Bernie Sanders smells blood

© 2019 Jim Spence -  Some things are pretty hard to believe now days, but the Joe Biden, Hunter Biden scandal, which Democrats have tried to keep hidden with the impeachment scam, takes the cake. Joe Biden was videotaped back in January confessing to what he himself now describes as an impeachable offense. At the time, Biden did not think he was confessing. Instead, he felt like he was just taking the opportunity to brag about how powerful he used to be bossing around the President of the Ukraine when he was Vice President. Known for horrific gaffes, this one is the mother of all Biden gaffes. It is so outrageous that when you click on the Youtube video archive of Joe Biden's self-convicting comments, you might find that Bernie Sanders bought the advertising space on the Biden piece. We saw a Sanders commercial and appeal for contributions the first time we clicked on it.
Again, it is important to realize what was Biden speaking of. He was speaking of securing the firing of a state prosecutor in the Ukraine, who at that time, was actively pursuing an investigation into oil and gas giant Burisma, and Biden's son Hunter’s cozy board gig with Burisma. It is a gig that the young Biden was getting paid $85,000 a month for. Yes......this is the investigation that Donald Trump suggested to the Ukrainians should be re-started.
Did Trump suggest he would withhold military aid to the Ukraine if there was no investigation re-start? Democrats say he did, but Ukraine got their military aid, and Trump did NOT get a re-start of the Biden investigation.
Did Joe Biden confess to doing exactly what Trump has been falsely accused of doing in the impeachment article? Why not view the video here, or simply read the verbatim transcript of the confession Biden made at a discussion of the Council of Foreign Affairs below. Our apologies for having to listen to a Bernie Sanders commercial as he tries to take advantage of Biden's brazen disregard for integrity.


“I went over I guess, for the twelfth or thirteenth time to Kiev (Ukraine), and uh and I was supposed to announce that there was another billion-dollar loan guarantee. And, I’d gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor (investigating Burisma and Hunter Biden), and they didn’t. So, they said as they said they had as they were walking out to a press conference, and I said naw, I am not, or we are not going to give you a billion dollars. They said you have no authority, you are not the president (Obama), the president said. I said, call him. I said, I’m telling you, you are not getting the billion dollars. I said you’re not getting the billion, I’m going to be leaving here in I think it was what six hours, I looked (glancing at his watch) and said, I’m leaving in six hours and if the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money. Well son-of-a-bitch, he got fired.”

Here’s the quick summary. Biden knew that the Ukrainian prosecutor's investigation into Hunter Biden would be a disaster for him and his son. He also knew full well his son had leveraged his father’s twelve or thirteen visits to Kiev to obtain a lucrative gig with Burisma. It was a cut and dried case of corrupt influence peddling. Astonishingly Biden's fix was simple. He used loan guarantees provided through U.S. taxpayers good credit, to pressure the Ukrainians into squashing the investigation of his son.
Suddenly, and for the hundredth time, Trump is being accused of abusing his power. There is no question regarding Biden’s own admissions. Biden abused his power by violating a sacred trust. What is amazing, is Biden's decision to brag about it in front of the cameras.
The Trump White House knew all of this a long time ago. They knew there was a damning scandal involving the Biden’s corrupt conduct. Accordingly, many White House officials refused to be hauled up to Capitol Hill for the Democrat’s kangaroo court diversion.
In the end, the impeachment hearings were a scam, the Democrats in the House made no charges of high crimes or misdemeanors. They simply and very vaguely alleged abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
Let there be no doubt that the heat remains on Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders smells blood. Amazingly, Biden decided to preemptively announce he would not cooperate with the Senate in the impeachment trial on Wednesday when he said this:

"No, I’m not going to let them take their eye off the ball." Biden was outside a campaign event in Iowa Falls, Iowa, when he made the statement. "The president is the one who has committed impeachable crimes, and I’m not going to let him divert from that. I’m not going to let anyone divert from that."

Sorry Joe, the diversion has already been attempted. Thanks to the propaganda ministries at CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post, Biden’s confession has gone largely unreported. However, if the Democrats insist on sending this incredible fiasco to the Senate for a real trial, the tapes of Biden's gaffe of all gaffes will be played over and over until it finally sinks in with the American public as to what is really going on here.
Amazingly, the Democrats are firing up the wrong base. This seems to be what you do if you are a politician and you are consumed with hatred.