparently, local school board members and the LCPS superintendent prefer to join the city in encouraging illegal immigration, rather than honoring their commitments to use funds provided by local taxpayers, to pay for local school services.
These are astonishing decisions that the local press ignores. They have been made, no doubt, by the Mayor Ken Miyagishima, the city councilors, and the city manager.
This change in financial priorities by our city is simply a natural course of events. And it seems quite certain that this situation will get much worse, as more illegal alien caravans are moving through Mexico to the border area.
Let's take a step back. The primary reason why local taxpayers and their children are seeing important commitments to them broken, is because locally and statewide, too many voters have chosen poorly when it comes to electing people to represent them.
Both U.S. Senators from New Mexico (Udall and Heinrich) and all three U.S. House members (Lujan, Small, and Haaland) support leaving our borders unprotected, while providing unlimited accommodations of dubious “asylum” requests by millions of illegal aliens. The new governor is also in favor of taxing New Mexicans to pay for illegal immigration. The same is true of virtually every elected official in Dona Ana County. None of these Democrats have ever mentioned to local taxpayers that they would get cheated out of services they pay for, to fund an insane open border scheme that is at the heart of the Democratic Party platform. However, this is EXACTLY what is happening right now.
Will local voters connect the dots and begin to recall these two-faced elected officials? Or will they continue to see services they pay for cut, while taxes they pay rise? Who knows? Many wake up calls have already been ignored, and nobody in the local media or public education system is going to tell the truth.
Pass it on. This is what Democrats want to happen.