We need constitutional protections more than ever

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Many politicians are constantly trying to convince us their opponents are immoral. It has been a strategy that always worked. Negative advertising is fundamental to the filthy game of politics. In many cases the accusations made by elected officials will contain a tiny grain of truth and outrageous exaggerations/distortions.
Politicians, by the nature of the job description, must be deceptive to be successful. Everyone should know this. However, millions of Americans don’t know it or forget it way too easily. And too many of these types describe themselves as, “professional journalists.”
Considering the insane borrowing and horrific waste in Washington D.C. that has gone on for decades, most Americans are disgusted with both Republicans and Democrats. And of course, most Americans stopped trusting the news media a long time ago. The reason for the lack of trust in journalism is that Americans know inherently that they need PROTECTION from Democrats and Republicans and they are not getting any help from the press. The press no longer takes advantage of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to hold all politicians accountable. Instead journalists routinely take sides in the endless chicanery they should be above. Considering that either one party or the other, and sometimes both parties, wield such tremendous power over our everyday lives, this is an insufferable situation.
Modern day clashes between the parties offer the PERFECT illustration of why we have always needed the United States Constitution, and why it was so profoundly wise that Americans were and continue to be able to amend the original document.
Checks on power in the Constitution represent boundaries for BOTH political parties. The very structure of the document wisely assumed that flawed politicians and political parties would always try to UNFAIRLY dominate people in their everyday lives to gain political leverage.
There is a disturbing trend regarding American attitudes towards the U.S. Constitution in recent decades. It is ignorance of the wisdom of the document's structure. This has become possible because American public education has become political. In public education’s efforts to impose its preferred political leanings on students, it has turned its back on the protections contained in the document. Instead of placing a high value on the protections the document provides, public education now focuses on the character flaws of the founding fathers to score political points. This is short-sighted and destructive to freedom.
Did the founding fathers have character flaws? Of course, they did. They were human beings. In some ways, they were far more flawed than we are today, However, in other ways maybe not as much so. The point being that flawed human beings are a constant in history, which is why we need implicit protections. The founding fathers were not saints. They violated the brilliant principles contained in the original document. Fortunately, amendments corrected their own violations.
The list of wrongs Americans will no longer tolerate is long. Through amendments women are assured the right to vote and slavery ended. Of course slavery ended after more than a half a million citizens died in the Civil War.
The point here is simple. The founders should have never be portrayed as saints. What should be celebrated regarding the founders is the brilliantly unique structure in the governing document they wrote, edited, debated, signed, and kept open for future amendments. It did away with the potential for an unaccountable monarch taking charge of America. It keeps all three branches of government restricted from trying to wield the same powers as monarchs.
There is a lesson to be learned here that is not well-learned in America. The exquisite beauty of the U.S. Constitution, given the transgressions of both Democrats and Republicans, is the protections we have from parties. Both parties use government to do things in the name of “the greater good” or “the general welfare” that benefit neither of those things.
As we move into the second decade of the 21st Century it is my hope that all Americans including activist Democrats, activist Republicans, and passive Independents make sure they understand how critical it is to continue to be legally protected from the basic character flaws of ANYONE attaining public office.
Perhaps the best modern example of why we need protection from ANY and ALL governments is contained in the recent film, Richard Jewell. WATCH THIS FILM. It is one of the greatest civics lessons regarding the need for protections that has been taught in America in a century. It is worth noting that by 1996, much of the press was already hopelessly corrupt.
Thank God for our Constitution, it is one of the few things we have going for us in these days of sham impeachment proceedings that are going nowhere, and a sham press corps that has lost even a pretension of integrity. It should take more than a few thousand absurd tweets from the White House, to convince educated people to look the other way on constitutional protections.