Bad hairdos are "in" fashion

© 2019 Jim Spence -  You don’t have to do much looking around to find a story on the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment vote. Many describe this process as an effort by Democrats to remove Trump from the White House. It is no such thing.
Democrats know Trump will not be removed by the Senate. Democrats are obviously content to continue the process of dumbing down America.
In the previous column, I posted a video of former V.P. Joe Biden actually bragging about his personal strong-arming of the Ukrainian government to drop an investigation into his son, Hunter Biden, and his dubious “job” as a board member of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. Not only did Joe Biden brag that he used United States loan guarantees as leverage to get personal favors from the Ukrainian government, earlier this week Biden actually said he would “refuse” to cooperate with the Senate when Trump is put on trial for "trying" to influence the Ukrainians. The word "trying" is necessary in the previous sentence because in the end, and unlike Joe Biden, Trump did not get what he wanted, and the Ukrainians got their military aid.
So, out of his own mouth, we have two confessions from Joe Biden. He has confessed on video (he thought it was going to make him look strong) to BOTH charges denied by Trump (and his Ukrainian counterpart).
Because all of the FACTS about Joe and Hunter Biden are going to come out in the Senate, this effort by Democrats is clearly not an attempt to remove Trump from the White House. Instead, it is political theater designed to drive up Trump's negative numbers in the polls. Nope, there are no high crimes or misdemeanors alleged in the Articles of Impeachment Democrats have created for public consumption. They now openly admit the lack of crimes.
What do we American taxpayers wind up with in exchange for Democrats politicizing the impeachment remedy? Instead of an impeachment proceeding being reserved for egregious acts committed by a president, it is now fine to simply make it into an elaborate made-for-television public relations stunt by one party in the House, against the leader of their opposition in the White House.
We should all be reminded of a statement we heard from a disgraced politician who engaged in dirty tricks as a matter of routine more than forty years ago:
“Always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself”------Richard Nixon.
This theater we are seeing in the news everyday mirrors what Richard Nixon claimed was the root of his own self-destruction. It was HIS hatred of his supposed enemies.
Image result for boris johnsonThe House of Representatives contains many Democrats who live in safe districts where the GOP doesn’t even bother to field candidates. Hating comes cheaper in those places. However, there are other Democrats in the House who are going to have to decide if they hate Trump enough to destroy themselves.
The American news media, which is dying a slow tortuous financial death of its own, cannot seem to figure out that their hatreds are also an act of self-destruction. Instead, they point to various nations in Europe as well as the United Kingdom, as places that America should emulate instead of voting for reprobates like Trump.
In case you missed it, the real story of the last day or so was not about the grandstanding of House Democrats or Trump's silly tweets. It is a story of how a really obnoxious guy with a bad hairdo won an electoral battle in England. He did it by exposing the deep state nature of the European Union. The E.U. has the economic plague. Boris Johnson says England has it too because the E.U. long ago decided that it knows what is best for the silly little bumpkins living on that little island across the English Channel.
Apparently, there were too many people with too much hatred for Boris Johnson too. They all woke up with a hatred hangover this week.