A "Scholarly Report"

© 2019 Jim Spence -  House Democrats released a 55-page report over the weekend. And it is with this “report” that they back tracked from every assertion they made prior to the impeachment "hearings."
Review videos of Democrats a few weeks ago. They claimed they had caught Trump red-handed committing egregious crimes. And those crimes he committed, they said, would result in him being justifiably removed from office.
Democrats called what they released over the weekend, “A scholarly report.”  Perhaps it was an admission of how pathetic public education has become in America that what they released was er, um, "scholarly."
Let's check out what the "scholars" decided. It is the Democrat's astonishing conclusion, that after a parade of witnesses who actually witnessed nothing that now Democrats don't actually have to prove the commission of a crime to remove their political enemy from the White House. In fact, Democrat "scholars" now think they don't have to prove a law, ANY LAW, was even violated, to impeach a president.
Democrats think it now suffices if they simply accuse Trump of "abusing" his powers. And of course Democrats alone should be able to define the word "abuse" in this "situation."
Well hell then, explain what exactly it was that Trump was doing that was so abusive, but not illegal, that makes it clear he should be removed?
The answer is Trump was encouraging the Ukrainians to pursue evidence, very serious evidence of influence peddling and corruption by Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden. Oddly, Joe Biden himself openly bragged that he had personally squashed an investigation into the board of Burisma, the largest natural gas company in Ukraine.
What was that investigation going to look into, that made both Trump and Biden so keenly interested?
It was going to check on why Hunter Biden, a man with a notorious reputation for seedy conduct, and near zero life accomplishments, was being paid $83,000 per month to serve on the board of Burisma, without Hunter Biden having any experience whatsoever in the oil and gas business.
Were Trump's motives pure? It is doubtful. However, it is apparent from Joe Biden's bragging that a purity of motive is not really part of the job description of elected officials in Washington. And since the Ukrainian president insists that U.S. aid was NOT tied to the Trump request, the definition of abuse needs to be "refined."
Many questions arise from this asinine impeachment charade that Democrats will NEVER ask of themselves, let alone anyone else.
What if Hunter Biden’s name was Hunter Jones? Would he have been able to milk an oil and gas company benefiting from hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. aid from the Obama-Biden regime? Consider that Hunter Biden's haul was a million dollars a year. But then again, the million dollars a year was in exchange for Hunter Biden's sage wisdom.
Second, if Democrats NOW don’t even have to prove a crime, or even a single violation of the law, to remove a duly-elected president, why did they even bother saying they had caught Trump red-handed, with the help of a "whistle blower," committing crimes.
Why did Democrats even bother producing made-for-TV hearings that they totally controlled?
In the end, the Democrat's efforts to remove Trump just seem so inefficient. Why didn't Democrats simply send in troops identified as being loyal to the Democrats, and haul Donald and Melania Trump the hell out of the White House?
And finally, why didn't Democrats hold a press conference with their propaganda ministry buddies right after the physical removal of Trump? They could demand those damned Trumps change Barron’s name? This makes perfect sense, since the Democrats don’t like Trump's youngest son's name any more than they like his mom and dad.

Wall to wall hypocrisy

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Pope Francis is doing for the papal cloak of infallibility, what Colin Kaepernick did for fan relations in the NFL. Recently, the current pontiff compared President Donald Trump to King Herod. In case you don’t remember, Herod was the murderous king who ordered the killing of babies all over Bethlehem as a way of making sure baby Jesus was eliminated. Apparently, Francis does not like border detentions, though he never took issue with America's identical border policies.......while a fellow socialist was in the White House.
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Wall on border at Vatican City
It would seem Francis is but another guy who hates Trump. Most public figures who hate Trump can't control their use of hyperbole and exaggerations when drawing comparisons.
Francis has gone much farther than comparing border detentions to King Herod's murders. If that comparison wasn’t ridiculous enough, Francis also seems to have taken exception to walls on borders all over the world.
Francis said, "The phenomenon of migration is compounded by war, hunger and a ‘defensive mindset,' which makes us in a state of fear believe that you can defend yourself only by strengthening borders. At the same time, there is exploitation."
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Wall on border at Vatican City
There seems to be but a single conspicuous exception to the Pope's outrage over walls and borders. Take a look at walls on the border that don’t seem to bother Francis one bit. The pictures were taken on the "border" of Vatican City.
It is the same old problem. Francis wants those listening to him to, "Do as he says not as he does." It is his most favored approach to judging others while not allowing any migrants inside his safe spot.
Pope Francis has finally found a way to embarrass the Catholic Church more than any pontiffs since Pius Xi and Pius XII. Both collaborated with Nazis. No doubt Francis is the worst pope "elected" head of the Roman Catholic Church since Pius Xi and XII expressed their support for Hitler and their political opposition to some of Hitler's most hated enemies.
Now that is "infallible."