The battle for billions and the battle for TRILLIONS

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Like all readers, I interact with other citizens. We all understand there are processes going on in America and around the world that are puzzling. “What the hell is going on?” is one question that is asked regularly. “How did we get here?” is another.
Readers of this column understand that they get “opinion” here. It’s understood. Facts are gathered, events are interpreted, and conclusions are reached.
Willie Sutton is a good case study for the answer to the questions posed above. Once asked why he robbed banks, Sutton reportedly said, “Because that is where the money is.”
Let’s do a very simple exercise here and follow the money.
Consider what virtually all the Democratic Party candidates for president said during their “debate” earlier this week. Virtually every single Dem bashed the idea that America has “billionaires.” There is no need for any billionaires was the recurring theme. It echoes what Mr. Obama once said when he was criticizing wealthy people. Long before Barack and Michelle signed lucrative book and movie deals and bought a mansion on Martha’s Vineyard, Obama said piously, “When is enough, enough?” It was as if Obama felt there should be some measuring rod determined by him, with a maximum, wherein as soon as a person reached that limit, the state should confiscate the rest.
Most Democrat candidates are millionaires. Joe Biden’s family seems to still be milking a portion of his political franchise in the Ukraine.
Following the money makes it easy to understand what continues to unfold in America every day. What we are seeing is a filthy battle for the biggest prize. The news media for the most part does not report on this filthy battle. Instead, they are participants in it. While the CEO’s and management teams at tens of thousands of companies compete for billions of dollars in revenue in their niches, in exchange for goods and services, American politicians battle for control of the TRILLIONS of dollars flowing into the federal government coffers EVERY year.
Americans need to understand that the United States government is now the most powerful entity in the world. It has been made all powerful by TRILLIONS of dollars in annual cash flow and the ability to borrow even more money to spend, at near zero interest rates. This is real power and it is bolstered by legions of powerful bureaucratic battalion leaders managing their government niche fiefdoms, They enjoy huge salaries, are supported by amazing benefits, lax work schedules, and they face ZERO accountability.
So, while millions of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck, and a few multi-millionaires and billionaires live more comfortably, those in control of the federal government are in a position to not only live comfortably, they are also in a position to encourage the confiscation of property that belongs to others to keep the TRILLIONS in cash flow and control flowing.
There are great contradictions and ironies in this filthy fight we see play out in Washington every day. Many politicians, who have created amazingly powerful political franchises and made themselves millionaires, pretend that somehow their “political pathways” are virtuous, while they stigmatize anyone working in the private sector who serves their customer’s needs and prospers. In their speeches, people who work hard to satisfy millions of customers are branded as exploitative and greedy.
Politicians do all these things because they are involved in a filthy fight. In this fight, they are willing to lie, cheat, mislead, and manipulate in all ways possible to gain or maintain control of TRILLIONS of dollars flowing into the federal government.
With everything involved in controlling TRILLIONS of dollars, they control most aspects of the everyday lives of every American.
Democrats claim the dirty things they do aren't dirty, they  claim they are virtuous. But of course their personal contradictions and ironies betray their words for anyone paying a lick of attention. These are people, who are brazen in their efforts to seize control TRILLIONS, who bash people who have actually EARNED billions serving customers.
Democrats should not be believed anytime they open their mouths, nor should ALL of the media entities that prop them up be believed either. Just follow the money to understand what is happening. Politician try to get you to hate those with millions or billions so they can get their hands on TRILLIONS. It is a shell game.
What about the GOP? Know this about Republicans. They enjoy controlling TRILLIONS of dollars too. And once they have controlled TRILLIONS of dollars for a little while, Republicans forget where the money actually comes from, just like Democrats. Taxpayer money and taxpayer borrowing power is an opiate.