There is no such thing as Democratic Socialism

© 2019 Jim Spence - Note- We took a month off to prepare for the birth of our granddaughter!
Let’s see…..what is happening around the world in countries that long ago adopted what they absurdly claim to be, “Democratic Socialism.”
Cuba’s notoriously oppressive socialist regime, actually sent police to beat up and imprison approximately three-hundred people who gathered in Havana last Saturday for what the socialist leadership called, “An illegal gay pride march.”
And in what some Democrats might call a more enlightened France, also a country that is deeply socialist, assaults on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, hit a record high in 2018. According to the LGBT support group SOS Homophobie in France, there were 231 physical attacks on the LBGT community in 2018, up from the previous annual record of 188 assaults in 2013. These violent acts of intolerance occurred when the French government decided to pass same-sex marriage legislation.
The facts regarding liberal intolerance in socialist places like France and Cuba, places that home-grown American idiots like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Nancy Pelosi, want Americans to emulate, are daunting for the LBGT community.
The truth is simple. Despite the asinine proclamations of all ambitious Democrats in America, we Americans live in the most tolerant nation on earth. Jerks who victimize those with different sexual preferences, are by and large marginalized in this country, while economic opportunities for the LBGT community are greater here than anywhere else on the planet.
Sadly, the obsession with hating Donald Trump causes U.S. socialists to overstate the problem of intolerance in America, while underplaying intolerant violence everywhere else. This is particularly true in Muslim nations and also in nations where socialist totalitarian dictatorships flourish.
In the end, it is the imbeciles in the U.S. Democratic Party who will destroy the hard fought freedoms and corresponding tolerance that is the law of the land here. This will happen because American Democrats pine for so much government control of every aspect of American life, their deeply held ignorance will lead to an astounding level of intrusion in private life.
For the LBGT community it is getting awfully late in the game. The time has long since passed when a pathological paranoia of the GOP and more specifically Donald Trump, should be replaced with a permanent wariness of Democrats and the threats these jerks pose to real freedom for ALL Americans.
Is there any hope for the American public grasping the sheer magnitude of this threat? This seems doubtful. All one has to do is watch the avalanche of propaganda disguised as news. We are inundated with bogus news “stories” about an intolerant America, while what happens in the LBGT community all around the world goes ignored. The obsession with “getting Trump” is going to come with a cost, and the LBGT community is going to pay that cost if Democrats prevail at the ballot box.
In the end, of the American public does not wake up and smell the roses we will surrender freedoms hard won through military victories over dangerous political movements such as national socialism in Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It is important to note the term "socialist" in each of these oppressive nation's self-chosen names.
In the 21st Century there is not enough space to document the abuses of the LGBT community in socialist China. Suffice to say, a pro-free market, live and let live GOP in the U.S., which opposes big government, will always be the best friend the LBGT community ever had. 
Will the American LBGT community ever figure out these glaring facts? Again it seems doubtful, as it goes against the grain of every propaganda-laden newscast they watch on MSNBC.
The point here is clear. History teaches us there is NOTHING Democratic about socialism.