So much corruption, so little time

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Taxpayers continue to wonder after several generations of throwing more and more money at public schools, why academic results keep getting worse. One of the greatest tragedies in America is how firmly entrenched Democrat bureaucrats have destroyed inner-city schools. They do so through schemes of corruption and resulting neglect. Corruption and neglect are the defining characteristics of inner-city public schools all over the nation. This explains why in Washington D.C., Democrats who defend corrupt public schools (in exchange for a steady flow of campaign contributions), send their own children to PRIVATE SCHOOLS.
It is an intellectual cesspool out there. Virtually every Democrat running for president is part of the protection racket that allows public schools to continue to fail, while voting to take even more resources from taxpayers to piss away on a failed system.
Part of the Democrat's strategy to protect failing public schools, is to constantly bash the one segment of public schools that is not failing. That would be charter schools. Charter schools compete. They offer parents and students choices. However, it is important to realize that Democrats are only “pro-choice” on one thing, and that is abortion. On every other question, Democrats are in favor of the government making the choices instead of the people funding the scheme. Naturally, the choice Democrats don’t want students and their parents to have, is a choice to attend schools that are more shielded from corruption and graft.
Elizabeth Warren and many other Democrats have actually had the audacity lately to say that charter schools draw resources away from public schools. Never has a more dishonest statement been made about public education. The truth is, in many places, charter schools actually save inner-city children from the union-dominated public schools, simply by creating an environment conducive to learning.
Many taxpayers, both Democrats and Republicans, still think throwing MORE money at public education is the solution, despite three generations of poor results doing just that.
Why doesn’t throwing more money a public education work? It is because the machinery that runs public education simply uses the fresh funds for self-enrichment. The toxic stories of nepotism and corruption coming out of public school systems all over the nation are rampant. Some schemes are sophisticated forms of graft and theft, and some are not.
An example of theft that is not exactly sophisticated comes to us from the Baltimore school system. Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, who is not one of the sharpest tools in the shed, is now facing federal charges related to a corruption scheme involving the public schools there. The scheme put hundreds of thousands of dollars intended for public schools into her pocket.
How did Pugh do it? It seems that Pugh self-published a children’s book series. Self-publish means she either couldn’t or wouldn’t go through a legitimate book publisher, one that actually felt her books could be marketable.
But low and behold, it turns out that Mayor Pugh's books were extremely marketable to her buddies in the purchasing department at the Baltimore schools. According to a grand jury indictment made public this morning, Pugh has been charged for her role in the scheme. There is no telling how many kick- backs were paid to others to get her hands on those funds.
The Pugh indictment is the tip of an iceberg. These theft schemes are everywhere. But unless the perpetrators are as blatant with their corruption as Pugh, they will continue to not be investigated, let alone punished.
Know this, with Democrats in power, taxpayers will continue to funnel more and more dollars to public education. And as day follows night, entrenched powers, who contribute mightily to Democrat campaign coffers, will continue to steal those dollars, instead of creating and maintaining good learning environments for children. And of course Democratic presidential candidates and others will continue to castigate anyone and anything that sheds light on this despicable situation.