The video of Joe Biden that is a must see

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Again, on these pages the beauty of the digital age is often pointed out. Politicians get recorded for posterity.
Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. It seems this entire seedy episode began years ago when Hunter Biden realized his daddy Joe was heading up Obama policy towards that country in the wake of the Russians invasion of the Crimea region. Hunter always the opportunist, when he's not divorcing his wife to marry his dead brother’s widow, taking cocaine and getting kicked out of the Navy, or draining the family bank accounts to pay for drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, and strip club visits. But I digress. Hunter Biden decided he could make a buck off of Pop's Ukraine gig. He was right. He got himself appointed to the board of an oil and gas company called Burisma, in you guessed it……Ukraine. Burisma paid him millions of dollars to do God only knows what.
Eventually, the Ukrainian government wised up to Hunter Biden’s scam and put a prosecutor on the dubious arrangement to investigate.
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Joe Biden openly brags about holding up aid to Ukraine
What happened next is one for the history books. Please, whatever you do, don’t take my word for what happened next. Instead TAKE JOE BIDEN’s own words for it. To say Joe Biden is a blowhard braggart who is way overburdened with self-importance is an understatement. And to say he got very comfortable with being corrupt, is a gross understatement. Back in January of 2019, Joe Biden felt the political urge to brag about his self-importance. The subject matter? He bragged about how he strong-armed the Ukrainians. Check out this incredible video of Joe Biden during a public appearance related to the Council on Foreign Relations.
Now let’s get back to current events. We are told that the great impeachable offenses committed by Donald Trump are: 1) Democrats accuse Trump of interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine. They say he threatened to withhold foreign aid if he did not get an investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden. 2) He obstructed Congress when they tried to look into this egregious act.
Image result for house files articlesIt’s a funny thing. Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky, is on the record regarding Trump’s request for a re-opening of the same investigation Biden bragged about killing in that video. To get Trump, Democrats did not supply a video tape like the one of Biden, where Biden does not deny what he did......HE BRAGS ABOUT IT!!! 
The utter gall of these Democrats knows no boundaries. They lined up a parade of Trump-hating witnesses who overheard portions of the Trump conversation with Zelensky, or spoke to others who might have eavesdropped on it.
It gets even more absurd. Today Joe Biden said he will NOT cooperate with the Senate during the impeachment trial. This means he is openly admitting he will OBSTRUCT Congress in its impeachment proceedings.
Now Democrats with straight faces talk about abuse of power and obstuction like they abhor it. Is this a bad joke? Is America going to stand for this?