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© 2019 Jim Spence -  There’s an interesting aspect of the digital era that politicians in both parties find annoying. It is the fact that they are on the record almost all of the time. They find that they have been recorded saying and doing things they’d just as soon have people forget. It is much more difficult to alter and massage what a politician claims is one of their deepest “heartfelt” convictions when they are captured on film saying or doing just the opposite.
Consider the late John McCain’s ardent claims to Arizona voters before his last re-election, that Obamacare had to be repealed. Consider he cast the deciding vote to PREVENT Obamacare from being repealed. There was scant coverage of this contradiction by propaganda ministries.
The lionization of the Trump-hating McCain is just the tip of the iceberg. There is overwhelming evidence that there is a fundamental truth regarding most media outlets as 2019 winds down. They have become nothing more than propaganda ministries for the Democrats. As a matter of routine outlets like CNN, NBC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC, ABC, The New York Times, and the Washington Post, refuse to hold their political favorites accountable for what they have said and done.
The propaganda ministries are pleased that few remember they ran stories suggesting McCain was an unabashed racist in 2008. And instead of pointing out what a shameless liar McCain was about Obamacare, they lionized him after his death.
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How does the news media get away with being so deceptive and deceitful? It is because they have determined that MOST of the country is NOT paying attention. Propaganda ministries have changed. Back in the days when Dan Rather was fired by CBS, he was canned in disgrace because CBS executives were under the mistaken impression that most people were paying close attention. CBS was embarrassed that Rather was CAUGHT running Democrat propaganda prior to an election. These days outlets like CBS as well as CNN, NBC, NPR, MSNBC, ABC, The New York Times, and the Washington Post actually fire reporters who defiantly refuse to engage in producing Democratic Party propaganda. Award-winning reporter Sharyl Attkisson is a perfect example of the perversion at propaganda ministries like CBS.
Propaganda ministries not only peddle stories that are false, like those conjured up by Dan Rather and Co. against George Bush, they also omit the truth. Consider the true political history of Donald Trump. Trump is a man who has been since his election in 2016, subject to the most incredible barrage of absurd propaganda in the history of American politics.
The photographs tell a different story about Donald Trump and many others like him. It is a basic truth that the Democrats do not want exposed. Like so many business people who are not bashful about trying to buy influence, Donald Trump openly contributed to the campaign coffers of many Democrats for DECADES.
Of course, Trump wasn’t so much a supporter of the Democrat’s ridiculous anti-business rhetorical schtick. That crap was for consumption by the masses. Trump traded his cash for the chance to be able to get a favor handled by the all-powerful Democrat government officials if and when he needed it.
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If you read between the lines of the avalanche of propaganda in 2019, an even clearer picture emerges. Donald Trump’s money and feigned friendship was ALWAYS welcomed by the Democrats as the pictures in this column suggest. The Clintons and others used Trump’s cash to propel their ambitions. Of course the Clintons knew full well they might need to make um…..“concessions” to his interests in direct contradiction to their campaign promises someday as payback. But being comfortable with receiving money as an elitist elected official is one thing. Getting whipped by a former big Democrat donor in the 2016 election was another. Democrats had never minded selling some of their influence to Trump…and frankly to thousands of others. What they really hate these days is that somehow the voters gave Trump control of what Democrats used to control and be able sell. This is the deadly sin that has caused the entire ruling elite and their foot soldiers in the propaganda ministries to go berserk.